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This story is a sequel to A Day in the Life

Butterscotch, the luckiest and most unlucky pony at the same time. He's a hit with the mares, but only because they feel sorry for him. Stallions hate him for his successes with the mares, but secretly pester him day and night about how he charms them. What's a poor stallion like Butterscotch going to do, especially when he gets something all the other stallions want?

R63 Fluttershy, Big Mac and Cheerilee. Love triangles ftw!

Chapters (4)

While Twilight was teaching Starlight a new spell, a miscalcution happened and Starlight messed it up and caused a rift to open between dimension. As a result, the male mane 6 were pulled from their own dimension and brought to the mane 6 one.

As Twilight tries to figure out a way to send them back, her and the others try to help their male counterparts adjust to their new lives in their world.

Co-authors: fluttercord45 and GivingSpider

Proofreaders: Nightglimmer22, AppleMaker, Dragon Soul, and TheEngie

Not a clopfic, the sex tag is for the suggestive themes within the chapters.

Dusk Shine x Fluttershy
Twilight Sparkle x Bubble Berry
Rainbow Blitz x Applejack
Rainbow Dash x Butterscotch
Elusive x Pinkie Pie
Rarity x Applejack (r63)

Chapters (9)

(2nd Person story starring Doctor "You" and Rainbow Dash)

Being a doctor in the big city isn't as glamorous as you thought it would be; few hours, minimal contact, and a staff of doctors that really don't care. So you did what any self-respecting doctor would do: pack up his bags and move to another city. Ponyville to be exact. This small, out of the way town promised to be the perfect place to set up a family practice and actually do house-calls for a change. Though, you'd never thought you'd be performing home-care for a certain blue pegasus who ended up in your Emergency Room...

Author's Notes:

Cover Image by N3uro. Thanks buddy!

This is the second fic I ever did for the SFG and still one of my favorites. The idea came to me shortly after finishing Love Triangles and Other Funny Shapes and I needed to write it. Luckily, I did and this fic lead to all my others because I said to myself: "Why stop with just one of the mane cast? I'll do all of them!"

Best idea ever. ^.^

Anyway, there originally was a much more graphic ending, but after all this time, I gotta say I'm not happy with it. I may or may not fix it and write a different one, I have no idea. But for now, it's just a teen rating. I promise plenty of laughs, sweet moments, and tender scenes.

Chapters (6)

You are a humble business pony, setting up shop in Canterlot hoping to make a living. Your plans are partially derailed when the Princess herself decides to pay you a visit. It doesn't take long for you to fall head over hooves for the goddess. Yet you are unsure if such feelings would ever be reciprocated. Taking fate into your own hooves you approach the Ruler of Equestia herself, to find out if a future with her would ever be possible.

My very first ponyfic I ever wrote. Rewritten and somewhat improved. If you don't like second person stuff than this fic is not for you, just saying right now.

Chapters (1)

You had never understood this lavender unicorn. The way she thinks. The way she acts. Even the way she smiles at you. But you had never regretted the night you asked her out. But deep down, you see she's troubled, in fact depressed, obviously scarred by the shocking events that once happened to her.

Would you be able to heal her scars, as well as win her heart? All on the same night?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Alicorn Instinct

Set after The Alicorn Instinct, but before The Endless Nightmare

Isn't it strange what one little argument can do?

Well as our Human and his pink Princess come to discover, one argument can cause so much more than a little heartache.

Cover Art done by the brilliant Shadow Bolt!

Chapters (2)

(2nd Person Story story starring you and Pinkie Pie)

Synopsis: You couldn't help but fall in love with the life of the party when you moved to Ponyville. That hyperactive pink ball of energy is the kindest and most sweetest pony you've ever met. And you mean sweet in both senses of the word when you get involved in the book she's trying to write.

Author's Note: The Candy Sutra has helped me nail down the format I like and will become the staplehood for future projects. The Candy Sutra is a 2nd person story starring you and Pinkie Pie. It's both funny, sensual, and involves Pinkie Pie. Need I say more? And on one final note, this story marks the beginning of what I like to call 'the weave'. I decided to have my stories crossover into each other, bring back old characters, and actually meet 'yourself' from previous stories. As one reader put it '...it's like Quantum Leap, except with ponies.'

Side Note: A special and well deserved thanks goes out to tubular for his help critiquing and editing The Candy Sutra. Thanks to him, it's now 20% cooler. If you ever see him on the #equestria IRC, give him a pat on the back.

Chapters (5)

(2nd Person Sensual Fic starring Doctor Sigmund "You" and Rarity)

Rarity finally admits her problem and looks for some professional help and finds it in you, Ponyville's resident psychiatrist. The more you explore her problems and her mind, you can't help but find a place for this unicorn in your heart. But is it wise to let your emotions cloud your psychiatric judgement? Just how far will you go to make her happy?

This fic turned out to be much longer than the others and has some pretty large parts in it. And that's how I started writing even longer fics, which is great, isn't it?

And a side note: Did a little crossover collab with Coffeebean and his fic "Drunken Lullabies". You should check it out, if you haven't already.


Chapters (7)

(2nd Person Story starring Child-You and the Cutie Mark Crusaders)

You can't help but feel a little sad after your mother told you that you and her were moving to Ponyville; you were leaving all of your friends and family behind. But you didn't have a choice in the matter; you were along for the ride, for better or worse. You try to take solace in your mother's words:

"I'm sure you'll make all sorts of new friends."

You had no idea those new friends would get you in all sorts of trouble.

Author's Note: This was my first fic I did for the SFG when I joined and it sort of shows. It's been edited and fixed, but my style has definitely changed since then. Anyways, enjoy.

Chapters (10)

After reading a couple of fim fics that involved humanized ponies, staying at dorms and second person narrative, I've decided to make my own.

You have just been accepted into a prestigious college, Solar University, where you meet some new freinds and make new relationships.

Chapters (17)