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After a fight with Celestia, Sunset flees through a magic mirror into a different world.

Without her horn, any direction in her life, the inability to simply go back home and surrounded by strangers, she has to go on a journey of self discovery to find meaning in her life as dark forces begin to threaten the world she resides in.

But, at least she still has her magic and plenty of instruction manuals to learn more from.

Chapters (22)

Trixie Lulamoon, the personal student of Princess Luna, has finally, through a combination of reasoning, pleading, and whining, managed to convince the princess to invest some real responsibility in her, and give her a chance to show off everything she's been learning while under the alicorn's wing. Luna has appointed Trixie to be the official representative of her Night Court to the town of Ponyville, which this year will be hosting the Longest Night Celebration. Trixie is additionally tasked with overseeing the preparations for that festival.

At first, things seem to be going less than swimmingly. The catering is way too many kinds of apples, the weather patrol is far behind, the musical maestro is nowhere to be found, and the decorations could use significant toning down. To top it all off, Trixie can't help but feel that this was less an appointment to a position of real responsibility, and more an informal exile from the Night Court. Still, things could be worse: a mad alicorn goddess of fire and hate could escape from her millennial imprisonment on the sun and try and conquer Equestria.

But what are the chances of that?

A prequel to Boast Busted
Part of the Lunaverse
Now has a TVTropes Page!

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Rainbow Dash is many things. Mainly awesome. But romantic, certainly not. Of all the ponies who would attempt a forbidden romance, nopony would have thought she would.

Now she finds herself head over hooves in love with a mortal enemy of the country. On top of that, she has to face the one group of ponies she's terrified of rejecting her new found romance: her best friends.

[Tales of the Carnageverse]

Note: This story was created as a prompt from the RD Random Shipping Game. The game required you to roll a dice and depending on the number, you would then write a 100-500 word ship with a corresponding character. I got number 13 which was a male changeling. The rest of the story is a continuation from the prompt.

Cover Art: The Maiah

Editors: DemonRykuKyuubi, mikemeiers, Cerulean Starlight.

Chapters (17)

Friends who play together, stay together. That was the philosophy Rarity had in mind when she suggested she and Pinkie play a game of chess every week. Unfortunately for Rarity, however, Pinkie has a habit of changing the rules.

Chapters (5)

Twilight Sparkle is a brilliant student at Canterlot University, but is extremely antisocial and doesn't want to make friends. When Professer Celestia offers her an A in chemistry for the rest of the year just to tutor a chaotic student who's failing, it's an offer she can't refuse. What happens when she finds herself not only befriending her new pupil, but also falling in love with him?

Sometimes, with a bit of love, chaos can be organized.

AU, Twilcord/Discolight

Chapters (6)

Life in Ponyville, outside of the usual events like a parasprite invasion or a revenge-seeking, all powerful megalomaniac kicking out the town librarian, tends to be laid back and typical. Which Applejack doesn't mind. However, after the CMC cause more problems due to influence from a newcomer in town, Applejack gathers the girls to go fix what the CMC did.

But then a mysterious creature ends up attacking Applejack, and while she survives and seems fine, it isn't long before she starts acting strangely. It's up to the usual group of ponies to figure out what's going on before it's too late.

*Approved for Twilight's Library on 3/18/14*

Also has a TVTropes page

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It's time for Pinkie Pie to get a manecut once again, that time when even her own gravity defying hairstyle can no longer support its own weight.

But, something goes wrong.

Chapters (6)

After two years of chaotic love, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Discord thinks their ready to tell the world about their secret relationship. With Shining Armor disapproving of this relationship, often trying to talk his sister out of the relationship with Discord, with his wife Princess Cadence telling him to give them an chance. When Shining Armor goes and confront his sister in front of the other Princesses, Twilight decides she had enough of her brother's over protective instincts. She and Discord decides to get marry, with the Twilight's friends being her bride maids and Spike being the best stallion or best dragon in this case.

Later that night, after the big wedding. Twilight and her lucky chaotic husband Discord have some bit of fun in there crystal castle. After their little fun, Twilight feels a bit of pain in her stomach, fearing of the worst. She takes a test to find out if she carrying the Lord Of Chaos' offspring, to her surprise, she is.

Does the Lord Of Chaos and the Princess of harmony has want it takes to raise a family? And how will there friends react when they hear the news, will they react badly or with disgust? Or just support the alicorn in raising one of the chaotic families known to Equestria.
And can these two newly weds, face the challenges that comes in store for them of starting a family on their own?

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves Episode 21: The Cybermen Invasion of Equestria

Twilight's clone, Thalia, has been born. A converted, human Celestia has been ordered to obtain the Elements of Harmony and destroy anything in her way. An army of wretched creatures has appeared within the Everfree Forest. The Doctor seeks to unravel the mysteries of Discord Whooves's past. Secrets will be revealed, breaking points will be tested, and the impossible will begin.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves Episode 20: The Cure

Discord Whooves and his Cybermen armies have passed through the rift vortex and now nothing in Equestria or beyond is safe. As the battle begins and armies clash, several individuals set out to survive the invasion. And as the Doctor begins to develop a plan to defeat his darker self, he is unaware that Discord Whooves has sinister plans in mind for those close to him.

Chapters (7)