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Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who called himself a noble, and he did so with pride. He was at the height of his positions, the top Unicorn in the prestigious Canterlot University, a high ranking officer in the Royal guard, and betrothed to a mare he'd love to spend his life with. For why would he not be proud? After all, he was a descendant of the Equestrian Queen herself, and practically raised by her.

However, rumors and evidence begins to mount around his beloved Queen not quite being the radiant example he believes she is, and the Prince's pride is shaken. How far can one fall, when one sits at the top?

Chapters (1)

Years after Starlight Glimmer fled the hidden village, the lives of the village ponies have greatly improved. They are now free to make their own choices, to lead their own lives, to love and hope and dream.

But with that freedom comes risks.

Night Glider made her own choices, led her own life, loved and hoped and dreamed. And she lost some things and gained some others.

These are her memories. The memories of her snowcolt.

EDIT: Now with a reading by ZeusMacD! Click here!

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Dawn Waves is a pegasus who has had much stolen from her. She deals with grief in the only way she can, by going to the cliff overlooking the woods and thinking. When she attempts the unthinkable, a chance encounter could help her to move on, and even change her life for the better. But, of course, it's not always that simple.

-Written for the Bat Ponies and Thestrals 2nd Annual Writing Competition

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Nightshine always wanted to leave the orphanage, but she never thought her life would turn out the way it did. Her adventure to earth has left her full of wonder and awe, now she lives in an isolated Amish town that she calls home, She has a loving family and everything she ever wished for when she was an orphan, but when she learns about the outside world, curiosity takes over.

This is a strange Alternate Universe spin-off from the Main Nightshine story and I hope Its enjoyable!

This is a submission to the Nightshine story contest.

Nightshine and Serenity are both The Abyss's OC's. and apart from some other small things taken from The main Nightshine story, the rest is made by me.

Wonderfully proofread by PeerImagination (thanks a lot btw)

Chapters (4)

When Coco Pommel is summoned to Ponyville, she encounters the last thing she thought she'd ever see: a Rarity who has completely lost the passion for her profession.

Moved by Rarity's plight, Coco will do everything she can to bring the sparkle back to her friend. But will she, an almost complete outsider to Rarity's life, be enough?

Editing duties courtesy of nanashi_jones.

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After running across the Crusaders in Manehattan, Rainbow finds out a little secret Scootaloo had been keeping from her.

Pre-reader: Kalen Nighteyes
Editors: Awesomeblaze, mobius160

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With the defeat of the sirens and her subsequent acceptance at school, Sunset Shimmer had thought her life had made a turn for the better.

She thought it would be easy to simply forget the Dazzlings.

However, a run-in with Sonata Dusk brings in another perspective on the whole Battle of the Bands episode, one Sunset had never really stopped to contemplate.

After all, it takes one monster to understand another...

Featured 11/1/14 - 11/5/14

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