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The supernatural: Ghosts, zombies, werewolves, spirits... vampires...

Twilight Sparkle always thought that the supernatural was just a bunch of superstitious nonsense, just some scary stories to tell around a campfire. She couldn't have been more wrong.

After an occult ritual gone horribly right, Twilight finds herself among the ranks of these so called 'myths', whether she likes it or not. Due to the same force that changed her, dark shadows have begun to spread across Equestria, bringing to life these ancient fairy tales. And Twilight might just be the only one that can stop them...

For better or for worse, Twilight has been changed. Will she embrace this dark gift and become the hero Equestria needs, or will she eventually succumb to temptation and become the very thing she fights?

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This story is a sequel to Advanced Lessons

After stumbling upon the secret history between her mentor and the Queen of the Changelings, Twilight now finds herself in a position to put an end to the Pony-Changeling conflict...if she can just deal with all the craziness around her.

Alongside Chrysalis herself, Prince Blueblood, and her friends, Twilight must now visit the home of Chrysalis' Changelings, to ascertain for herself, whether or not the Changelings can live alongside ponies peacefully. Are the Changelings just a bunch of monsters? Or do they have more in-common with Ponies than anypony thought?

By popular demand (At least one person :}) here's the story detailing Twilight's visit to the Changelings. This is an interquel, that takes place during the timeskip between Ch.2 and Ch.3 of my earlier story Advanced Lessons. In this case, you're probably going to need to read that first, to be able to follow everything. Hopefully everyone enjoys reading it. -Featured: 6/29/14-

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Presenting Princess Celestia, fair and beloved ruler of Equestria, and her daughters, Luna and Twilight, heirs to the Equestrian throne.

Wait, what was that last bit?

Due to an unknown spell, Princess Celestia must take care of her new young daughters as she fights her stronger-than-ever motherly instincts while finding a way to return everything back to normal.

Now with 20% more cover image thanks to the wonderful LevelDasher!!

It was featured again while cancelled lol (19/10/20)
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