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Without knowledge of events taking place in Ponyville, a cheerful Pinkie-clone wanders out of town by simple chance – and stumbles straight into a traveling circus.

A few months later, she returns to Ponyville...

Can the grim conclusion of "Too Many Pinkie Pies" be led towards a happy ending?

"The lone pink pony happily bounced down the path, trying to catch the tiny blue butterfly with her hooves, not a care in the world. She'd left Ponyville behind a while ago – but obviously, the path would lead her right back to it. Either that, or it led to the water-mirror cave.

Not that she knew of any other places it could possibly lead to..."

Chapters (5)

Cadance didn't know what to expect when her formerly banished Aunt Luna returned from her thousand year banishment. But, she's quite entertained by the hilarity. Especially if it means a chance to play a little joke.

Edited by Habanc. Preread by The Albinocorn, Foals Errand, and Timaeus

Cover art was done by Silfoe and used with permission! In fact, this fic is a gift for her!

Now with Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

Chapters (1)

Rarity and Rainbow Dash aren't exactly close. After all, they're very different ponies with very little in common. Or so Rainbow Dash thought.

A trip to Canterlot reveals that Rarity isn't exactly the pony that Dash thinks she is.

3rd place winner of The Writeoff Association's December competition, "Behind Closed Doors"

Art by Yoka-the-Changeling, Edited by Exuno

Chapters (1)

Twilight and Luna. Twiluna. Tuna.

The very generalized EQG-verse versions of high school senior Twilight and Vice Principal Luna illicitly hookup and have a spicy time together.

It should also be noted that the first two chapters were written well before Rainbow Rocks was even in production, let alone human Twilight's reveal. The story continues that AU and pays little heed to the actual EQG canon. While sex is very strongly implied, this is not a clopfic. Like most of my fics, I tend to update it when I feel like it and/or the Muse is slapping me around.

Chapters (6)

She's been assured by her sister a thousand times that they are equals, so where the hay is her throne?

Chapters (2)

Warning: spoilers for Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks in the description and story.

After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sunset grows concerned about what might happen as Senior Prom approaches; Canterlot High doesn't have the best track record when it comes to big events, and she's afraid that, like the last two, this one will also be accompanied by atrocity. Her friends claim that she should relax as there's nothing to worry about, but Sunset retains a nagging fear in her gut that catastrophe is about to strike - again.

However, after she encounters an interesting individual - one that she didn't even know she'd see again - working at Canterlot High, she finds herself with an even bigger problem: figuring out how to, by some miracle, have a date at Senior Prom not go horribly wrong.

This story is a one-shot-kill.

Chapters (1)

Are there times you've ever wondered, "Jee, why did the girls at Canterlot High forgive Sunset Shimmer for her evil succubus meddling so easily?"

The answer's simple: "Because, deep down, she's a pretty pretty pony, you stupid melon fudges!"

Chapters (4)

Octavia and Vinyl have been dating for months, but neither has had a chance to introduce their significant other to their families. Vinyl always dodges the issue, but when Octavia is insistent, they have a fight. This leaves Vinyl with no other option than to have Octavia over to meet her parents.

Maybe she should have told Octavia who she really was?

Dramatic reading by Goombasa available here.

Now in Russian, translated by Hopeless.

Chapters (1)

A secret unknown to any hornless pony, unicorn horns are made of candy. Pinkie Pie found out, and now she wants to try every flavor!

Warning: contains awkward moments and far too much non-consensual horn licking. Proceed at the risk of your horn and your dignity.

Available in Chinese, courtesy of Hell Organist.
Available in Russian, courtesy of boatOV.
Audio Reading by CaptainBron3y.
Second Audio Reading by Kanjigirl.
Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Chapters (1)

First place winner of the RariLight Creation Contest #2!

A day before the town-wide Hearts and Hooves Day party, Twilight Sparkle received a strange note in the mail. There was no doubt that it was Rarity who had penned the curvy script gracing the letter, but the riddle that lay tauntingly alongside her greeting was quite the mystery.

And Twilight loved solving a good mystery.

Cover art belongs to Grandifloru!

Thanks to Azusa for proofreading.

Chapters (6)