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The changelings have shared their love and become more beautiful, more peaceful, more civilized. They have cast away the traditions of the past and accepted the traditions of ponies instead. What a joke. How dare they forget the proud history of changelings? How dare they cast away time-honoured traditions that we have revelled in for generations!

I am a proud Changeling warrior. A hunter. A spy. An infiltrator. Chrysalis had gone mad with power, but changelings are more than one Queen. There have been Queens before Chrysalis and there should have been Queens after her. I will not bend! I accept our treaties, but I will not disgrace my heritage. History, countries, societies, they are written in blood, why is ours so much more shameful? We had a mad Queen, so now our entire history is obviously disgraceful.

I will remain in the faction of changelings that have sprouted under Pharynx. We will be as strong as iron and silent as the shadows. This would never have happened under a proper Queen.

(Not my art. I wish I could draw like that)

Chapters (3)

Lyra has a secret. She can't wait to tell Bon Bon! 

Bon Bon has a secret. Bon Bon has many secrets, actually. She'd like it if all her secrets remained hidden in the past.

But secrets have a nasty way of coming back when you least expect them.

After an unknown stallion visits the sweetshop, Bon Bon’s secrets come flooding back, and Lyra is swept along for the ride. She's in for the adventure of her life!

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to What's Your Problem?

Knowledge of the original isn’t required, but you should go read it anyway, because it’s good. :V
[ Dramatic Character Study of the Exchange Students and their Homelands ]

With the second semester of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s school of Friendship in full swing, a series of field trips is planned to foreign nations.  Specifically, the home countries of the five non-pony exchange students. These will be both a gesture of goodwill on all sides, and a chance for the various cultures to be exposed to each other first hoof, claw, and talon.

Follow Gallus, Ocellus, Yona, Smolder, Silverstream, and Sandbar as they continue to mature while learning about the countries their friends come from.

This is my second long-form story on here, meant to be a deeper exploration of the Student 6 and their homelands. Expect a lot of soft world-building and minor character development, and if you get any ideas for your own fanfictions from all this exploration, good for you! :3

The arcs, in tentative order, will go through...

  • The Hive (Changelings)
  • Mount Aris (Hippogriffs)
  • The Dragon Lands (Dragons)
  • Yakyakistan (Yaks)
  • Griffonstone (Griffons)

There will also be interludes which explore the Young Six and other students, with more detailed character development / analysis than the first one.

Chapters (3)

This is a story about a sheep.

A little sheep, locked away in pony prison. Obviously, he doesn't want to be there. But then, he's had to do lots of things he didn't want to. Still, no one to blame but himself for getting caught...


Hello, as stated above, this story follows a little sheep who is (for now) pretty jaded and hates everyone and everypony. Especially ponies. Stupid ponies. From his point of view, they're the reason for everything wrong in his life.
Oh, he's under no delusions that he's just as guilty on that front, he just doesn't care. What with the war and all... Stupid ponies. Why couldn't they just leave him in peace?
Too bad they're the ones with the keys to his cell, and now they want something from him. No doubt it's going to be something incredibly life threatening...


But we're not there yet in the story! So, before we go any further, a word from the author/delusional scribbler. Forewarning, this won't focus on the mane 6, and is about OC's, and the Luna Night Guard. Now, onto the rest:
1st, This will be a long, loooong story, with slow plot building and character development. If that is the kind of thing you like, please go ahead. (Might end up making it into multiple stories)
2nd, First story, please tell me what the heck I am doing wrong and point out grammar and stuff.
3rd, I'm writing this story for fun. That's important. "I do as I please!"
And finally 4th, Story is currently T, might change it to M for blood and gore later on.
Editor in chief kind of guy who I am very grateful for: Sweetolebob18

Have fun hopefully!

(And I own nothing, MLP and all associated products and agencies are not my property)

Chapters (54)

Years have passed since the Crystal War ended. Twilight Sparkle visits an old haunt to spend some time catching up with her friends. Then comes the question of who picks up the tab.

This story follows the alternate universe canon wherein Equestria fought in a state of Total War against Sombra's Crystal Empire.

As a Memorial Day Tribute, this story is dedicated to all those who have served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. For any veterans living with trauma, I've placed a link here for the veteran helpline. There is no shame in needing to talk to someone.

Folks were kind enough to submit this to the Royal Canterlot Library. Thank you to everyone responsible for adding it. I'm grateful that you found in it something meaningful.

My Little Pony and its contents are the property of Hasbro, Inc. and its affiliates. Please support the official release.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Little Glimpses

Nine months have come and gone since Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash moved to Ponyville from their home in Canterlot. Nine months since Princess Celestia revealed what she knew about the change in history reaching all the way back to the day of the sonic rainboom. Nine months of peace and happiness.

A peace and happiness that is brought to an end by the return of an ancient enemy, one thought to have been gone forever. This event sparks a choice, and the repercussions will lead Rainbow Dash and her friends down a dangerous road. A series of events shall soon play out that will lead to the already precarious balance of this new timeline being undone. When all is said and done, Rainbow, Twilight and their new friends will learn for themselves the true dangers of foreknowledge...

Cover art by the skilled SentireAeris.

(NOTICE: The first ten chapters are pretty much just a play-by-play re-telling of the season 2 premiere. This is required for certain context and catalysts. It gets much different after that.)

Chapters (56)

"You can be a hero!"

Twilight Sparkle wants to be a hero. She didn't expect the most powerful hero in Equestria to lend her a hoof. She's now set on the path of legends, but it's not going to be an easy one.

An MLP x My Hero Academia Crossover.

Edited by Emtu

Gore tag because If you know the source material, you know what's in store for Twilight

Chapters (69)

Beige Beaker is a chemist with a promising career ahead of her. She's got a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a loyal best friend. Yes, life is good, and Beige knows it.

Then there's the 'accident.' It wasn't an accident, Beige knows that, but how else can she explain what happened? Suddenly, life has gotten harder, and it's getting worse. And worse. And worse. None of it makes sense. Bad things don't happen this quickly without explanation.

Is it bad luck... or is it a curse?

Set early in Season 1.

A big thanks to my ever-patient (even when I wasn't) pre-readers and editors: Georg, BlazzingInferno, and Pascoite. You guys are awesome.

Cover art by Agamnentzar. Used with permission.

Chapters (9)

Spike shows up on Fluttershy's doorstep at the crack of dawn, professing heartbreak and asking for a shoulder to cry on. Fluttershy does as every pony should: she makes him a pot of tea, and sends him off to bed.

This is the story of where that takes them.

Updates are gonna be weird, I blame meds.

Updates slightly more regular, hopefully it keeps up.

Cover art gratefully borrowed from Airy, over on Tumblr. Give a peek for more cuties :twilightsmile:

Featured briefly on 12/22/16! Thanks all, for the wonderful Christmas gift!
Featured briefly every time I actually update! You guys have no idea how happy that makes me, thank you so much! :twilightblush: :yay:

Chapters (36)

Falling in love with the mythological book series Midnight Castle, Lyra Heartstrings has created her very own fan fiction site, a home to all that enjoy reading and writing human fiction.

This is the life and times of that site.

Chapters (370)
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