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Despite being her unofficial sister, Rainbow Dash has yet to meet Scootaloo's parents. This changes when the young pegasus has something to show them and Rainbow tags along for the ride.

Chapters (10)

Rainbow Dash shows a surprising amount of manipulation to get Twilight out for a romantic night. Rarity might have helped a little.

Cover art by DoktorRainbowFridge

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Who is Scootaloo? Everypony knows about her present, but when it comes to her past there are as many different answers as there are questions.

Is she the love child of two star-crossed lovers? The last hope for the future? The child of a broken home? A mysterious figure fighting a war no pony knows about? Or is it something else entirely? Is she even a pony at all?

Twilight Sparkle decides to ask everypony in Ponyville and find out about Scootaloo...and the stories, rumors and gossip she gets will leave her wondering how the truth can ever compete with fiction.

My thanks to Page Turner for the new story cover!

Now has its own TVTropes Page!

And has a featured page in the Non-Canon My Little Pony Funny Page!

Thanks to all my readers and fans for all the support and help I have gotten! I am truly touched.

Chapters (24)

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one night to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. In fact, the latest memory she can recall is her flight with Soarin and Spitfire earlier that day and the wild, spontaneous, storm that appeared from out of no where. From there, her memory is blank. How did she get here? Where exactly is "here"? And where are her fellow Wonderbolts?

Chapters (14)

After her most recent expedition having ended up in a failure once more, Daring Do is having a difficult time to process it all in her mind. She even thinks about giving up. Her luck seems to return to her once more, when her ears picked up the right conversation between two shady characters.

What happened next was a tale of mystery and suspense in order to find the mythical Sun-piece. A tale that ended up with revelations that would shake the land and endanger her life on more then one occasion.

All done while an ancient force haunts and hunts on the explorer.

Also take in mind that this is written as a book in the Daring Do franchise so the history of Equestria is gently morphed to work out the Mane 6.
Cover made by the ever so amazing Pokefan-271
Listen to the song made by the equally so amazing DJ. TKC
Created with the help of the ideas from Miles Traveler

Chapters (7)

NOTICE: This story does not go against any story or website. Everything in this story came out of my own head.

What happens when Rainbow realizes the reason ponies are ruining her is because of a few stories? If you're a Rainbow Dash lover like me, you'll see.

Update: I see from the number of dislikes that this story isn't nearly as popular as my other song-inspired one, "Rainbow Dash's Biggest Fan", and I'm sorry. I just had to get this one out.

I would like to thank Mudvayne (one of my favorite bands) and their song, "Happy?" for inspiring me to write this story.

Rated Teen for some dark themes and brief strong language.

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Spike loses a bet to Snips and Snails. The consequence? Ask Scootaloo out on a date. But what starts off as a frivolous punishment for the baby dragon ends up becoming much more rewarding than he ever expected.

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle realizes that Rainbow Dash has been keeping a secret from her ever since the Mare Do Well incident. When she goes to confront her about it, she finds out more than she bargained for. And then Twilight reveals that she's been keeping something from her friends ever since the Royal Wedding. Now everything is out there; harsh words have been spoken and a once strong friendship hangs in the balance.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash isn't having a very good day. First she was in some dark place, then it turns out she's in the hospital. Oh, and she's apparently blind now.

Eventual Twidash!


Inspiried by the cover art, which belongs to the awesome 8-Xenon-8 on deviantart! Also inspired by the Ask Blind Rainbow Dash tumblr blog by Jykinturah.

Youtube reading, by the awesome L0RdZovChAoS, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6S23CkL48EM

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