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A hidden museum rests in the Canterlot palace, by law open to the public, by practice closed to visitors. Within its walls lie treasures of opal and gemstones, salt and wood. Shelves filled with untouched scrolls line the walls.

It is here that Luna pays her respects to Equestria's fallen heroes. Why, then, is it against her sister's wishes?

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In a sunless world, there's no hope of light touching the world again. An evil Queen has plunged the world into a everlasting night, with elements of darkness and chaos leading her armies to total conquest. Ponies have lost their freedom and are forced to work as slaves in harsh conditions. It's only natural for a rebellion to bring the light back to a dark world, as well as the harmony that should have been there all along.

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This story is a sequel to Celestia Visits Nightmare Moon

Two weeks after the Summer Sun Celebration, Celestia comes into Luna's room to spend time with her, only to find out things aren't what they seem.

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It was supposed to be a simple stargazing trip up to the mountains. But what Moondancer discovers hidden in the moonlight may change her life forever…

...or may, at least, wear too much eyeliner.

For on this night of nights, there lurks a pony of deep darkness: Moonlight Raven, whose adoration of the strange and mystical not only rivals Moondancer's respect of science and reason, but is physically preventing its pursuit.

Can these lovers of the night find common ground, or are they fated to annoy each other to death?

Pre-read by Bookish Delight and Rune Soldier Dan following an appearance in the November 2015 Writeoff, "Out of Time". Cover art assembled from here and here.

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One of the many alternate futures Twilight found herself in during her long quest to thwart Starlight Glimmer was a realm ruled by Nightmare Moon. Having come across the dark alicorn herself, Twilight now journeys with her, under threat, travelling deep into the Everfree Forest to show her the means to travel through time.

During that journey, the fallen princess has more than a few words of wisdom to bestow upon the young mare beside her.

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There was a time, not so long ago, when the sun shone brightly in the skies of Equestria. Those days have long since passed, and in their place is the era of eternal night, reigned over by Nightmare Moon. All ponies serve this mistress of the night, and one such pony is Rarity, her personal hoof-maiden.

But, after a somewhat irksome visit by a time-travelling alicorn, Rarity finds her mistress more angry than usual, and soon finds herself discussing matters with another of the palace's residents, Rainbow Dash.

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Inspired by the season 5 finale

The rainboom never happened. The mane six were never friends. Now, Nightmare Moon rules all of Equestria with her sister trapped in the moon.
Violet Tempera is a royal painter in the castle of Nightmares, and is facing the Mare in the Moon every day, but she still remembers the beloved princess of the sun. After so many years of night, she needs to find a way to bring Celestia back.

She recalls a legend of six magical stones to guide her on her journey.


This is a case of writing for the sake of writing, so things aren't solidly mapped out. Thanks to JustAnotherRandomPony for editing. You're welcome to point out tpyos in the comments!

Picture by GenjiLim, modified by me

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In a jealous rage, Princess Luna rebelled against her sister, embracing the darkness in herself readily. The newly transformed Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia fought above the Castle of the Everfree; after an arduous battle, Celestia lay bested by the sister she'd fought so hard to keep under control. With no other choice available, Princess Celestia wielded the Elements of Harmony.

Now, Nightmare Moon rules over a dark Equestria. She finally has the power of which she'd dreamed for so long.

She only wishes she didn't feel so wrong inside.

Story image is vectored out of this one and this one.

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(Thanks to Rated Ponystar for the prompt)

The Canterlot Wedding was a disaster. The Changeling Queen took the lives of Celestia, Twilight, and the bride and groom. Only Luna remains now to patch up her broken nation, but Chrysalis has approached her with an offer she can't refuse: Become her lover.

Luna accepts.

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