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Hello everyone, I enjoy reading fanfiction, games, and writing among other hobbies. I also enjoy meeting new people and trying to write fanfiction as well.

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There's something wrong about Pumpkin Cake. She has been behaving strangely for the past weeks, smiling much less than she used to. A worried Mr. Cake tries to figure out what the problem is, and if he can help.

A story about a father and his daughter. And fireflies.

Special thanks to my proofreader Inumaniac for his help, and many thanks to Silver Starlight for the extra help.

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It seems that every time I leave out one of my shirts, Fluttershy just has to put it on. She knows that ponies don't wear clothes, right?

So what else could this mean?

An idea created due to Flutterpriest's magnum opus, "Fluttershy Wants In Your Pants".

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Funny isn’t it? Everypony thinks Equestria is a utopia, a place of friendship and magic where everything is just fine. But all you see is Ponyville and Canterlot. Wonderful cities to be sure, but didn’t you notice how the rest of Equestria is different? Unfortunately all your world sees are propaganda reels from our universe. But even then, you can surely see the difference.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how the country isn’t run as such. Of course we have princesses, but when they hold court all they do is solve small disputes, little issues, they help two enemies become “friends”. They resolve matters of the greatest important to the individual, but of no importance to the nation. If they did anything it’d involve stumbling into a town, forcing ponies to shake hooves and hoping for the best. There are no real laws, the only law here is friendship.

Perhaps this system works. I’m certainly no authority on the matter, but I’d like you to entertain the idea that it could be improved. Just a thought. Oh but what do I know? I’m only a lieutenant in Her Majesty’s Royal Guard. I am a pawn in their machine, ready to do their bidding, absolutely loyal to my celestial masters.

All I suggest is that someone should help them fix Equestria. Someone who can look beyond friendship. Who me you say? Forgive me, but I am but a guard. I pledge only to do my duty, that is all. Whatever that may entail...

Disclaimers and additional notes:

One doesn’t need to have seen or read either version of House of Cards or have an intimate understanding of politics to understand this story. It is only a parody in the loosest possible terms, that being it is about power and politics.

This story is not meant to endorse or reflect any real world political opinion or candidate. It is a work of fiction based on my observations of the political landscape in Equestria and the absurdity of such a society.

As I began writing this in 2014, the canon may differ from the show. I have attempted to keep it accurate up to at least season 4. There are certainly references to things that happen later than that, but beyond a certain point I’m pretty loose with show canon.

Not sure if all tags are correct, will edit as required.

Art by: Nightjarish
Instagram: http://www.imgrum.net/user/nightjarish/3448427025
Deviantart: http://viv-chibi-love.deviantart.com/
I don’t think I could have ever asked for such a good artist. It’s such a pleasure to have your work as a cover for mine.
Prereader: Azure Drache
I cannot give enough thanks to this guy for putting up with my crap and helping make this the best story possible. It’s been a real labour of love for the both of us and a real pleasure working with him.

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Maud and Boulder share a strong bond. But why...? Boulder is just a rock, right?

Written for my amazing friend Striving Scholar for winning first place in my very first Snippets Contest! :pinkiehappy:

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After a particularly rough day of flying, Rainbow Dash crashes at Sweet Apple Acres with a dire need for preening. Applejack is more than willing to help her marefriend in whatever way she can.

Hey everyone! This is my first time writing anything substantial in the past three years, and I have to say that it feels good to be back. This was a quick little thing written for the first Preening Group Contest, partially at the insistence of a friend. There was no editor involved, and it took slightly under an hour and a half. Kind of slow to write, but I'll improve.

Cover art is property of Feather-Chan on Deviantart. All credit goes to the artist of the amazing piece ^^

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After meeting Twilight in Equestria and making her his marefriend, Max faces one last problem, how will his parents react to the idea of their possible future daughter-in-law being an... animal.

inspired by this dead thread at this group
Sex tag and Teen for... well you'll figure it out.

Also, please excuse some grammatical errors you encounter, I don't think I had the pleasure of going over this story more than one time. Time seems to be slipping away from me every passing moment ( but then again, who can escape the boundaries of time anyways?)

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Applejack arrives home on a cool autumn night to find a particular pink pony sprawled out on her bed. And she's eating her cookies.

Dedicated to Short Stories

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You personally don't believe in Valentine's Day. Thinking the real reason it exists is to increase the profit of card and flower companies. To you, the holiday is meaningless. Many would say you're just sour you have nobody to spend it with. But that's not the case. No, no, you have a valid reason as to why you dislike Valentines Day. But your perception of the romantic day is changed when you (quite literally) bump into a ditzy classmate.

*Yeah it's a day late, oh well. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

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What would you do if a pony moved into the apartment upstairs? Would you make an effort to meet her? What would you talk about? And what kind of pony leaves Equestria for Earth in the first place?

This is a series of slice-of-life episodes about a young man who meets a pony in New Jersey. Equestria has made contact with Earth; creations and creators have been sorting things out for a couple of years, and a smattering of ponies are gradually starting to move to Earth. Told though human eyes, here's the story of one of them.

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"We're the same! Get it? The same!"

Twilight Sparkle is really getting into the habit of reforming the villains she goes up against rather than just defeating them. This tactic isn't necessarily a bad thing of course: in fact, it's kind of great! But eventually one would think that all of these former bad guys would want to start getting to know each other a little better--or at least that's what Discord thinks should happen. So one day just after the time-travelling escapade, as Starlight walks through Ponyville with Twilight, she suddenly finds herself teleported away to a big surprise courtesy of the chaos master. And she's not the only one...

Prepare for cameos and shenanigans! :derpytongue2:

And now with a sequel! We're The Same Too!: Rise of the Cameos!

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