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I have recently noticed that many people have been putting philosophical quips in their bios, so why not spit in the face of all that stands for by jumping on to the bandwagon! Let's see, the idea ...

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(New readers, unsure where to start? The Education of Clover the Clever is best.)

The stars can see the future, and they don't like what they see.
Beset by signs of a great evil approaching on the horizon, Princess Luna and a young unicorn who speaks to the stars set out to uncover and prevent an unknown disaster.

Star Swirl the Bearded: the greatest wizard nopony has ever heard of. Why is that? What did he do? Why do so few now remember that he existed at all, and why do those who do remember him say he was one of the most important unicorns of all time?
A mythical retelling of Equestrian history.

23.02.2014 Featured on Equestria Daily!
Prequel to a more popular and completed sequel, The Education of Clover the Clever. Feel free to read either one first.

Cover art by VSabbath, used with permission.

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This story is a sequel to Message in a Bottle

For numberless eons, Equus hosted primitive civilizations, ignorant of the proud achievements of their ancient race. In their simple lives, ponies and other creatures could grow without fear of alerting any of the terrible forces that grew in the galaxy beyond. All civilization had been extinguished by forces beyond comprehension. If they made too much noise, Equestria would be next.

Then came James Irwin, with the truth the Harmony superintelligence that maintained the vast Niven Ring had already known: the galaxy was safe again, and probably had been for many centuries.

Once the truth was revealed, Equestria again longed for the stars. Surely they could not be the only survivors of that galactic Red Tide that had swallowed all intelligent life. Their searching bore fruit: radio signals from a nearby system.

Felicity was the Alicorn chosen to captain that mission of discovery. She would bring the pony gift of friendship to a fellow survivor somewhere out there. That was the plan, anyway.

Unfortunately for Equestria, intelligence does not imply friendliness.

A tale of understanding and discovery set in the world of Message in a Bottle. Reading that story first is highly recommended.

This story was written as a Patreon commission for Lithl over the course of over two years now. It comes to fimfiction now that it is nearly finished.

Editing by Two Bit, cover by Zutcha.

Updates Weekly on Wednesdays.

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On a normal day messing with Twilight, Discord accidentally spills a Potion of Truth on himself. Can he find a cure before his Tuesday Tea with Fluttershy, or will he finally be forced to reveal his secret to her?

Day Eight of #FluttercordWeek2022: Truth Serum

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T'was the night before Hearth's Warming
throughout all of Equestria.
Cold wind whipped the windows,
yet inside all kept cozy.
Every mare, every stallion, every colt and each filly,
was sleeping quiet soundly 'neath star-studded skies.
Their souls full of cheer, their dreams full of presents,
no one could imagine a more peaceful scene.
But far off from the land ruled by Princesses two,
someone was awake; with dark schemes for the evening.
Will Hearth's Warming be saved by an unlikely hero?
Or will a spiraling narrative ruin it forevermore?

Written for PastCat for Jinglemas 2021

Special thanks to Level Dasher and ScarletRibbon for prereading and helping to tighten up my prose considerably.

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Why does Starlight have a crush on Trixie? What made her think this way? And should she ask her out or not?

Starlight has a lot of questions for herself and they're very confusing. Surely she should be able to find the answers to them if she just gets a second to clear her head. After all, she's the most powerful unicorn spellcaster alive! There's nothing she cannot do if she approaches it with a rational, reasonable mindset.


Written for the StarTrixMaud contest. Editing help provided by Lofty Withers and WritingSpirit.

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This story is a sequel to She Contains Multitudes

A hivemind of sapient zooplankton is having a bad day. Pinkie Pie and Celestia, despite their efforts, are part of the problem.

You should probably read the prequel.
Proofread by Sky_Paladin and Milk and Honey.

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Rarity comes with Pinkie Pie to her late aunt and uncle's house to help clean. It's a lovely place, except for the otherworldly monsters with questionable taste in music.

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Luna, retired, receives a letter from Poppy, an art prodigy with terrible nightmares. She agrees to help.

Tonight, Poppy will discover there is Nothing to be afraid of.

Edited by Sky_Paladin.

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What is a mediocre villain to do these days? How in Equestria do you compete with the likes of Chaos gods and love-stealing shapeshifters? Ever since those Bearer brats found the Elements of Harmony and Princess Celestia's long-lost and kind-of-evil-but-not-really-in-the-end sister returned, nopony bats an eye at the small potatoes any more.

Small Potatoes himself just cannot take being relegated to the side lines any longer! He has one, glorious plan in the works, one that might finally see it - his name, that is - go down in history. He's going to do the one thing that villains all over Equestria have been failing to do since that fateful Summer Sun Celebration to stop the Guardians of Harmony once and for all.

He's going to hire somepony else to do the job for him.

[This story contains scenes about death, attempted murder, some blood and an injury described in light-moderate detail (and with a humourous bent, I'm hoping.)]

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This story is a sequel to Mechanical Aptitude

Six Elements of Harmony.

One hundred and eighteen Elements of the Periodic Table.

Let's see who blinks first.

(A collection of irregular short pieces focused on the ponies (and sundry) of Equestria dealing with the other fundamental building blocks of the universe -- more or less. Most of them will be part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page, FIMFiction group, and a newborn character page: new members and trope edits are welcome. However, these can be read as standalones, and no knowledge of the others is required.)

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.

Open Concept: any author who wants to write and post a TEoE story themselves has my express permission to go for it.

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