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In the climatic finale of the Battle of the Bands, the Rainbooms battle the Dazzlings.

...And fail.

Beaten and broken, the Rainbooms are unable to stop the Dazzlings from achieving their victory and regaining their true siren forms. Now the sirens are back to claim the Human World as their own and become its new rulers.
However, before that can be done, their first order of business is to dispose of their enemies in the one delicious way they know how.

Can Twilight, Sunset and the Rainbooms escape? Or will they all become the Dazzling's sacrifical meal?

NOTE: This is a VORE fic. So if you're squeamish, not into vore or simply don't like it, then don't read this at all.

There's no gore or fatality present.

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Rainbow Dash has become quite the mare since joining the 'Bolts. Brave, loyal, charming, and the fastest flier in all of Equestria to boot, and Spitfire would be lying if she said she didn't admire that and didn't find that more a little attractive.

Not that she has a crush or anything.

So after a good night out on the town, Spitfire decides to make an offer to Rainbow Dash to do something special. It's an offer Dash can't really refuse.

Unfortunately there are a couple factors Spitfire didn't account for.

A story of sex, friendship, small talk, and aggressive awkwardness.

Gracious thanks to CarcinoGeneticist for his proofreading support.

Part of the Shelf Cleaning Initiative

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It's April Foal's Day and Applejack is, as usual, the recipient of many pranks, much to the amusement of her brother. When she enlists Twilight Sparkle to help with her revenge things get a little out of hoof.

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