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It has been weeks since the defeat of the Dazzlings, and Sunset Shimmer's friendships have only gotten stronger. Whilst finally relaxing in the times of peace, Sunset discovers an old enemy: Sonata Dusk. Strangely alone and apparently homeless, Sonata's luck seems to be at its all time low.
Seeing a little of herself in the former siren, Sunset embarks on a mission to help Sonata find friendship.

(For anyone who liked the old cover art, here's a side-by-side comparison of the old and new: http://daniel-gleebits.deviantart.com/art/Go-Compare-Twiddles-moustache-581352606 )

TV Tropes page: Feel free to add whatever tropes you find :raritywink:

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Change comes many times at the most unexpected of moments. Discord's death being one such example. It comes in many forms and one individual will experience the reality of that fact. Chaos doesn't die, it just takes a new form. This one just has an weird tattoo.

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A story of judicial vengeance. A tale of ill-fated love. How far would you go to save your homeland's destruction? How far would it take for your love to convince you otherwise? For Celestia, she'll find out it isn't as simple as yes or no, wrong or right.

In this verse: Discord isn't born with his chaotic power, but gains it. The royal pony sisters are orphaned, and Celestia is the same height as her sister, and has pink hair. Luna looks like her season one counterpart.

Caution: This story's Romance tag might go from Teen to Mature in future updates.

Cover art is Lysok's "Meeting" @ Deviantart.com

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Sombra, or whatever it is the Crystal Heart left behind, has ventured forth and conquered his new domain behind the till at a McTrotnald's joint in Manehattan. As he seeks to consolidate and expand his newfound kingdom he quickly finds a host of potential new subjects to subjugate befriend. If only they weren't mostly mafia, bat gangs, changeling yakuza and bicycle ponies complete wackos after his hot sexy plot power and might....

Coco Pommel, a decent definitely-not-thestral, lives a decent life, works a decent job, earns a decent living. She is certain the fashion house she works for, Mane Event, is going places, even if it's currently stuck on the second floor above a McTrotnald's joint. She is oblivious to the fact that she is the much-coveted object of adoration of many stallions. She is oblivious to many things. But she finds it hard to be oblivious to the ruckus that comes from that fast food restaurant downstairs, harder still to resist getting dragged in...

Neither expected to ever end up stuck together, at least not this way. But as they quickly learn, there's no living on expectations in the poor but lively Manehattan slums of the Four Hooves District. Together with the band of misfits and social outcasts that make up their lives they must go out and seize it - their Midnight Empire.

Contains the following strong themes underneath: struggling against oppression, discrimination and biggotry, poverty and desperation,. This is a story of unity in diversity, of love and friendship that transcends differences, and the pursuit of freedom.

Now exponentially more epic thanks to our favourite editor Dumbgamer99 who has kindly returned to do another of my works. Be sure to thank him by checking out his page!

Featured 4/7/14 - 6/7/14! Many thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Written to the tune of The Manehattan Smile by Matthew Mosier which I think nicely captures the feel of this story.

Cover Art: Oh hey, my ponies actually resemble ponies now. I mean, look, you don't have to turn the pic upside down, close your eyes and imagine the ponies anymore. Previous cover art here.

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"My lady once wrote in her very personal and very secret diary that I have problems appreciating personal space. I beg to differ on that sentiment." - A Butler commenting on Professional Discretion -

I'm a Butler. My friends, the imaginary ones at least, call me Butler. My job, looking after my lady, can be...challenging at times, but rewarding. Lately the job's become a little more difficult, especially after my lady's sister returned from the moon and the parliament decided to try and pass an entire bill just to be able to legally get rid of me. But managing the chaos is part of the job description, even if it means I must secretly become my lady's knight captain of her personal bodyguards in order to keep my job. Though even I could never have anticipated having to train knights cunningly disguised as maids to stay one step ahead of the nobles. Ah, the things I do for my princess.

Featured 9 - 12 August 2014. Many many thanks to everyone who kindly made this possible! You guys have doubled the fun!

Now featuring the editing talents of our resident editor Dumbgamer99. Be sure to thank him by checking out his page and giving him a follow!

Butler tag kindly made by undead003. Many thanks! (You'll find it actually works if you click on it.)

Cover Art: This picture totally contains ninjas. You just can't see them, cause they're that good.

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After finding real friends for the first time in a strange dimension of odd creatures, Sunset Shimmer has finally decided to return home to Equestria in the hopes of apologizing to Princess Celestia for her betrayal. Instead, she is greeted by an attack from the Royal Guard, and a pursuit across nighttime Canterlot that ends in disaster.

Can two injured ponies who hate each other so much manage to survive the Everfree Forest and return to civilization, or are they just doomed to be eaten?
Background is from James Corck on Deviant Art, with a few added eyes.
Update: Featured 10/4/2014. Thanks guys!

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Inspiration, cover art and pictures in the story all courtesy of the PMV of the same name by the talented Loveless Nova, used with his/her permission and blessings. If you haven't already, check out the PMV - If I Were a Pony. It is awesome.

Queen Chrysallis died in the aftermath of that ruinous invasion of Canterlot. But Tartarus would not be my afterlife, and death not my reaper. No, Ponyville is to be my purgatory, and my socially-inept roommate, Moon-Butt, my rather overly-enthusiastic reaper. I now live on borrowed time at the whims of my layabout of a roommate. To earn my freedom I must be able to not only prove that a changeling can live as a pony but also earn affection as one. But in between trying to get used to the notion that friends aren't food and learning to join the flash mobs in song and dance, I find that there is more to being a pony than meets the eye.

That was the good news. The bad news? I swear by the Ancient Ones, this useless sloth I have to share a room with is simply using me as an excuse to be an incompetent freeloader away from her sister's watchful eyes. You know everything has gone hooves-up when I'm the voice of reason. But bills need to be paid, bits need to be earned, and I have to somehow save up enough to move out of this flat. For my sanity's sake.

Featuring the editing talents of: Not A Hat, and Brad The Brony. Be sure to thank them by checking out their pages and giving them a follow/liking their stories.

Now with an epic official soundtrack from our friendly neighbourhood musicians. Please be sure to check out their music and give them a like and subscription as thanks!
Across the Seas By Citric Acid

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When a six year old human boy is transported to Equestria by accident, he will need a home. Everyone needs shelter, protection and love to live a happy life, but who could love a predator from another world? Luckily for young Chris, somepony steps up to the plate.

Cover art by akumamattata Deviant Art
Re-imagined by Hunterhd1
Edited by Dream Seeker
Read by Leonexus Random

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When Cerberus briefly left his post at the gates of Tartarus Tirek wasn't the only one to escape. This is the tale of that ancient prisoner's journey across Equestria and its pursuit of a single goal: the death of Discord.

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After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sonata Dusk find herself in a sticky situation, she doesn't have money so she gets a job at Sugarcube Corner and finds herself entangled in the life of the one girl who helped stop the Dazzling's plans.

Thank you to megatronspen ( http://www.fimfiction.net/user/MegatronsPen ) who was a big help

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