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This story is a sequel to You're Not Fine

Friendship is a give-and-take relationship. Fortunately for you, Pinkie doesn't ask for much, and she has plenty to give.
Maybe it's time to start giving back.

Chapters (21)

(Just a quick note - the first few chapters do need re-writing. They were my first works in August 2012)

You know the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'.

Owen, from England, is just about to find out if that's true or not. Besides, he's waited long enough.

A Human x Luna story. This is based in a world where MLP is not known.

Highest Featured Box Position - 8th - 29th May 2013

Chapters (63)

When a certain drake find himself leaving home for a life of adventure, Twilight Sparkle finds herself in need of an assistant. While most would consider it the highest of honors working under any other princess, there's a problem with the newly-anointed alicorn.

She's absolutely, unapologetically, absurdly crazy.

Here are her adventures, as well as the adventures of her new assistant, who desperately wished he had ignored what father's advice and went into the profession of stripping.

Artists is Paradigmpizza

Chapters (6)

Submitting to trials, tribulations, lies, misunderstanding, and pain. And all these things for one purpose. To Befriend the Night.

Coverart by: jjames10 (Tome Turner)
Thanks man!

Sequel out now: To Swoon the Stars

Chapters (17)

Join Zach, as he is sent to Equestria when he is randomly pulled through a portal. What will happen you may ask? Lots could happen, but it doesn't.


Note: Yes it is self-insert, sorry for that, but not sorry:trollestia:


Special thanks to:

Super57s, for being a great support to this story, and for proofreading it to the best of his abilities.

Nightmare Jerremy, for being awesome and having a great imagination, and just being a cool dude to talk to.

Lunasmobiletechservice, for putting a lot of funny pictures in the comments, you made me laugh and made my day a few times!

I wish you all good times in your future, and I hope all of you readers have a good time as well!

Chapters (22)

After a tragic accident, a human ends up in Lord Tirek's body, as part of an attempt to reform the villain after his recent escapades. While the hero of our tale is trying to make sense of his new surroundings, the rest of Equestria thinks that the most terrible threat that their world has ever seen is back...
And the powers that be are definitely not happy about it.
New Cover Art By Shadow Bolt

Chapters (17)

A former pink pony finds herself in a new, hostile world and a new friend who's perhaps even more hostile. A small, angry man finds himself with a new friend he didn't want. Can they make it through this new misadventure together, or is it the universe that needs to watch out for them?

Cover art used with permission from Technaro.

Chapters (211)