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This story is a sequel to She's a Glitch

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With Glitchie Pi finally captured and restored to... 'normal'... Fluttershy has decided to reveal that she too is not the original pony she has claimed to be for so long. With a changeling stood in Sugar Cube Corner, what will happen next? When and how did she replace the Fluttershy we know and love? Who was that Earth Pony spying on them? Are there more secrets to be shared by the Mane 6? AND WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO!?

All this, and more, if you only read on...

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Inspired by the track 'She's a Glitch' by TeiThePony on Youtube, which is a remix of 'She's a Pony' by General Mumble (Poowis), which is in turn a cover of 'She's a Pirate'.

Twilight visits Sugar Cube Corner to make an order, but gets more than she bargained for when Pinkie Pie bursts out of the basement and is acting very strange... Well, stranger than usual. Not only that, but the Cakes are hiding something. What's with Carrot's Labcoat? What's with the lack of subtlety in Pinkie defiance of physics? And who does Soarin really love?

My first shot at a One-Shot... hehe. In preparation for the epic one. Also, one of my pre-readers suggested the dark tag due to... well, you'll see. Tell me if you think otherwise.

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