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What happens when a pregnant Trixie shows up at the Golden Oaks Library during a storm? Twilight ending up as an unwilling caretaker of the showmare and her unborn child is what. What happens after that is all chaos.

Chapters (30)

After Luna had been banished to the moon, Celestia got drunk, real drunk. Drunk enough to make up several laws she completely forgot about for a thousand years. What happens when Luna discovers one of these laws, and what's worse, she actually likes the sound of it.

Complete chaos as the mane six now find themselves unintentionally being wed to two Princesses.

Very much inspired by the old: Six Brides for Two Sisters story by Equus Palladus.

A Big Thanks to ArcaneDust for proof reading.

Chapters (32)

Dennis had a hard, boring, and grey life. His parents died when he was 17 and he wouldn't understand the fact that they were gone. He just wanted something to escape all of that, he wanted something to escape his past, he wanted to feel the feeling of love again. But you know what they say. "Be careful what you wish for."

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to More Than Dreams

Months have passed since Twilight Sparkle brought Rainbow Dash to visit her parents in Canterlot, and now it's time for her to return the favor. This time, however, neither of them is carrying a secret to reveal.

Rather than relaxation, she soon learns more about Rainbow's life than she ever bothered to ask about. Twilight tries to understand the past, what foundation for a happy life might exist beyond what she knows, and what new challenges their life together might face.

Edited by Noble Thought.

Cover art by zvn.

Chapters (4)

Our story starts with: 'Darach Meldrak Obenhjerthe' The first of his name, clansman of the Meldrak household, and bringer of pointless observations and nitpicks In general.
Specifically it starts with the end of his life, at the hands or rather hooves, of his own horse as it accidentally tramples him to death after getting startled by a snake.

Darach had abandoned his religious ways back during the war, so when he died he expected nothing more than the cold void of nothingness, perhaps the pyres of damnation if he was unlucky.
What he got was quite a bit different from his expectations.

Reborn into the body of a small, winged unicorn, he has to make sense of his new life as a small pink princess, and try not to disturb his new parents too much with his strange personality.

Chapters (2)

Discord's the only creature in Equestria who can recognize the human for what he is -- not the long-lost Seventh Element that never actually existed and couldn't have existed before the human arrived, but a meta-reality warper, an entity far more powerful than Discord with the power to warp the minds of all around him and the very rules of magic to make sure that he's always the Big Hero. And the role the human's assigned to Discord is the Villain to beat down or kill.

Pre-reform Discord's fine with being the villain. But on his own terms. Not dancing on some alien interloper's puppet strings.

Without friendship, or even allies, Discord's going to have to find a way to defeat a creature who can alter fate itself and who can even mind-control him. Or he may just end up worse than dead.

Art by Tenchi-Outsuno. Progress Bar at my writing journal.

Trigger warnings: Mind control (magically induced love, magically induced friendship, magically induced stupidity, Discord being Discord), noncon/dubcon (magically induced love, other forms of highly dubious consent), rape (female on male), violence/gore (mostly against Discord), literally everything in chapters 19-21, humans not being presented as unilaterally wonderful and superior to ponies and/or draconequui.

Chapters (26)

Twilight Sparkle is seen as a hero to all the ponies of Equestria. She not only stopped Nightmare Moon, but she also aided in sealing Discord and helped in preventing a changeling invasion. She however doesn't see herself as a hero, for all of her achievement she had to depend on the powers of others. Just once she would like to know that she can protect her friends herself, and not be the one that always needs saving.

During the first day of her one year leave to return to Canterlot, a strange meeting with Princess Luna opens the door to a great mystery, and a chance to gain the strength she desires. There's only one catch. This strength she can only attain with the help of Princess Luna, who also requires her help in protecting Equestria.

Twilight just has one question. Why does Luna keep calling her "Master"?

Chapters (2)

When giant stone tablets of monsters appear in Equestria, Princess Celestia summons Twilight and her friends to her castle and she explains that the stone tablets come from another dimension, one where contests called duels are conducted using these monsters, but with the monsters being on cards instead of stone slabs. And so, using the dimensional scissor, the heroic ponies reach the other dimension and learn about the monsters and the duels conducted with them.

It's time to duel!

Chapters (36)

Yeah Yeah Yeah, you already heard this. I found a fic that wasn't finished and decided to continue it. Some of you may be angry at me, some of you may be pissed at me. But in all honesty, do I really care what some people on the internet say if they cap lock an angry message?


So, yeah. This is a continuation of The Empresses by CrossRedstone. As per my morals, the original chapters will not be posted here, nor will I remake them here. Do you want to figure out what's going on? Read the original fic first (I linked it above)

The one who made the pictures.


Around four years ago a couple of mugs tried to rob Sunset Shimmer, severely injuring her in the process. In the hospital, she stayed in a coma, until four years later she wakes. However the world has changed drastically in those four years, namely magic is now her thing and her friends rule the world.

(Depending on how wacked I am in the head, I may amend this to a M-rated fic and add some death and gore and torture scenes in this. But, until you see that big red M, this will be a teen fic)

Chapters (4)

While visiting Applejack's farm, Twilight comes across a creature she had not expected to find in the world of humans. Thankfully, Sunset Shimmer is there to help her along.

Chapters (1)