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Equestria is less than a memory here. There is no magic, only enormous overpopulated Gigapoleis and miracles of genetic engineering. Living creatures are being constructed and programmed, shaped and modified, enslaved and abused. This is Earth. The indifference of its people is surpassed only by their greed and cruelty. Their kindness, honesty, loyalty, and generosity are too often just words. Their laughter too often means someone’s suffering.

But while friendship stands, any evil can be brought down, right? Right?

This work is a translation of a story "Сломанная Игрушка".

The project also features bonus content, among which is the audiobook version of the story and illustrations. All of it may be found here.

Please be advised: rating [T] represents current content. Rating could be changed to [M] later. Tagged [Sex] due to mentions.

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My attempt at a more serious 'Luna meets Neil Armstrong' storyline. What would really happen, both on the moon and on Earth? Inspired by 'The Eagle has Landed' by CyanBlackStone.

Princess Luna has found herself on a very different moon after some strange force interfered with her banishment. She doesn't know what the metal objects that keep orbiting and sometimes landing there are, but she wants to find out. Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong believes that being the first man on the moon will be the crowning achievement of his life. Hoo boy, is he ever in for a surprise.

For those who are interested, the most excellent Zanec has provided this link to an interactive Apollo 11 site.

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The Tasty Treat becomes a successful restaurant, despite not having the three-hoof rating that makes all the restaurants in Restaurant Row successful. The Queen of Cuisine, Zesty Gourmand, will not let this stand without criticism.

Unfortunately for her, somepony else will not let her flawed method of critiquing restaurants go unpunished. And he's not holding back anything. No way in Hell, especially in his own kitchen.

Spoilers for Season 6 Episode 12

Random Oneshot Idea that just popped in my head.

Contains vulgar language and verbal bashing (Judging from the cover art, you can tell why).

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Two worlds, two peoples, two varying ways of life. For Equestria and its people, peace has been a staple of life for generations under the watchful eyes of their alicorn protectors. Resources and necessities for life are abundant, and the few times it has been threatened by external foes have ended in an Equestrian victory.

For mankind however, life is a brutal battle for survival in the war-torn hellscape of nuclear devastation. Violence and survival have been a mainstay for the last three decades, and only recently has a coalition tried to reestablish civilization. But the Earth is dying, and this last bastion of humanity only number around 50,000. For man, doom seems inevitable.

One day, two men accidentally discover something that will change the fates of both worlds forever. One man will discover Equestria and its prosperity, coming into contact with the very best Equestria has to offer. He will be shown kindness, and in turn, he will teach them understanding.

Regardless, the rest of Equestria will come to fear what they do not understand and after a tragedy costs humanity's good will, mankind will be left no choice but to invade in the name of survival. A sad tale, but one that history has repeated on numerous occasions. In the end, it will be up to a handful of individuals on both sides to find a solution and bring an end to the conflict. Will these two worlds come to terms and learn to coexist, or will one species be eradicated by the other?
First featured on 11/15/15

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This story is a sequel to Astral Aegis

We had almost fifteen years to prepare. We have a world that would be a shield for Equus when war finally comes to us. We have new weapons, armor, and vehicles for this war. We have the Aegis Guard, which I trained to the best I could, a force that would serve on the front lines and more for this war. I just hope that is enough.
Editors: Personal Gamer Chapter 1-6
Rozen Knight Chapter 10 and onward.

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It was just like any other night. The moon had been up for hours and the ponies rested peacefully in their beds. Celestia, on this normal night, decides to take a stroll around the quiet palace.

This seemingly routine walk changes everything for her as she finds one young unicorn thief trying to rob her.

And this thief, harnessing magical powers quite rare to normal unicorns, catches Celestia's attention.

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This story is a sequel to Reunited

Six years.

For six years she has slept in a coma and now she has awakened. The entire world wants her to die for her crimes. Equestria wants her to die for her lies. Even I will admit I just want to see her die so I can move on with my life.

But before I say goodbye to my mentor, the former Princess Celestia, I have to ask her one question.

Why? Why did she do all this? Why transport us from Equestria to Earth? Why try to turn Humanity into Ponies?

All I want is the truth.

Based on The Conversion Bureau series.

Pre-Read by bahatumay, Socks (Also thanks for finding this cover art), and Chaotic Note

Edited by Biker_Dash

Please Help Out The NegotiationsVerse TV Tropes Page

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A changeling is on the loose in Ponyville, and Sweetie Belle won't rest until he's caught.

Thanks to Noble Thought for prereading.

Vector art by RankWinner.

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This story is a sequel to X is a Changeling

Twilight discusses some new rules with the changelings that live in and feed from her library books.

Thanks to Noble Thought for prereading.

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Life's a game full of decisions, and most of us don't have the power to change the rules. All we can do, is make our choice, and hope it was the right one, because in the end, no matter what anyone else says or does, we choose our own destiny. I don't know an awful lot about life, how to cheat at it, for instance, has always eluded me, but I do know that what I say is true.

If I've truly learned anything worth knowing, leading the life I do, it's that all are equal in death. The legacies we each leave behind, that is what truly determines the worth of someone.

So with that in mind, I've got just under 70 cycles to carve my name into history, 'fore I bite it that is.

Time's a wastin', let's get crackin'.

When a House of Winter Fallen dropship is reduced to a smoldering wreck of twisted metal by a Vex Cyclops, Skell-Rook, a dreg who's reluctant to accept his lot in life as a pirate, does all he can to survive the encounter with the murderous Vex.

He makes a decision that will forever change the course of his life.

Join Skell-Rook the Fallen dreg in his last-ditch effort to survive, an endeavor that will take him to a place he never imagined possible, free of the myriad of warring species he once knew all too well. A place where no one knows what a "Fallen" is, where no one judges him for what he is. A place where he can start over.

A place, called Equis.

A big thanks to all my pre-readers who helped me refine and shape this story into a tale that is worth your time.

Santa Shaxx
That One Hunter

Author's Note: Eliksni = Fallen, its the proper name for Skell-Rook's species.

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