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It's not something Anon thinks about a lot but one tough day in school is enough to bring up a question that's been bothering him for awhile.

(Thanks to PeerImagination for editing!)
Art by Nobody

Chapters (1)

Getting sick is no fun, and Pinkie Pie learns this the hard way when she comes down with a bad case of hay fever. It's nothing but bed rest and medicine for her.

Realizing they'll need somepony else to help foalsit their children, The Cakes prepare to turn to Pinkie's friends but to their surprise it's Rarity who volunteers.

Before long, Pound and Pumpkin Cake take a shine to their new foalsitter, much to Pinkie's dismay. It seems to her that she's being replaced.

It's up to Mr. and Mrs. Cake to help Pinkie realize just how much she means to them, and how nopony could ever take her place, no matter what.

(Proofread by Smity1038 on DeviantArt.)

Chapters (1)

Ditzy arrives at my boutique one fine morning to ask for a special dress for her little Dinky. I end up having a long talk with the mailmare about what it's like to lose somepony you love.

Rated Teen for dark themes

Pre-read and edited by the glorious mwap flops Swan Song and Nordryd

Cover art not by me, only blurred

Chapters (1)

"Hey, uh, Rick, what did you want me to, uh, write down here again?"

"Look, Morty, it's not that urp complicated, just, just write down a generic description of what we did."

"But Rick, we did a lot of things!"

"Then figurp it out, Morty. Christ, and here I thought you were getting at least a bit smarter. Just, write down something about, uh, 'Rick and Morty Get Stuff From Horse Land'. 'Morty and Rick and something something horse pun'. I dunno, something."

"I want to go back to the ponies..."

"Oh, I bet you would like that, huh, MMMorty? Go back to the girly dimension full of urp friendship and magic and all that. Look, just give it here, I'll, uh, just put it up as it is."

Now with coverart by some guy named Shadow Bolt

Chapters (5)

After a night of sisterly snuggling, the Princesses Celestia and Luna wake up with a baby in Celestia's bed.

How it got there leads to a discussion between the two sisters.

Chapters (1)

"You" are Anon, and you can't understand a bloody thing these little horses are saying. It doesn't help that you're only ten. Oh well, at least they're nice. Especially the queen horse, Celestia. At least that's what you think her name is. Anyway, she's awfully cuddly, always hugging you or some such. Honestly it's nice and all, but you are starting to wonder just why she is so affectionate...

Was bumbling around /mlp/ and made a thing. You might enjoy it, you might not, it's here either way.

*EDIT* Now with sequel: Bridging Words.

Featured May 10 2016, thank you so much!

Chapters (1)

In this, the first season of this new sitcom, Rarity has finally been convinced by Applejack to add a colt in order to even the family! The colt, as sent forth by the Adopters of Canterlot, is a quiet, quirky mule who was freed from his druggy family a while ago. Rarity, a mare with notable respect for all different cultures and religions, subsequently gets pestered by a nasty side of her that makes her quite uncomfortable with having a mule for a son, such that her new task is to try and learn to be a good mother to colts and mules. And she's the one who'll have to learn how to understand them!

Created by Dana Woolery, AKA the Dyslexic Foal.

Chapters (2)

Celestia finds an abandoned baby Pegasus colt and adopts him naming him Zodiac.

This is rated Teen for one bad word Nathan says, luckily, he gets warned.

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to The Twilight of Her Singularity

Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight Sparkle are very excited. After more than a few misses, Twilight is now close to the end of her first pregnancy. The happy couple couldn’t feel more blessed than they are now.

When Twilight goes for a check up, she receives news that she wasn't quite ready for and begins to question if she is prepared to raise their foal. What if she does something wrong? What will she do?

She fears her foal will never want to call her mom.

*Comments contain spoilers*

Written for the Eighth Twilestia contest

Edited by Zodiac

Reading The Twilight Of Her Singularity is encouraged but not required.

Chapters (2)

Sent to the corner three times in one week . . .

Despite getting his cutie mark, Stormy Knight isn't happy. He thought it would change things at school, but he's still made fun of, just for a different reason. Convinced that he's no good, cutie mark or no, he starts believing his own sad thoughts, and it makes him lash out, which only makes everypony at school believe what he believes.

That he's nothing but a bad colt who deserves it.

A sad little one-shot for the naughty kid in school, or the screw-up who never felt loved.

The dialogue without modifiers is more akin to memories than actual dialogue. Sort of like reflections. I hope that helps to clear up any confusion.

Special thanks to Sipioc for the amazing hand-drawn cover art!

Now with a beautiful reading by Midnight 23 and AJ the Autistic Pony!

Chapters (1)
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