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This story is a sequel to Five Centuries Of Peace

All things, both good and otherwise must end... Or so they say, anyway.

Check out the first in the series, here!

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Chapters (2)

The Earth is still reeling from the effects of the Collision Wars against Xenolestia and her hordes of Newfoals, humanity having emerged victorious but a few million citizens fewer. Then yet another Equestria appears, but this time the humans are quick to cut off the head of the snake, capturing the evil Princess Celestia and imprisoning her. But something seems different about this Celestia...something almost friendly.

Can the Harmony and Friendship that Celestia has treasured all her life heal some of the scars left by her wicked counterpart, or do some wounds just run too deep?

Cover modified with permission from: KP-Shadowsquirrel

Also, because people have been asking for it, the original WW2 poster can be found here

Pre reading done by DJK. So go give him some wuv.

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Short HiE first person romance I wrote on a whim.

Dr. Florence Lim arrived in Equestria about a year and a half ago.

Ponyville wasn't really the place for her. Too many stares. So she moved to the Crystal Empire.

Chrysalis really misses Florence. She's saving up good behavior to go and visit her in the empire one day.

IMAGE SAUCE: https://www.deviantart.com/chopsticks-pony/art/Chrysalis-on-Hearts-and-Hooves-663061977

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Idol Hooves and The Deathly Tired Princess

Recently promoted to the rank of Colonel, (not his fault) Idol Hooves is tasked with the supervision of rebuilding the Crystal Empire's Guard Force. As the first Colonel in several centuries, Celestia, Luna, and his friends Shining and Cadence feel the rank and his stoic demeanor will be a boon for the traditionalist crystal ponies.

Plus his recent fame thanks to the plush dolls made in likeness are sure to draw recruits in by the wagon full!

How will Idol and his family handle this new life in the land of the far north? Can Idol keep Cersus out of trouble long enough to finish his task before being court-martialed?

NOTE: This story is a sequel to my own Idol Hooves story, which is based off Vdarke's Changeling of the Guard. Events depicted in this story are not cannon unless he decides later to borrow some! :rainbowwild:

Commissioned the cover art from Scope from the COTG Discord, and it looks lovely! You can find him on Twitter, and Deviant Art

Editor in Passing HorseWordFan is the one you have to thank for the newest round of edits!

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This story is a sequel to A Pony Displaced: Another Path

Many years ago, Magic Barrier lost countless ponies that he held dear to Sombra's madness and his dark powers. Some years later, he lost the few ponies he still had to hold dear when Princess Luna fell to her inner darkness, Nightmare Moon and was banished for one-thousand years... taking him with her.

Now, a thousand years later, Nightmare Moon has been defeated and Barrier returned to Equestria a thousand years out of place. To top that off, Sombra was eventually defeated as well and with his defeat returned both the Crystal Empire and some of the most important ponies in Barrier's life. Ponies that Barrier had long since written off as lost.

Now, with their Captain guiding them, the recently returned group has to try and find their place in the madness that is modern Equestria, overcome what was lost, and hopefully find a new way that will help cement to them that they're not as displaced as they seem.

I imagine some of you have waited long and hard for this sequel to release. There are some of you who may have been there since the beginning of my stint as a fanfiction author, where I promised -and failed- to deliver a sequel to my first story, A Pony Displaced.

I am saddened to say that I have failed you once again with this sequel... but someone has risen to pick up after me, for the sake of those waiting for this sequel, and my own.

Those of you who follow my blog already know this, but Alticron, my co-writer/editor/proofreader/idea wall/friend is going to try and see the story to completion, after I suffered another writing burnout due in part to personal problems.

As I stated in my blog, I have the utmost faith in him and his abilities to see this story through to the end, and hope you will all enjoy his writing as much as I do.

As always, I cannot state how thankful I -and Alticron- are to Chaos Phantasm, DE_K,ChasingResonance and CanadianPony for being the editors, proofreaders, and idea-walls who made this story what it is.

If you wish to see the Dramatis Personae, click here.

Chapters (131)

This story is a sequel to Journey to the First Flame

Fluttershy and Smolder's journey hasn't been off to an easy start, especially after they fell off the beaten path. Now, the professor and her pupil find themselves stuck in the middle of a civil war between two Diamond Dog clans whose shared history might not be what it seems. But even if they manage to escape the escalating conflict with their lives, they will surely have to confront many more dangers if they wish to see Smolder through her Dragon Lord-ordained task: rekindling the fires of the legendary First Flame.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is a continuation of Darth Link 22's fanfic Journey to the First Flame that I was helping with. Sadly, DarthLink22 passed away before he could complete his story and I am here to post his remaining chapters that he finished but never published and finish the story's remaining parts myself. This is in his honor.

Thanks to TheAncientPolitzanian for editing.

Chapters (12)

Fluttershy has a long standing policy of not letting Discord alter reality for her benefit. She won't let him make her unfathomably rich. She won't let him give her untold power. She won't even let him make her immortal.

But she has taught him that friends are allowed to give gifts and help each other.

So if he can make everypony in Equestria her friend, then they'll just give her everything she could ever want!

The plan's flawless!

He's so smart.

Featured 12/26/2023 - 12/28/2023!

Written as a gift for for PseudoBob Delightus as part of Jinglemas 2023!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Left Behind

After defeating the Broken Pony, Nightmare Moon is finally free to begin her plans to retake Equestria and restore it to its former glory. However, she is haunted by the ill portents she had been given and searches for signs of her sisters' fragments or the coming of any new alicorns.

On top of this, the king impedes the alicorn's work at every turn and tries to be rid of her just as frequently. So many things happening all at once and spiraling towards the doom the 'leftover tool' warned her about, but Nightmare Moon is determined. No creature will stop her goal, not even the dregs of Equestria's destroyers from so long ago.

Chapters (24)

This story is a sequel to An Alternative Ending

Gregory Graystone faces a monumental task. He must repair the bridges between several nations. Pull the former elements out of their sorrow and light the banner of harmony and friendship once again. And, maybe, help his fellow man out of his malaise. Meanwhile, groups behind the scenes work to undo the changes happening in Equestria.

Written in collaboration with


Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 5

Now that the time travel shenanigans are finally over... maybe. Twilight, Rahs, and Spike can get on with their day to day and break in their new roomies properly, while keeping Starlight and Tempest from killing each other.
Or keep everyone from making bets about it.

Still this years not going to be any less annoying, with newborns, changes in dragon lord leadership, cutie mark crusades, Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, Discord, of course, Fluttershy's brother, the battle for Rahs heating up between the six, Ogres and Oubliettes games gone mad, a massive prank war, the return of Daring Doo, added on top of the prophecy not having happened yet, and the Sparkles will again find themselves in the middle of everything.

As usual the lewd warning goes here cause of some situations and Cadence. I don't want to use the sex tag cause there isn't any and people might get confused by the current cover art.

Coverart by Marking

Chapters (58)