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Cutie mark crusaders, at the age of 8, begin to develop skills beyond the reach of any pony. Their strength increases dramatically, their hearing is now sharper than ever, and it seems they can no longer be damaged. This leads them to discover a secret that their families have hidden from them, they are not ordinary fillies, in fact, they were not even born as such. The very essence of the Tree of Harmony and the mysterious Chemical X runs in their veins, and it is up to them to decide what to do with these revelations.

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This story is a sequel to What Didn't Happen

On two nights separated by over six centuries of time, two dreamers share the same one dream of their world being unmade. Is this a warning of events yet to come? And if so, what, if anything, can be done to avoid it?

A Princess from the future works to complete her predestined task while a Queen from the past struggles to lead her people down a path of peaceful coexistence. Together, they must find a way to safeguard time itself, or else all their efforts will literally be for nothing.

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Chrysalis was certain that it was the time to birth a successor to the throne after capturing all of her enemies. But her reign came to a swift end and she could no longer abstain the birth when she had finally begun. Her child was born under her sole protection. No changeling army to ward off her foes, no secure hive to leave her child in with complete safety.

But then she established a truce with Tirek and Cozy Glow and together they had attained the power of Grogar from the legends. Before her successor would hatch from its egg, she will attain a kingdom that is befitting of the next queen...But in the end, she failed yet again.

Peace was struck amongst many creatures in Equestria and they have lived plentifully of years of harmony and happiness. But what of the egg that only Chrysalis knew of? The egg that was now orphaned due to the power of friendship.

Character List-Here

Progress: 14/27+

Chapter 15: Monster Brawl

Cover art commissioned by Doodle-Mark


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I wasn't the most consistent fan of My Little Pony, in all honesty. In fact that show wasn't the only thing on my list of interests. For a long while I had left those colorful ponies in the dust. I practically missed seasons 7-8 because I had gotten bored. However... it was the last season that drew me back in. I guess I now know a bit about the show, but not everything. I definitely knew of Cozy Glow however. She was hated by everyone. Well, except me. For some reason I liked her as the mischievous little filly she was. Her character interested me and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to see what kind of history she had. Why did she decide to turn evil? She was probably the only reason I went back to previous seasons.

You could guess how disappointed I was when the finale came up. Instead of helping her, they turned her to stone. Instead of trying to figure out the issue, they left her behind to be forgotten. Everyone cheered and laughed while Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek were turned into statues for the rest of eternity. I was displeased. Afterwards I drifted away and instead tried to focus on my work. I had to, after all. I was becoming an adult. I was growing up. Though the stress might pile up on me, I had to keep going. I had to get things done...

I could keep going... couldn't I?

It seems however that the universe had decided to drag me back into a world of rainbows and magic. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly woke up the next day inside a cage in the deepest, darkest chambers of Tartarus. Not only that but also as the small pink bundle of feathers that everyone loathed and despised. A billion questions rang through my head but the most prominent ones of all continuously pounded against my skull: What in the holy hell do I do from here?
And how do I stop what comes next?

The Tirek Who Tolerated Me by Kotatsu Neko
An Unexpected Aftermath by Autumn Breeze

[Note: This is half a self-insert and half not really. This character is different from me but does have a few traits from me as well. Like cursing, I curse a lot, but there are some traits here and there I don't really have.]

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This story is a sequel to Change: Avia

It has been forty-five years since Queen Twilight Sparkle first discovered her lineage and claimed her birthright, forty-three years since she became Queen of the Hive. And never has it been harder on her than when a new power in the Undiscovered West makes itself known to the world.

The New Kingdom, another land of ponies. Unicorns dominate The New Kingdom, left behind during the founding of Equestria and ruled by their ruthless monarch. Their threats soon come, and ponies and changelings alike are left in a difficult position. One that may drive the Queen to the brink and destroy the fragile peace between Equestria and the changeling hives forever...

Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Cover Art was designed by Jesuka.
Featured on 05/05/2019.

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"You can be a hero!"

Twilight Sparkle wants to be a hero. She didn't expect the most powerful hero in Equestria to lend her a hoof. She's now set on the path of legends, but it's not going to be an easy one.

An MLP x My Hero Academia Crossover.

Edited by Emtu

Gore tag because If you know the source material, you know what's in store for Twilight

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Once upon a time, the School of Friendship was praised and accredited, after its lessons drove a little filly mad. Imprisoned in Tartarus with only an ancient monstrous centaur to keep her company, Cozy Glow was in the perfect place for Grogar to whisk away so that he could force her to do his bidding.

Twilight Sparkle's friends, bastions of Equestria's highest virtues, left Cozy Glow forgotten and alone, locked in that rusty cage deep underground. Nopony ever attempted to visit her, check up on her, care for her, reform her, or try to find out what was wrong with her.

This is not that story.

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"Oh...? Hello there. Yes, I can see you dearies, sitting or lying comfortably in front of your little electronic devices, reading the accounts of the infinite universes that make up our little corner of Creation. No, don't get all alarmed, I can't directly reach your little universe so you are perfectly safe from me..."

Said the pale magenta filly looking straight forward, her blue eyes focusing on the invisible (at least for the rest of us) figures before her, pausing a moment before resuming talking...

"Why are you so surprised...? You know me already, Diamond Tiara, the daughter of Filthy Rich and Spoiled Milk, reformed bully of Ponyville School and best friend of Silver Spoon, you all have seen bits and pieces of my life for years now, going from the meanest filly to ever live to the forgettable background Pony of season 8, have read the tales of several different versions of myself on this website..."

"But how do you know this...? You might be wondering, well it's simple: I am not the Diamond Tiara of what you might know as the TV show, I am but a different version of that one... In my Ponyville something fell from the sky, transformed into an Alicorn and lived in the town, rarely interfering with our lives, so I got redeemed like in your precious TV show, only to get lost in another universe days after my redemption. Want to know how it happened? Well read this totally legit recap and find out how did I fell into the world of the Darkstalkers and became... the Diamond of Darkness...."

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This story is a sequel to Avatar: Legend of Diamond Tiara. Book 1: Harmony

Silver Spoon has embraced her role as the Avatar of Discord and Diamond has fallen... or so it seems. Is all hope truly lost? As the world of ponies and spirits begin to mix and ponies rise up to, once again, fight off the power of Discord, more questions arise and the true roles and destiny of the Avatar begins to take hold. Will this be the true end of Harmony, or just the beginning of a new world entirely? The final book in the Avatar series and the culmination of years of work, plotting and scheming awaits.

Image by Silfoe, Amazing work as always.
Special thanks to Angel_Bunny for editing the chapters for me.
Please enjoy!
Full collection:
Avatar the Last Alicorn:
Book 1.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 4.

Legend of Diamond Tiara:
Book 1.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 4.

Disclaimer: "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Nickelodeon and were created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.
My little pony: Friendship is magic and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Hasbro, and was made incredibly awesome by Lauren Faust.

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A spin-off to Solaris Night's Lost Wolf series. A year before the events of the Tale of a Lost Wolf.

A human girl mysterious awakens in a new world called Inu, which is constantly in war between humans and Kanisars and she happens to be a part of it. After being rescued by the half-Kanisar by the human king forces, Maxwell Kyochi, she joins the resistance and makes new friends and enemies in the process.

Together with her new allies, they formed together as a team to save all of Inu while she searches for a way to find out how she got here and why she was even here in the first place.

Will she find her destiny in Inu? And what will she expect in this strange new world filled of Kanisars? Find out on Dawn of the Lost Wolves!

Chapters (3)