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This story is a sequel to Stardust

Times are changing for Equestria as Twilight’s return brings with it news of people and cultures from beyond the peaceful world everypony knows. Aid and volunteers are freely offered to help the besieged humans of Earth because every Equestrian knows that’s what good friends do. Unfortunately, making friends can also have the unintended consequence of making enemies.

When the monsters besieging the humans strike at Equestria with a level of brutality not seen in over a thousand years, the cry for help is sent to all the kingdoms of the world. Honored allies step forth to fulfill ancient treaties and oaths. Enemies, old and new, bury their grievances. An alliance never before seen in Equestria will be created to combat the monsters from the void.

And because of these events, a grim but welcome sibling to the XCOM project is born.

(XCOM/FiM Crossover)
(Sequel to Stardust, which I recommend reading before starting this. Fortitude Amicitia and Broken aren't required reading but are supplemental to the storyline)
(Gore tag for blood and violence)
(Alternate Universe tag because of the divergence from canon that Stardust has caused)
(Uses elements of Season 4)
(Coverart produced by the amazing Carnelian!)
(Many thanks to Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Vandenbz and Setokaiva for prereading!)
(As of 03/07/2016, the prereading team consists of Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Noble Cause and Metallusionsismagic!)
(Complete with it's own TVTropes page as part of the Stardust continuity. Could use some updating!)
(Character tags will be added as chapters are added!)
(Featured 5/12/2014! Thanks folks!)
(Possible spoilers in the comments! BEWARE!)

Chapters (44)

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One of Equestria's greatest traits is tolerance. Every pony, whether Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth, is accepted for who they are, and have their own parts to play in keeping Equestria running.

But what if an Earth pony decided he didn't want to play his assigned part? What if he wanted to rise above everyone else and become an Alicorn? Such a thing is possible... but the path to fulfilling one's dreams is never simple. Risks must be taken. Sacrifices must be made. And the question is always asked: How far would you go to get what you wanted? And would you be willing to pay a terrible price to get it?

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It had been nearly a year since you won that labor lottery. This job had quickly turned into the best thing that has ever happened to you and your family. From the Grestin checkpoint, you had seen it all; terrorist attacks, long-seperated lovers getting back together, people trying to smuggle drugs into the country...
None of that compares to the day a portal opens to an alternate dimension just outside the walls.
Which is bad, because inevitably that means more papers for you to check and double check.
But still, a job's a job. Might as well keep a straight face about it...
And remember:
Glory to Arstotzka.

Chapters (9)

A young girl, having been robbed of her childhood and very life by illness finds herself given a second chance in a strange world and with an even stranger body. With a new life, family, and even a brother, she tries to cope with the bizarre world she's found herself in while also trying to embrace her role and become worthy of the gift she has been given.
Being a princess can be hard however, even if it's only an honorary title, especially when you're the twin sister of Prince Blueblood.

Warning, very slow burn.

Chapters (37)

Coming to as if he was only just created and fleeing dangerous foes without a single scrap of knowledge as to who, what, or even why he is, a single griffon races to find answers. He does well in finding somepony interested in helping him and finding out exactly what is wrong. He just never expected it to be royalty. His life being empty, save for a princess or two hoping in and trying to assist alleviating his pain. He fills the terrible dark gap in his soul any way he can, which gets him in trouble in more than one way.

Special thanks to Tathem Relag and Earl for their masterful editing and proof reading.
The art provided was by amazing artists Nick Valentine and Earl from Equestrian Amino.

(Please note that this story varies lightly from canon. The story does not feature known characters like Starlight Glimmer or Thorax, additionally, events in the story imply noncanon things like Changelings being incapable of turning into skittlebugs, and some minor headcanon on a few various topics.)

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Reaching

Twilight Sparkle. The only person you ever talked to in school, and a true rose among the many thorns of Crystal Prep. Over time, you became close friends, fighting through the Crystal Prep snobs every day and protecting her from bullies. It was only a matter of time until you developed feelings for her. It seemed like it might be mutual too, but you didn't want to risk scaring off your only friend.

When she transfers to Canterlot High, you lose touch with her. Have all your chances with Twilight vanished forever?

But when chance reunites you with your friend, you might discover that she's lonelier than ever.

7th installment of the The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic

WARNING: May contain lots of fluff

**Featured from October 1-3, 2016 :raritystarry:

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Apple of My Eye

On a really bad day at school, you don't want to talk to anyone. All you want to do is lock yourself in your room for the rest of the day. You're done.

Unfortunately, the world has other plans. You receive a partner project in class, and get partnered with a girl you barely know. She seems nice, but really quiet. You've barely noticed her in class until now. Regardless, after today you want nothing to do with people.

You start working with her, and slowly realize just how nice and sweet she is. And another thing... she's really cute. Could this girl be exactly what you need to start feeling better?

4th installment of the The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic

WARNING: May contain lots of fluff

**Featured from August 9-10, 2016 :raritystarry:

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Lapis Lazuli didn't know what made her land in the middle of the Everfree, but she immediately began to regret coming out here, because timberwolves were right on her tail. She knew she was going to die. She just knew it. All she wanted now was to postpone her death for a few more seconds and just run. She didn't expect anyone would fight away the Timberwolves and save her.

She also didn't expect him to save her.

Art by MegaTJ.

Chapters (1)

Celestia had a vision, of two beings, one of darkness, one of light. They claimed that they would reclaim Equestria and return it to dust. The next day, a small creature appears, frightened, scared, and afraid of her very touch. A child. A child who may herald the end, or save Equestia from its demise.

Isaac has been in the basement as long as he can remember. So many times has he descended through this purgatory of death and murder, god and demons, so many things that hurt, burned and killed.
Then one day it stopped. A secret room that opened the chest he had known so long, and he was free. He could leave the Basement.
He didn't see anything else that followed him out.
He didn't expect the world to have changed so much in his absence.
And he never could've imagined they'd all be ponies.

And ponies never imagined that simple children could ever save them from the forces of evil.

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A-again? Thank you! (1/22/16)

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Character list will be updated as necessary, those not immediately listed are:
- King Sombra
- Twilight
- Spike

Characters from the Binding of Isaac are under Other, as you'd expect.
Correct me if I get an item's effect or description wrong!
Correct me if I get grammar or spelling incorrect, I'll fix them as I'm aware of them!

Cover art is by me.

Huge thank you to TrueGentleman, who has taken it upon him to aid me in the editing of this story! (Stopped as of 18 onward)

Appreciation for HydraLightning, proofreader from CH3+.

And a special thanks to awesomesauce4 for inspiring me to start on this! Here's their story!
|The Unbinding|

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They say that I must send my sister to the moon for one thousand years. They say that she is too far gone, and that it is for the best. But I cannot believe that. I refuse to believe it! Luna is my sister after all, and I can still save her!

But then a small part of me asks, What if I really can't save her by myself? What if... what if they're right?

Inspired greatly by the Luteces' cameo in Trade Ya! You do not need to have played BioShock Infinite to read and understand this story.

Also, many thanks to Alicorn Airport, Kirito-Persona and Protopony350 for being my pre-readers. Many, many thanks as well to Haycart for being my wonderful editor.

And many thanks to Will-Owl-the-Wisp for the amazing cover art. You can find the original here.

Now with a story reading by myself, Wisp, and MelancholyIguana.

Warning: Some spoilers to the end of BioShock Infinite in the comments.

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