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On what seems like any other day, Sunset Shimmer stumbles upon an older woman that looks shockingly like her. Believing this to be her "human world" counterpart, she tries to connect with the woman, only to find that she has little interest in what Sunset has to say. While that does save Sunset from a few potential issues, it also raises an interesting question:

Why doesn't she care?

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It is early summer in Canterlot, and the spring term for Canterlot High is coming to a close. A six week half term, is in inbound for all students, and there are two in particular who wish to spend some quality time together over this small spring break. Rarity and Applejack. Of course, they want to spend some time with their friends of the Main 7, as well as their newly reformed friends (The Dazzlings.) The two of them have strong feelings for one another, and early on into this narrative, we will explore how they confide their feelings and explore their romance together. The two are head over heels for one another, hoping to ask the question of 'Be Mine?'

This is a romance fanfiction focusing on the blossoming of Applejack and Rarity's feelings for one another, and soon their relationship. We will see how their friends cotton on, how they will react to the blossoming relationship between two friends, into two lovers.

(Art by LooknamTCN on Deviantart!)

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"Hello, hello, hello, this is Thorny Bends coming at you live on Radio Free Canterlot, and from where I'm sitting, folks, the Land of the Eternal Moon is looking lovely. Well, except for that nasty smog cloud rolling toward us from the coast, but hey, that's the price of progress. Still, if you're heading outside you might want to think about an Easy Breezy-brand respirator, guaranteed to make the air taste like new. Buy yours from all major retailers today!

"As I'm sure you all know, it's been almost a thousand years since the founding of our great civilization. And as the big day approaches, I sure hope the High Castle set their clocks right. I'd hate to find out it was really last Thursday. Ha! But seriously, folks. I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about our fair Canterlot, and I've realized it isn't just somewhere we all live. It's what we build together into something greater as we all reach for the moon. A symbol for a way of life and a state of mind. So, in honor of the thousand years, I'm taking an eye in the sky peek into the lives of the ponies on the streets, and a few in the penthouses too. I don't often do real news on this show, but these are some genuine equine interest stories, folks. In their own small, unique way, these ponies are as vital to the city as the princess of the night herself. So settle down, get comfortable, and don't touch that dial.

"You won't want to miss this, I guarantee."

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Trixie hadn't expected a time in her life when she'd find it hard to talk, or move, or even think. But he did to her what nopony else did, and now her friends have found her and are helping her to get back on he hooves - figurately and literally.

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This story is a sequel to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers (Enhanced & Augmented)

Friendship has always made Starlight Glimmer uncomfortable—since Sunburst—but the friendship lessons keep coming. When Celestia and Moon Dancer's great aunt aim Starlight at the enigmatic Prince of Equestria, to teach him a lesson, unexpected feelings rear their ugly head. It really bugs her. It feels like she's being forced to take the advanced course in friendship when she's just learning what it even means; could it be more than friendship!? Whether she likes it or not, her choices about him will save or doom Canterlot—and change her life forever.

The story is written such that you should not need to read the prequels. Your fun will be doubled, however, if you do.

About warning tags: Nothing explicit, but a warning nonetheless.

Additional MLP series characters: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Shining Armor, and Moon Dancer. I could add a dozen more, but that would be spoilery.

Artwork by Syrupyyy at https://twitter.com/SyrupyyyArt

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At the end of Cruising, we saw the human version of Sunset getting into a cab while on the phone.

But who was she talking to?

Very Homecoming canon-adjacent.

Thanks to Dave Bryant for his use of Cookie Pusher

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It's been many months since the ending of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Hasbro has declared there will be no more My Little Pony for a while.

One night I went to bed, like every other day, and the next morning I woke up to find myself in a forest full of pastel-colored, talking Unicorns.

This would have been a dream come true, but there was no magic and the three Pony Tribes are separated. Very different from the Equestria that I have grown to love...

Now, I must go on an adventure with my new friends to find a way to restore magic to this new Equestria and restore the long forgotten friendship that everypony has lost.

Story takes place in Generation 5.
Cover Art belongs to Imalou.
My Little Pony: A New Generation belongs to Robert Cullen, Jose Ucha and Tim Sullivan.
Enjoy. ^_^

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This story is a sequel to Always Mine

She finally had the opportunity. After being summoned by the ancient Grogar, Chrysalis finally has a chance to get Starlight Glimmer for herself and she will not blow it. Meanwhile, Starlight herself has been receiving notes from an unknown source, Twilight has been worrying about losing her girlfriend, and Discord, Tirek, and Cozy Glow all struggle to believe what’s going on between Chrysalis and Starlight.

(I’m using the REAL Grogar, the Discord twist is not happening.)

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Chrysalis has an attraction to Starlight Glimmer and she does not care how long it takes, she will one day be her’s. Even if Twilight Sparkle holds Starlight’s heart and even if she is imprisoned, Starlight would inevitably realize the truth.

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Equus, the world, has a long and rich history, starting with the beginning of the first writing civilization dating many tens of tousand of years back, but before that?
Many believe that life simply kept evolving from one form to the next until the present species appeared, others believe that some deity had at least a part in the creation of the world, and very few others suspect that the truth lies in something far more incredible than any myth, something tied to a single word.

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