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A doggo winds up in Equestria. Lucky for him, he runs into some very friendly four legged birbs who can set him back on his path to his hooman.

Contains: Doggo Talk, Profanity, Thinly Veiled Subplots, and Marking Doggo Territory

Chapters (1)

Sunset has been in the human world for so long she's almost forgotten the taste of her favorite food, but an encounter with a few of Applejack's hay bales incites an uncontrollable urge within her to indulge in her old pony pastime.

Chapters (1)

Rarity, following a somewhat rocky introduction, has become a rather welcome member of the upper classes of Canterlot. Living the dream, she eagerly accepts an invitation to an Opera in Canterlot with her new friends Viscount Fancy Pants and his wife Fleur de Lis. Especially since it means meeting a mysterious and somewhat reclusive Baroness that will also be attending.

Naturally, things grow somewhat awkward when she runs into one of her friends... and definitely not in any way she thought she might.

(Note: This is based on a head-cannon I had circa season four. We hadn't met Rainbow's parents yet, and we didn't really know all that much about many of the Mane 6's home lives. I know this isn't canon now, but I just wanted to put this on paper. Quarantine, man.)

Cover image: https://www.pinterest.com/mdhsoccer/
Prereading: Mosanted

Edit: Holy ****. I did not expect this to blow up like this. Thank you all so much!

Chapters (2)

A pony is stuck in a fence, and it's my job to get her out.


Cover art by silfoe. I've always loved this particular picture.

Inspired by the cover art and this video.

Originally wanted this to be in 2nd person, but I know that can turn people off to the whole thing. I get it, I used to be like that too.

Featured on March 2nd, 2020! Thanks so much guys!

Now has a live reading by StraightToThePointStudio.

Chapters (1)

For over one and half millennia, Princess Celestia and Luna have sacrificed everything in the name of their destiny as both rulers of Equestria, but also raisers of the sun and moon. From losing lost ones to the sands of time to never having a love life, the two sisters have always put their duty first.

Now with Twilight Sparkle taking over both their former duties, the two sisters have enjoyed their retirement to its fullest while engaging in many activities they previously couldn't do. However, when a new friend of Luna's asks her out there are questions that arise that make both alicorns wonder if they truly are free from their destiny and the curses that come with it.

(A one shot I made on my way to PAX EAST)

Edited and Pre-Read by CrackedInkWell

Chapters (1)

"Love is a force of nature."

In the Swayback Mountains, a violent storm and its aftermath force Rarity and Applejack to reappraise their feelings for each other.

Illustration by the awesome JakNeurotic.

Chapters (3)

A genuine oblivious simulator.

Watch as pony after pony, throw themselves at you!

And you simply act borderline retarded.

Contains Mild Cursing And Lots Of Sex Slang!

I Wrote This As A Gift To My New Mate MDCommissioner!

It's dumb and silly but I hope you still enjoy luv!

Art By PonutJoe, check source for link.

Bloody Featured On 1\19\20 & 1\20\20 & 1\21\20 & 1\22\20 & 1\23\20 & 1\24\20!

Chapters (6)

Button Mash and Snips climb to ALL heights to try and save Snails' relationship with his new marefriend, Honey Bun.

No surprise, hijinks inevitably ensue.

"Though burned, it lives up to being sweet as honey. ❤
~Mew Mew

Chapters (1)

Spike and Gabby have been dating for quite some time now, but this is the first time Spike has invited his girlfriend to spend Heart's Warming Eve with him and his family. Will Spike be able to survive the onslaught? Will Gabby achieve her secret goal?

Request done for OmniFox.

Covert-Art by gsphere!

*If you are feeling generous you can buy me a Ko-Fi!!

Chapters (1)

Your friends can be a real handful sometimes. Even though you'd much prefer to spend the whole day at home eating junk food and watching TV, they drag you out to the pool to have "fun", as they like to call it. Not only that, but they think that this would be the perfect place for you to find your soul mate. The funny thing is, though, that they're actually right. It's just not who you expected...

Second person fem anon story. Light age gap yuri.

Happy New Year!

Chapters (1)
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