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Sunset Shimmer ran away. There's really no other way to say it. One can call it exile, tactical retreat, or even a permanent change in residence, but the facts are the same. She turned her back on the only reality she had ever known, and ran away. By the time she stopped to look back, the damage was done. It was too late. Celestia would never forgive her. She would never forgive herself.

There's someone else who will, though.

Written for Fan of Most Everything's Imposing Sovereigns contest.

Chapters (5)

Clover the Clever never asked for his life to get so complicated.  It was bad enough tricking a drunk Imperatrix Celestia, war goddess of the Three Tribes, out of her accidental coup against Queen Platinum.  But now the most dangerous pony in Equestria has returned to trade her claim on the sun for a chance to woo him.

On top of that, his erstwhile mentor Star Swirl the Bearded has saddled him with a mysterious magical necklace and a uniquely bleak and pointless prophecy: If he's brave enough, and if he's clever enough, he just might survive Celestia for long enough to break her heart.

First place, "Out of Time" Writeoff! (11/2015) At long last, expanded to novella size! The world-spanning, centuries-spanning romance as it was always meant to be told!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

"One of my favorite depictions of Celestia in a long time." –billymorph
"To the top of the ballot with it." –AugieDog
"There’s going to be a lot of tears shed when this one hits publish." –Georg
"You need to read Time Enough For Love. I literally swore out loud when my computer crashed when I was halfway through, and then I immediately whipped out my smartphone to finish it. And now I'm reading it again in a desperate attempt to figure out how it does its job so damn well." –Bachiavellian
"I can get behind some historical revisionism for such a brilliant story. The writing is second-to-none … I laughed, I cried, and I felt other things too." –Trick Question

Cover art by Nadnerb.

Chapters (12)

Celestia and Scootaloo are homeless in a Ponyville alleyway together. They like to talk about things.

These are the things they talk about.

Note: The crayon scribbles of a plot is done, but the ride never ends story still updates.

Chapters (43)

Living as an outcast is hard. Living in fear of becoming an outcast is harder. For Sweetie Belle, discovery would mean ostracization from society, family and friends. This story follows the life of Sweetie Belle and the ponies in it, in an alternate universe where Equestria upholds strict moral values.

Warning: contains the crushing of dreams.

There are quite a few plot spoilers in the comments below. I advise against reading them until you've finished the story. I don't delete comments except for blatant attempts to ruin the ending, spam or shitposting, so read at your own peril...

Chapters (18)

It was an ordinary day...til Twilight entered her library.

Somepony turned her library into a battlefield, and all her precious books are scattered, helpless casualties of war. Some are only scarred. Some have been utterly destroyed.

All of them will be avenged.

Twilight is on a livid rampage to find the culprit and will stop for nothing and nopony til she does.

Celestia help us all.

Chapters (4)

It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve. Apple Bloom misses her favourite cousin.

A short, somber story for the holidays, dedicated to Babs Seed. Missing, but never forgotten.

Cover art by Anonsbelle.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Motherly Princess

Throughout her thousands of years of life, Princess Celestia ruled the land of Equestria, fair and benevolent. No other ruler had a greater love of their people than her. However, her heart yearned for a child to care as her own. But at last, her desires were fulfilled

However, there was one fear that Celestia knew all to well in that matter. Sooner or later, she would have to face it.

This marks the final part of my Momlestia Trilogy.

Cover Art by Not-Ordinary-Pony

Chapters (1)

[Dramatic Character Study of the Young Six]
[Endcap for The Hearth's Warming Club]

A month after Gallus' attempt to delay the other students from leaving instead of just telling them his problem, Fluttershy decides to hold a special session on sharing your feelings with your friends. What follows is a series of confessions and discussions by the students about the things that bother them.

This is me experimenting with Slice of Life and Drama, which I've always felt was a place I needed practice. This idea went through my head after watching The Hearth's Warming Club, and I finally decided to sit down and write it so y'all would have something for the Hearth's Warming season, AND because there's not enough of the Young Six, who have become some of my favorite characters in the show.

Trigger Warning: May Contain Feels.

As this story hit 100 likes in 3 days, a sequel is now being planned.

Chapters (1)

Months of torment without end. Months of going to school, fearing each torturous moment. Rarity, broken and afraid, finds solace in a small clearing in a forest near her school. Her bullies do not come for her there.

Until one day they do.

They make their intentions of beating her up quite plain, and when the leader went to attack her... What she did; she didn't mean for it to happen that way, but it happened.

In the main timeline, she killed all three of her tormentors and went on to become a deadly serial killer. Here, one of them escapes, and Rarity is caught right away...

An alternate universe of The Secret Life of Rarity

Cover art link

Chapters (20)

There are some questions that have baffled Equestrians for centuries.

What is the meaning of life? Does Heaven exist? Is Derpy sexy?

Okay. Maybe not that last one.

Chapters (1)
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