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Hello! I am a depressing girl with an odd love of miniature equines and Homestuck. I have a crippling addiction to Anime, but other than that I'm somewhat sane!

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After being sucked into the magical land of Equestria, YOU find yourself as the legendary Brony Hero in this exciting interactive adventure. Will you find the Time Orb and restore peace to the land? Or will you marry Fluttershy? Will you defeat the evil demon king Tirek? Or will you marry Luna?

With 21 endings to choose from, only you can decide your fate!

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Apple Bloom, little sister of Ponyville's Gym Leader, Applejack, is about to begin her very own Pokémon journey. On the morning she's set to receive her very first Pokémon, she learns she'll be accompanied by two other girls from Ponyville: Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

What awaits these three young girls as they travel together? What new Pokémon will they discover? What rivals will await them on their journey? What dangers will they face together?

Join Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and their Pokémon as they explore the Caballos region...

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When Doctor Whooves first arrives in Ponyville, he isn't alone. He's chasing after a being known as the Shadowed One. As the Doctor runs through the Everfree forest, he is stung by one of the deadliest creatures of all: the manticore. He learns that he has five days to live, before the incurable poison forces him to regenerate- with a fifty percent chance he won't survive the process. He now has five days to locate and stop the malicious Shadowed One before Ponyville, no, all of Equestria, is doomed. And with the locals not exactly being their friendliest due to the changeling scare, who knows what could happen?

Also, the picture has nothing to do with the story. I just felt like it was too much to resist.

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Is 2025, year of the MMO-RPG of Virtual Reality. Two gamers named Asuna Yuuki and Kazuto Kirigaya start a new game called Legends of Equestria thinking is just a game, but probably is much more.

Twilight, as the new Princess, has to deal with the visit of the two warriors Kirito the Black Swordsman and the Flash Asuna. Are they friends or perhaps a new threat to the Ponykind? And why they call her an NPC? What's the truth about them?

This is a translated version you guys, my original is posted in Spanish, my mother language. If you speak Spanish you can find the original


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When Twilight faces imminent death, the Doctor reveals to her a secret about herself that she could never have guessed in her wildest dreams.

Sequel now up! Click Me!

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When the eleventh incarnation of the mysterious and infamous Doctor is hurled through a portal that sends him through time and space in a new manner, the miraculous discovery of himself being an equine is something he never would have expected. With his new body ready to go, he wishes to do nothing more then to explore the new lands and learn about it. All while he goes about in his own unique manner. However, certain creatures of an age long forgotten also have found their way into the land as well with the help of the highest authority within it. And they, they are hungry.

Patiently awaiting for the time to be there, the race of the kind assassin sits their time out as statues to watch. They could have never expected to run into the old foe of them with his latest companions. A nerdy librarian and a tough farmer are teamed upon his side and together, they will tackle the problem head on. Will the Doctor himself be able to defeat the menaces of the moving statues, or is the magical land behind the portal lost already?

Questions, revelations and more questions shall arise before the deeds to be done.

Many of you have asked for it, and here it is. My Doctor Who(oves) story. Might be different then one had expected but it's the best I could give. Also in honor of my favorite creature and Doctor: the Weeping Angel and 11.

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Celestia is not invincible. Strong, yes. Ageless, assuredly. Magical, undoubtedly. But not invincible.

The Princess of the Day has been attacked, and she did not escape unscathed.

While Luna fights against the mortal fear gripping her subjects in the wake of the assassination attempt, the enemy runs free. Twilight Sparkle must assemble a team to bring the pony to justice. Few ponies can be trusted, and fewer still can be expected to succeed.

But the kingdom has heroes: The Knights of Harmony. Ponies who have stood against evil and won, who fight to make Equestria a safer place. Each is an expert in their particular field, masters of their trades, but they have yet to work together.

An adventurer past her prime.

A tinkerer with too much time on his hooves.

A spy whose primary instinct is to lie.

A dishonored soldier with an axe to grind.

As they delve into the origins of the assassin, they find that Equestrian history still has secrets long buried. Can the knights come together as a team before she finds her next mark?

Rated Teen for

Action Violence

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Derpy wakes up and eats lots of muffins. Then something else happens, but I forget what it was.

Cover image by abydos91.

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The Mane Seven are on a mission to spread friendship across Equestria. It sounds easy enough, but should they let their guard down?

Twilight is confident that she can cope with any situation. Maybe she’s right and there really is nothing to worry about... Maybe.

[You may also revel in the Youtube reading (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) or mp3 download (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) that are available for this story.]

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Dude whoa.... That was powerful. It kinda reminds me of “If you love something” let it go. The type of pony that Twilight is I could imagine that losing her friends would make her go insane, and I know she'd do anything to still be with them. Great story. Mad I didn't hear about it until now. ~ Man on the Moon

Princess of Friendship by Bad Dragon is a great piece of work. ~ Stinium_Ruide

If Twilight can't find a way to save her friends, she'll make a way. And that works out about as well as one would think. ~ FanOfMostEverything

I hope Twilight can let go... eventually. ~ StormyVenture

I liked this story. It was heartbreaking, a bit confusing (in a good way), and overall enjoyable. ~ Heart Felt

it had the nerve to make me experience something you twats call “the feels,” but a nice enthusiastic walk in the woods solved that problem. ~ DR_LaZer

made me cry… ~ deli73

I cried. I didn't shed one tear, but a thousand. ~ Crystal_Chaos

Great story, definitely deserves the tragedy tag. ~ MustacheMerlin

This story really does earn it's tag as it presents a situation that cannot be won and that has no positive outcome, which is part of tragedy in it's strictest sense. ~ HapHazred

Brilliant. Both her plan and the story.:rainbowkiss: ~ Unbridled Dolly

I love it when a story comes together--and I say that this one did, at least for philosophical egghead dorks. ~ Mahayro

I love the entire premise and the ending was perfect. ~ Curify - ChasingVerse

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Dear Princess Celestia, this is easy!

Join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they easily defeat every challenge thrown at them with their awesome friendship powers.

Based on this story:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Equestria Girls)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Season 5)

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