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Twilight sparkle and Cadence rule over Equestria after Celestia and Luna step down and enter their retirement. It has been 500 years since then. Both ruling princesses are keeping the peace of Equestria intact with the guidance and wisdom of their predecessors until one day a strange Alicorn male enters ponyville. Will the harmony of Equestria hold out? Will this new pony destroy the harmony as we know it? What surprises are in store for our Princess in The coming of the shade.

Chapters (9)

Princess Celestia is in your bed, and you don't know why: what do?

Cute, funny, and short. Have fun reading!

Proofreading by RaylanKrios.
Now with audio reading by CaptainBron3y
Second audio reading by MeloncholyIguana.

Based on this story:
Princess Celestia is (still) in your Bed
Princess Celestia Has Stolen All Your Bed Sheets
Drunk CelestAI Is In Your Bed
Fimfic Authors Are In Your Bed
Princess Celestia is in Your Washing Machine

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I'm going to start off by saying: F*** Sweat Goblins. They're rude, they're loud, they break into you lab and touch things without asking, and they teleport you to alien worlds right as you're about to get your engineering career going. But, most of all, they sweat a lot, and that's just gross.

Thanks to one of these foul little things, I have now been hurled into some place called Equestria, that's inhabited by Pastel colored ponies and is completely devoid of any modern technology.

Oh, and I'm a robot now. Why? I don't know, ask the Sweat Goblin that sent me here.

Chapters (6)

Grey-Mist and Rainbow dash live in different worlds but when a hole in the fabric of space and time is created Grey falls into her world things change drastically, can life ever be the same for either of them or will his old life ruin the one he has created in the mystical world of Equestria.

This is the story about a cyborg his friends and how their lives are changed forever

completely off the main story-line everyone in the mane 6 is about in their mid-twenties

NOTE: I've created this stories chapters in a way like the legend novels by marie lu so don't mind the chapter names they aren't the same

EDITED BY: lilbobchicago

WARNING: There will be some very graphic scenes but it is in the process of being edited so give it some time and you may find that you like it.

Chapters (22)

Godzilla Junior falls in love for the wise and beautiful Princess Luna. Yet his doubts worries him. Does he deserve to love at least once? Would Luna love him as well? Junior must step out of his comfort zone and admit his feelings, hoping for the best.

1) Godzilla Junior is owned by Toho. Luna by Hasbro.
2) I give a great amount of thanks to Tarbtano for letting me use his version of Godzilla Jr. Yes it's the same character I'm writing about here. Also thanks to him for the proofreading and corrections.
3) This is NOT a chapter from or for "The Bridge." Rather yet, it's a fanfic based off the events and characters of the story.
4) Enjoy my first story!
5) Any image used here I DO NOT own. All fanwork of Godzilla Jr. and Luna belongs to their rightful owner. Great work artists from DA!

Chapters (3)

Written for Memorial Day 2014. Farn Baumrinde returns from the recent war in the Crystal Empire on a very special day, one which holds very special significance to him. Partially inspired by "A Cup of Joe" by The Descendant.

Chapters (1)

When a human from Earth, by an unknown set of circumstances, ends up in a world upon a separate path of history and evolution, not only must he survive the different species that call it home, but the change in which his species, humans, are seen and treated.

But as he moves day by day, he will find he will play a role in the future of the world of Equestria, one that will determine the fate of both ponies and humans.

((Inspired by MadMaxtheBlack))

Chapters (19)

Just after the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam, Edward, or known as Courier 6, left the NCR, the BOS, the Boomers, and others to have their celebration of their victory, until a unknown portal caught him by surprise and gotten sucked in. Landing in Equestria, Edward turned into a pony and was lost and lonely until he meets 6 small, colorful ponies who he became friends with. He then starts to defends Equestria when Canterlot was being invaded by Changlings. He then finds his purpose to stay in his new home, but will he ever return to the Mojave Wasteland to see his old friends? Until the answer is revealed, he stays to defend the innocent and the weak against any and all evil that threatening them. He learned that no matter how far you go, and no matter if the land is peaceful, chaos always follows because WAR, WAR NEVER CHANGES.

Chapters (8)

Please do check out the Reading List by Lance Omikron to navigate the Amalgam Universe most clearly :raritywink:

A massive war of titanic forces is taking place in the Kaiju's world. However, when two faction's leaders, the current Godzilla and his 'brother' Xenilla duke it out; humanity unleashes its most devastating weapon. Something beyond comprehension occurred and the boundary that divides worlds, if only for the briefest of moments, was torn to shreds. New forms are taken, new bodies assumed. But old hatreds die hard. But how well can hatreds continue in the world of love and tolerance? Especially with its own demons follow it there?

Godzilla Franchise by Toho Company Ltd.
My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro Studios.
This is a non profit fan-work and I claim no ownership on the IP itself.
Story created by Tarbtano
Co-created and Contributed by Faith-Wolff and Skylark8756

Now on TV tropes (Thanks Raidrik, VampyGirl; Lance Omikron, Ultimomant, and ZimFan!)

Kaiju Cast:

Godzilla a.k.a Gojira

[Character copyright of Toho and Daiei Company, artwork property of Matt Frank]

(for any G-fans, Xenilla is the kaiju you may know as Spacegodzilla. I changed the name because I got quirked about typing it repeatedly and am writing the story so it can at least be understood by just an MLP or just a G-fan; and thought it get very confusing that one character's name was just another character's name with an adjective. Also... don't pretend it's the most imaginative name Toho has every made)

Chapters (87)

One courier, one Queen, a simple delivery, and an incredible destiny. The Mojave Wasteland is a place filled with opportunity, danger, and adventure. For some, it is home. For others, a means for power. For the Courier? The birthplace of his legend.

Chapters (6)