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Based on the comics by "Mauroz". When Dustin and his two sisters Erena and Emille transfer to CHS, they meet some new friends and are up for an adventure of a lifetime. There will be real cards, anime only cards and even fan made cards.

There will also be characters from other media. There may or may not be story's for many arcs.
There will be a bit of strong language but not too much.

Formally proofread by Speculore, and currently proofread by Latifan35.

View Cryplify and Prism monsters, Maestro and Necron monsters

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Chapters (12)

Monokuma has brought his game of killing to Equestria, and has trapped 18 of its citizens in a Equestrian version of Hopes Peak Acadamy. If you want to get out, there is only one option. Commit the perfect murder. Will these Equestrians be able to survive, or will the killers get the better of them?

I've recently started a reworking of this story, the link to the newer version is here for those who want something that is still going.

Chapters (9)

Special Thanks to Dominatus Imperator for his input on my story, parts of the plot and a few characters wouldn't have happened without him.

Hell has stirred, its eyes have turned onto Equestria. Since the death of Equestria's leader there has been a power vacuum that one demon means to fill. His armies gather and ready themselves for war.

Meanwhile, Equestria is completely unaware of the new danger it faces. Unprepared, its very survival will be uncertain.

Darkness falls on Equestria.

Chapters (23)

Things have been going great for Babs Seed since she started her own Cutie Mark Crusaders chapter in Manehattan. She's met and befriended four other fillies who share her goal of obtaining cutie marks. But when a pair of prospective foals from neighboring Bucklyn think about joining, Babs learns that bullying comes in forms other than being blank-flanked.

Takes place just after "Apple Family Reunion".

Cover art by Spirit Shift

Chapters (6)

After Babs Seed returned from her first visit to Ponyville, she and her pegasus friend Nor'easter meet a new student at Manehattan's PS 290 - a pale green unicorn filly named Golden Song. Rescuing the new filly from Bab's bullies leads to the formation of the Cutie Mark Crusaders East.

In my headcannon, Babs is actually the daughter of Golden Russet and her husband Baldwin. These ponies aren't related to the Oranges, who live much closer to Central Park West.

On Hiatus till 1 May 2016

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to SweetieMashMinecraftAdventures YAY!

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash find themselves once again trapped in their favorite video game, this time accompanied by many of their friends.
But their enemy is more determined than ever to get his revenge.
And conflicts start to appear, splitting their friendship...

Plus, a mysterious pony starts to appear a bit everywhere in the world, seeming to study them.
But is he to be trusted...?

Chapters (33)

This story is a sequel to Silver's Decision- The story of a bystander

My name is Silver Spoon. I never wanted to become a bully, even by association, and after last summer, I'm not. Me and Diamond Tiara had a big fight, resulting in us parting ways- permanently. Needless to say, she did not take it well.

This year I'm starting 6th grade with my new friends, Boysenberry and Sketch. I've also decided to cultivate my special talent for cooking, instead of hiding it like I used to. Things are starting to look bright.

But Diamond Tiara is starting 6th grade with her new friends too, Aquamarine and Coronet. Long story short, they don't like me.

But now I'm not sure which is worse- being the bully, or being the victim?

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Cheval Glass

It is in the nature of an enigma to confound reason, and sometimes, the bafflement caused to others is rivaled only by the confusion of the source. Pinkie Pie couldn't begin to explain how or why spending time with her Ponyville friends had slowly become a chore, or why seeing them so happy with their significant others made her heart ache. Forcing a smile became a daily routine that weighed heavily upon the once happy mare, and one day, she reached the end of her strength and retreated to the one place that she knew she could feel safe: her family's rock farm. The support and concern of her kin didn't answer the questions, though, and even removed from every reminder of what was left behind, the void only seemed to grow.

A tale of a fun-loving pony struggling to accept the realities of maturity, and of the stallion that would help her find the answers, one faltering step at a time.

Cover art by: TheNornOnTheGo

Chapters (13)

Canterlot Academy is the most prestigious school in the world. Only certain incredibly talented individuals, affectionately referred to as Super Duper High Schoolers, can hope to enter its doors. One young woman, Derpy Hooves, once thought that this kind of place was light years out of her league, but when she received her acceptance letter, she knew at once that everything was going to change for her.

What she didn't expect was for them to change for the worst.

The moment she enters the school she finds herself losing consciousness. when she wakes up, she and nineteen other Super Duper High Schoolers find themselves in a strange place, brought there by an enigmatic creature named Monokuma. When they ask to be returned home, Monokuma gladly complies, on the one condition that whoever wants to escape must first commit the perfect murder.

Note: This will not in anyway tie to the original games. Cover by leapingequine

Chapters (33)

This story is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Alicorn. Book 1: Pegasus

Following the events of The Last Alicorn, a new Avatar has risen. A new generation, a new world filled with new technology, countries and factions. Can this Avatar defeat the mysterious Meadowbrook and stop her from removing everypony's cutie marks? What other threats are waiting to strike and take over this new world order?
Image by Silfoe again. Thankies. :)
Special thanks to Angel_Bunny for editing the chapters for me.
Please enjoy!

Full collection:
Avatar the Last Alicorn:
Book 1.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 4.

Legend of Diamond Tiara:
Book 1.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 4.

Disclaimer: "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Nickelodeon and were created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.
My little pony: Friendship is magic and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Hasbro, and was made incredibly awesome by Lauren Faust.

Chapters (29)