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The wheel of time turns, as destiny and history clash together.

Fifty years into the future, Sunset Shimmer is Princess Twilight Sparkle's most faithful student. She is smart and eager, but doesn't always think things through. Her life had been perfect, right up to the End of the World.

With a ruined future, Sunset travels into the past to alter the course of history. With only her mentor's cryptic word to go on, Sunset and the Elements of Harmony must solve the riddle of the Dark Regalia and stop the mysterious Vesper Radiance from rising to power. But the further Sunset goes, the more she feels like she's been through it all before.

Is destiny set in stone, or can Sunset shape her own future? Only time will tell.

Featured on Equestria Daily 6/16/13
Gratefully edited by JustAnotherTimeLord, Icarus_Gizmo, Cerulean Voice and Bad_Seed_72

The Sunset of Tropes page!

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Twilight faces the thought of immortality with her usual aplomb: falling down into a ball of misery and confusion about her role, and what she will do in the eventual absence of her friends and family.

That is, until a much older Twilight Sparkle takes the time to talk to her.

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Twilight Sparkle knows they’re lucky, and she’s not stupid. All her human counterpart wants is to try and understand how the magic works. But she’s in love, and as logical as she tries to be, she can’t handle a human version of herself being around her girlfriend Sunset all of the times she can’t be.

7/7/2016: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

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As it turns out, not all I do is make music. I actually have a pretty decent talent making plush pony dolls on the side. It brings in good bits... on occasion, such as this one time a little baby dragon commissioned me into crafting him a white unicorn with a blue mane to snuggle with at night.

Then one day, about a week later, I suddenly found myself with more clients. Like... a lot more clients.

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The she-demon was laughed off as a hoax. The giant alicorn in the sky firing lasers was dismissed as a clever prank. Despite all the weirdness going on at Canterlot High, the scientific community at large has mostly ignored them, and that's suited the Rainbooms just fine.

Unfortunately, they've failed to account for one important outlier. Twilight Sparkle. The other Twilight Sparkle that is...


With thanks to MisterGunpowder for proofreading and editing.

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Life is looking up for Sunset Shimmer.

With her grandstanding at the Battle of the Bands, Canterlot High has taken a new approach to her. Amends have been made, friendships have been restored, and Sunset is on the fast track to becoming a better person.

But even now, there are still apologies that have to be said.

For her Spring Break, Sunset returns to Equestria to make up with her estranged family: the parents that raised and provided for her, and the sister she left behind. But a lot has changed since then, and some wounds won't heal by just saying 'I'm sorry.'

Fixing friendships is one thing. Sunset will be put through her hardest test yet when she tries to bring her family back together.

Another one edited by Cerulean Voice.

Stunningly amazing cover art drawn by Ayemel!

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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This story is a sequel to Dead/Light

Twilight's life definitely took a strange turn when she died. Of course, this won't stop her from living it to the fullest, whatever that entails.
Equestria will never be the same.

After the first, chapters will alternate between serious ( - ) and silly ( ~ ), because I didn't want the story to be limited to just one. Most will be standalone, and in no kind of chronological order; expect little correlation between chapters and occasional verb tense changes from one to the next.

This story should be considered in perpetual hiatus, as it will rarely be the focus of my attention. Do not expect regular updates.

Rated teen just to be sure. Cover art made by this butt.

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Immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just ask someone who would know. Like... Apple Bloom, for instance.

Written for the February Writeoff - Closing Time

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When Sonata Dusk walks into Sugarcube Corner during Pinkie Pie's shift on a Friday afternoon, it seems like a normal, routine event like with any other customer.

When Sonata comes back the next week - and the next - and Pinkie eventually asks her out - it's more fun than the colour pink or warm caramel-fudge swirl.

Neither has any idea what they've gotten themselves into.

This is a minorly-altered canon (but probably not entirely alternate universe) fic in which Pinkie and Sonata meet two weeks after the Fall Formal and five months before the Battle of the Bands. Some artistic liberties with the Rainbow Rocks movie have been taken, but with caution to keep close to the original plot, and so this story is rife with movie SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

A special shout out to my dear girlfriend Cynthia for not only providing some BEAUTIFUL cover art for this fic, but also for reading along and providing moral support as I wrote, and to Monochromatic for helping me through the process of publishing to FiMFic for the first time!

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Finally, after years of begging, Celestia gives Twilight permission to access the Forbidden Wing of the Royal Library, a wing so secret even the other princesses can't access it. Twilight rushes to Canterlot, excited for the research potential.

Then she finds those books…

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