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Celestia has never used her full power.


But that might be about to change. Chrysalis has contacted her and requested a meeting out in the middle of nowhere. Celestia expects a trap. In fact, she's hoping for it.

Featured: Because you guys are way too nice to me. Thank you all!

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Twilight and her friends are approached by Princess Luna who presents them with a set of questions that trigger a long and perilous journey.

Did you ever stop to wonder what became of Trixie, Gilda and Blueblood after your encounters? What did these episodes truly mean to you? What role will they yet play in the lives of the Elements of Harmony?

Last, are these questions as relevant as the journey towards the answers? Who will benefit from seeking these answers - you, them, or I?

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This story is a sequel to Becoming One With the Night

It was supposed to be a good day. Twilight and Luna were sharing the news of their relationship with their closest friends and family. However, Celestia's largest secret yet finally came out. Now, relations are strained between Celestia and everypony else. After all, what's Twilight to do when she finds out her second mother is actually her birth mother?

On top of this massive bombshell, soon Twilight will be sporting a pair of wings of her own. If she thought things were complicated now, just wait until Canterlot gets wind of a new alicorn. Life is about to become one giant nightmare for Twilight. But hey, at least she has Luna, right?

As stated above, this is a sequel. I highly encourage you to read the first story (the writing is extremely rough early on, mind you), but it's not entirely required to understand most everything that will be going on here.

EDIT: Takes place during S3, when it was originally conceived, thus the Alt. Universe tag. There was no redemption of Discord. There was no ascension. Yes, the Crystal Empire is back, and Cadance and Shining Armor are the leaders there. This should cover the more critical aspects of the season in regards to the story.

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Secrets. Everypony has them, and as they get older the more numerous they become. Their benevolent ruler Celestia herself has lost track of just how many secrets she holds, but Twilight and Luna are going to find out quite a few of them. Follow Twilight and Luna as they discover things about themselves, and those dear to them, as memories and secrets are brought to the light.

Image - Done by Archonix.

Note - The writing is the earliest I have of what I've done. As such it's quite sloppy compared to my standards today. Slated for a rewrite/full editing in the future. At some point.

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Twilight recieves rather late invitation from Princess Celestia for the first "Winter Solstice" celebration for Princess Luna. And while staying there, something is going to change...

Proof-readers: paxtofettel, Kooshster and GunsmithPete338.
Cover Art by: SilFoe

Featured: 5.10.2014

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It's been almost a decade since the Battle of the Bands and Sunset Shimmer has been trying to clean up the mess she made. After series of unrelated crimes, Sunset, now known as The Phoenix, may need to finally ask for help.

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Equestrian City is a massive metroplex of lives, stories, crimes and adventures! Sometimes these stories don't make the front page news nor catch the majority eye, and other times they are right in your face!

In a world where superheroes and magic have been combined, the unlikely happens on a daily basis. Yet it's the stories that occur elsewhere during the headline stealing events of the day that make just as much of a difference to the city. Be it in a small way or much larger later on.

Welcome to Equestrian City! Where everyone is doing something, just not always saving the day.
A Collection of Side Stories for Equestrian City aka MetaVerse

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Lyra makes pudding one night, but forgets why.

Cover art by the amazing and fantastic Lamia.

This is the first installment of the Sleepy Author Challenge.
What happened was that I wrote this at about two in the morning with no game plan and no editors or proofreaders. I also did this in one sitting. I did not, nor will I ever edit this myself. (My eyes still hurt.)

The prompt for this fic was "Lyra makes pudding at 4 AM," requested by Vargras.

Criticism is encouraged. Blank comments such as "5/5" or "MOAR" will be deleted. Quality not guaranteed.

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Diplomacy has failed. Six years have passed Equestria's crowning of the princess of friendship, ushering in a supposed unprecedented age of peace and harmony. The concept of warfare is, to most ponies, nothing more than an unfathomable legend. They have let their guard down.

An unknown enemy has seized the opportunity to attack Equestria with terrifying new weapons of war, bent on taking the fertile land and restoring an ancient order. The valiant efforts of the Royal Guard have given Princess Twilight and her arcane scientists time to research and develop a response to their attackers, and the time has come for that response to be implemented. Utilizing weapons and tactics borrowed from another world, five squads under the command of Princess Luna will infiltrate the forests of the Equestrian Northwest to destroy a revolutionary magical matrix that Twilight refers to as the "radio" - a tool that allows enemy ponies to communicate across vast distances instantly.

Nightmare Two is comprised of three foalhood friends who, rather than be separated from each other in the draft, volunteer to become one of the five Nightmare squads. With their bodies forever altered to suit the needs of their mission, the three young mares join legions of ponies armed with powerful weapons to partake in a horrifying new breed of warfare - Equestria's first in over one thousand years.


Heads up, folks. If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment alongside the thumbs-down, I'd appreciate it. This is my first foray into fan fiction and although it's a hobby I nonetheless wish to get better. :)

Got some FAQ's for you guys as well!

- Alternate universe in which the events of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" did not occur. (As much as I loved it! :D)

- Numerical age tends to vary with headcanon, but the CMC here were just getting started with their adult lives when the draft went into effect.

- The war is pony v. pony, utilizing firearms and the Equestrian equivalent of a tank. The underlying headcanon is that ponies used firearms similar to muskets and tracked armored vehicles akin to our tanks in times of old, and what the enemy currently employs is essentially the natural progression of these technologies.

- There are no real-world weapons or equipment i.e. "Panzer IV," or "M16 assault rifle." Particularly acute details such as the caliber of weapons are also absent.

- Technology is based on that of WWI with some WWII elements. Firearms are primarily bolt-action.

- The "radio" spell matrix functions as what we know to be a radio, but is not identical.

- All four of a Night Mare's legs are permanently replaced by the augments.

- Night Mares are female. Stallions proved unable to properly animate the limbs.


Hold up, now - fanart? You guys rock. Like, for real. Thanks a lot!

1. A great YouTube video coming from The_Pegasus_Box. Thanks, bud!
Check it out!

2. Click here for the collection on DArt.

3. https://derpibooru.org/740375?scope=scpeac921b191f688d04521575f31608785cbc3bbaa1

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Twilight Sparkle has a secret. She'd rather it just went away, but when is the heart ever so easy to persuade?

Ascent is the first story in the development of a world outside normal fimfiction universes. It focuses on a character driven storyline that, while adhering to show canon, delves deeper into the personality, reasoning and emotions, of each character.

Each book portrays the perspective of a different character, though stories intertwine over time.

All illustrations are made by me! If you'd like an illustration done for your cover or story I'd be more than happy to!

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