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No really, Princess Celestia has a lot of sex. Really. Cadance's claims to the contrary are unfounded, wholly false, and her concern over the matter is entirely misplaced. There is absolutely no reason to continue discussing the matter. So let's just drop the subject completely and move on.


Featured on 12/31/17

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Candy Mane isn't very clever, but that doesn't mean she can't be a hero!

No, wait. It probably does mean that.

Written for the 2017 Secret Santa compilation as a gift for Admiral Biscuit.

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It's a typical day in Ponyville for you, and you're shopping at the market when you suddenly realize that you've got a booger in your nose, and it's really annoying. Luckily, you've got fingers to deal with that little problem. All you need is to find a private alleyway. . . .

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It's a bright and sunny springtime day in Ponyville, the perfect kind of day for Twilight Sparkle to visit her new friend Fluttershy.

Also, did you know horses poop fifteen times a day?

Takes place in Season 1. Rated "Gore" for gratuitous gross bodily functions.

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An alternate take on events during Hearts And Hooves Day, where after they drink the love potion, Cheerilee and Big Mac take things just a little too far.

And by 'a little', of course I mean 'a lot'.

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You wind up in Equestria in the usual way, and after you heroically fight your way out of the Everfree Forest, you mean to ask Twilight for help.

She's not home, but Starlight Glimmer is.

Can you convince her to give you some bits or a place to stay?

Trigger Warning: Kinda inspired by Super Trampoline, which should tell you everything you need to know.

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Twilight once thought she knew everything there was to know about cutie mark magic. She was wrong. As it turns out, there is a lot more content out there when it comes to cutie mark magic, unlocking that potential is something not just any pony can do, much to the frustration of a certain white-coated alicorn princess.

This is a dumb one-shot vaguely inspired by a writing prompt found on Reddit, and was a caffeine fueled midnight adventure into the wonderful world that is fan-fiction.
As my second ever fanfic, first ever completed fanfic, and first upload on this site, I don't expect greatness, but what better way is there to learn and improve?

Feel free to point out any errors I might have missed, as well as anything that is particularly irritating to read, or that doesn't make sense grammatically. Most of all though, hope you enjoy!

Teen tag is for the use of a naughty word or two (depending on what you consider naughty or not)
Cover is by the ever amazing Evehly, used with permission.
Source: https://evehly.deviantart.com/art/Art-663778952

Edit: Featured? Thank you so much everyone, this is heaps more than I had hoped for, I really appreciate that!

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In school today, Button Mash learned an interesting fact: unlike other mammals, male horses and male mice are born without nipples.

Button returns home with a difficult question for his mother. Now it's up to Mom to teach him a valuable lesson in self-acceptance.

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When Anthony's shirt doesn't prove enough, Fluttershy sets her sights on something bigger.

His sweater. And all that lay within.

More "Anon-thony" nonsense. Cover art by Frozenspots.

Rated TEEN just to be safe.

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An odd quirk of Equestrian law is that the mayor of an Earth Pony town can be challenged to a fertility contest to prove that she's fit for office.

Night Flower thinks she's got a chance.

Mayor Mare isn't going to give up without a fight, though.

pre-read by metallusionismagic

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