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Princess Celestia is a frequent visitor to the Astral Planes, the ancient world of spirits and immortal souls. She considers it a good way to unwind after a long and difficult day spent ruling her nation. On one such journey she finds herself sharing tea with a kindred spirit.

A crossover with the Avatar: The Last Airbender Universe.

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Rarity and Spike have been together for a while. He never had a problem with sharing her with Pinkie Pie, but can Spike handle the responsibilities of becoming a father when he finds out that Rarity has impregnated Pinkie? And how does a mare impregnate another mare anyway?

There has been some confusion regarding this story, where many people think I am ripping on Spike. I'm not really, but I'm starting to understand why people think that. Rarity is not cheating here, it's something called polyamory.

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Party Pop has always tried to be a good pet for her Master, despite his bad temper. One day, however, an attempt at baking turns to disaster, and she is thrown away by him forever. Abandoned, scared, and without a home, will this sweet little kitten be able to find a new owner, or will she forever be a stray?

This is a pet play story. If you don't know what that is, look it up sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised. :twilightsmile:

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Due to an editing/publishing error, all of Twilight's friends have now 'officially' died of old age. This leaves an immortal Twilight to grieve over the tragedy of how she outlived all of her friends and will continue to do so for the rest of her eternal life.

Seeing the obvious pain that this news is having on Twilight, Princess Celestia moves to console her with the help of her supposedly-but-actually-not-really-deceased friends.

Cover image belongs to Shawnyall.

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