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Shortly after the Nightmare Moon incident, Nyx has began to want to experience a foalhood and a meeting with her grandparents seals the deal.

Chapters (3)

When the Dazzlings get a second chance in life they take it, but what they didn't know is that they would turn into babies. After the fall formal and Celestia taking in Sunset Shimmer as her own, Sunset takes the 3 Dazzlings. They will all have many adventures to come.

*Cover Art found by Grand Galvatron*

Chapters (25)

This story takes place after the episodes "the return of Harmony Part 1 and 2"

The elements of harmony may have defeated Discord and his brief reign of chaos has finally ended. However there was one casuality from the entire ordeal. Princess Celestia was regressed into a five year old filly. She now has to deal with the aftermath of Discord's chaos and the constant patronizing from her subjects.

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The first Sonic Rainboom was a surprising, unexpected event. A moment of confusion, disruption....Chaos.

Discord finds an early escape from his statue, but in doing so, unknowingly drags with him six fillies from across Equestria. All of them having lost their memories, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Besides him.

Discord thus becomes the reluctant father figure to the six mares that will one day become Harmony's champions. Well, best enjoy the good times while they last.

Chapters (2)

Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer have been experimenting with their powerful magic. One afternoon, Twilight walks in while they're inside the Castle of Friendship casting spells, and in a freak accident, Twilight is abruptly turned into a small filly.

Is Starlight and Sunset worried about what they've just done? Not really.

Actually, they're too busy admiring, and snuggling the adorable filly Princess Twilight to care about their looming consequences.

Poor Twilight...

Chapters (4)

After Twilight and her friends blasted Sunset Shimmer with The Elements of Harmony, they did not expect this side effect. Sunset Shimmer was found unconscious at the bottom of the crater. What’s even more peculiar is that she is now a child. She does not remember anything before her current age, nor why she has scaring on her back.

Twilight now has to unlock the mystery to why the former bully was converted to that age, and why there seems to be painful black veins branching across her back.

This story is inspired by fmriver’s story: Sunset’s Second Round of Childhood

Cover artist: girasol


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(This is an alternate universe where Discord is set free from his stone prison a little earlier than the canon show and of course more changes along the way. Again, this sort of follows the show but not in the way you’d think.)

(This idea came from someone in a Fluttercord Discord server. Her name is Chaoticsyd. This alternate universe was her idea. I only took it and added on to it with my own ideas with her permission. Without her, this story wouldn’t exist. ^^)

After Discord finds a small child, his whole life takes a huge turn. One that he would never imagine would change his outlook on chaos and harmony forever.

Cover art by Chaoticsyd!

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Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning, to find she's living with her family and is a filly again. She's not in Canterlot but in Ponyville though, and that's just the beginning of the changes. Like her new school, and the identity of the Headmare...

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In the frozen north, a few species of animals are still yet to be befriended by ponies. Following some light research, Fluttershy makes her way up to the Crystal Mountains to observe and make friends with the frost bears in the mountainous region, but she finds more than just bears in the snowy region of the north. When she returns to Ponyville with her discovery, the mare must make decisions that are not only best for her, but for the foal she now claims as her own. With a big heart, she gains more than a new friend, she gains a family that struggles to be normal when the little filly is anything but normal. Fluttershy will learn what it means to love unconditionally and teach a young filly just what it means to be family.

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When a pony from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic finds herself in my bedroom, my allies and I must protect her from the coming conflict as her enemies follow.

Sonic tag: Ultimately inspired by the Sonic Movie.
Assassin's Creed tag: Same weapons from the 2016 Assassin's Creed film.

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