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There was once a young man named Miles Wilhelm. He was neither bitter nor was he angry at the world. He lived a life like any other, until one day, when a mystery woman crashed into his life and nothing was the same ever since.

Based loosely on the MLP fanfic, My Little Dashie
I don't own the rights to this at all

Chapters (10)

Sequel to the fanfic. Rain

Miles Wilhelm, once a human living on earth, has been brought to Equestria by Princess Celestia herself at the request of Rarity. He has followed the once pony-turned-human Rainbow (Rain) Dash, the love of his life, and has found a brave new world as an orange pegasus.

What's next?

Now, the young stallion has to adjust to his new life as a stallion. It'll be hard, and there will be pitfalls along the way, but he's up for it. If, for nothing else, only for Rain and for Scootaloo.

Original Artwork by InTheStardust

Chapters (3)

I used to have everything. A good job, a house, and a family. It was all taken away from me in an instant. I thought I could handle the grief alone, but I signed a contract that changed everything. When I was told I would get a second chance, being a pony was not what I had in mind.

In this story follow a man suffering from grief as he gets more than what he bargained for. Would you trade emotional for physical pain to run away?

Chapters (11)

What happens when a lucid dreamer ended up in Equestria during the fight between Celestia and Nightmare Moon? The answer is he gets caught in the magical blast from the Element of Harmony and Nightmare Moon, becoming the new guardian of the dream realm, but will the ponies accept a new dream walker?

The world of dreams is mine to control, I am its master, I am its guardian, I am the Prince of Dreams. I am the son of Nightmare Moon.

Rated Teen due to sexual innuendos, cursing, and violence. Doesn't contain graphic depictions of violence, but nightmares can be scary.

Editors and Prereaders! I really thank everyone for lending their help with this project.
EverfreePony - Editor

Cover Art by Mix-Up's Deviant Art and his YouTube

Okay, basically this story ends up on the bottom of the featured list every chapter.

Chapters (15)

Apparently someone upstairs found some sort of pity within themselves and decided that I was worthy of a second chance. At least, that's what I assume. Since I've magically been dropped into another world, in the body of a baby horse no less! 

That was four years ago. Everything was all fine and dandy, my life was going good.

Too good apparently. 

Since that's when everything sort of went to shit.

Mega ultra super duper props to: FunkyFresh for helping this story get to how it is today.

Chapters (64)

Synopsis: There was a terrible tragedy in a mountainous neighborhood. Ace, the main character of the story was shot. And was reincarnated, starting a new ridiculous life in Equestria.

He's finally living in a life where something in his old life doesn't exists.

(Note: this is a remastered cersion of the Ctrl + Shift series. The title doesn't makes sense, and I decided to delete the old story.

If you see some grammar errors, please forgive me, I just go with the flow and I don't have an editor. I just put some words and sentences that makes sense and easy to read.

There are violence in bossfight chapters, and mild violence such as hitting the head with a frying pan in regular chapters.

And also, I don't use some fancy words in this fanfic. I don't really use them and It's hard to read and understand to others. And I will write the story on my perspective.)

Alternate Title: [Ga Ekuesutoria Nii Sekai] [が えくえすとりあ に い せかい]

Chapters (15)

Stef thought he had it all, but after he woke up one day in the land of Equestria, that all changed.

Stranded in a forest with no friends and no hope in sight, he finds out quickly that he’ll need help if he ever dreams of getting home. Thankfully, the Princess’ top student is on the case! What will Twilight learn from her unlikely bond with this human? And could Stef learn that a life away from earth isn’t so bad after all?

Takes place parallel to the show, with some stories overlapping with its episodes.

Edited by: Luckyfanisaac

Up to the chapter In my room and from after Making Real Friends and onward are Proofread and re-written by Bookish Velvet

Cover-art by JennieOo https://www.deviantart.com/jennieoo Check her out if you're interested in having your own fan-art made, I can highly recommend her.

Chapters (67)

Death from stress during work hours.
Reincarnated as a small cyan pegasus with a mane of two tones of blue, the darkest being the base with a fringe of a much lighter tone, his appearance gave his name.

Storm Flash... a little pegasus from Canterlot.

Now, this is my story of how I became in... I don't know.

Just follow me and see how I try to achieve something great to never again be someone insignificant who was not satisfied with his previous life.

Binnacle - 17 Years since I was here and wrote my thoughts:

I managed to find my goal, it is to be a Pegasus without equal, to be able to alter the weather just with a flap of my wing without being in the sky, to master the art of controlling the clouds or as I like to call it Cloudbender.

I have managed to make a Sonic Boom thanks to all my training... but it was not my final goal not least when it took me 10 years to achieve it when a 8 year old Rainbow Dash achieved it when we were in the Young Aviators school.

But now I am very distracted by the Everfree forest and the challenges it can impose on my path, Everfree will be the forge where I will temper my skills to achieve my dream.

Joining the Wonderbolts... no thanks, I will be recognized for my accomplishments, not for the clothes I wear over my fur!

Some time has passed and now I am the Bearer of a strange magical element that seems to be slowly affecting me ... the good thing is that it is in a positive way.

Also, my training has had its results, now I can clear the sky by just flapping among other things, but the most memorable thing is that I can be the center of climate changes, something that I discovered by accident when consuming a drug, now my attention is focused in replicating those phenomena and then mastering them.

The Everfree is no longer as chaotic or random as I thought at first, it is similar to Earth in a certain way, but only 5% because the rest of the difference is caused by the magical phenomenons that abound in that forest.

Another bit of news is that now I have friends who bring me a smile when I remember them, but I still haven't lost my features as a Deviant, but I'm worried about what Celestia plans for me, now that she knows that I'm not in the army with the others Deviant.

Chapters (19)

A well-led life runs into an end. If that was it, it would have been fine, but the forces of the universe were not content, finding another purpose, or perhaps reward, for this being in another world entirely. May she shine gently.

Key words: Human in Equestria, Human to Pony(but it's basically the start point), Transgender

Chapters (158)

Charley was not the least bit surprised when he came face to face with Death after months of fighting cancer. It was just the final thing in a long line of disappointment and regret for him.

Death, however, wasn't pleased with what he saw, and threatened Charley with losing his soul for the way his life turned out. Before it was lost though, Death decided to give Charley one final chance. A last task: to make one friend. Make one friend in one week, and he'd be able to pass through to the other side.

Making one friend in one week? That should be easy enough, right?

Cover art by Mayhem Moth. You can find her work here.

Chapters (15)