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The nightmares started… Twilight can’t remember just when. But they’ve gotten worse and worse, and why won’t Luna help? Now they’ve even stopped bothering her! That scares her more than any nightmare ever did, but that strange voice in her head helps. It makes sense of the dreams, explains to her how the magic can do anything.

If Luna did start all this… she’ll soon regret it.

Cover art by Ruirik

Thanks to GaPJaxie, Corejo, and PresentPerfect, who read over various portions and incarnations of previous drafts. And to Vimbert the Unimpressive, a big reason I wrote this story.

Chapters (7)

This is a story about ponies. Ponies, grammar implosions, and panty raids:

A filly was going ride a crop the grass(?) region.

"Be wary of the left cleft!" globbled Rainbow.

But Twilight Spapes was far too busy to heeg'm.

(Cover art courtesy of Swan Song.)

Chapters (9)

After she winds up inside the wrong cake, Spitfire needs to reclaim her honor as a Wonderbolt. What better way than by showing Ponyville's wealthiest resident -- and most eligible bachelor -- a night on the town? With maybe a little revenge on the side.

Part of the Crack Pairing Circleship Collab. Also a standalone story of the Whiskverse! (Familiarity with Whiskverse or CPCSC not necessary.)

Cover art by C-Puff!

Chapters (1)

She noticed the pony for the first time when she was young, not long after she'd received her cutie mark. He became her oldest friend.

Note: comments contain spoilers; please don't read them first!

Cover art by DaisyAzurasFeatured in the Royal Canterlot Library

Reading by Neighrator PonySpanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

Chapters (3)

For years Nightmare Moon was considered "nothing but an old pony tale," but what did those tales actually say about her? See Luna, Celestia, and Discord as viewed through pony myths and legends.

I may add more short stories on in the future as new chapters.

Image courtesy of anbolanos91 on Deviant Art. Thank you! :)

Chapters (6)

Octavia's new to Ponyville, and she just bought a used couch. As it turns out, she has to move the heavy thing clear across town on her lonesome. That isn't the problem. The problem is these damn crazy ponies who won't stop pestering her.

Cover Art by faloxx

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Most pirates that stalk the Seven Streams prefer to live only in the shadows, skulking through the skies as daylight dies and striking with brutal efficiency at any helpless merchant vessel in range.

Most pirates that the Royal Equestrian Aeronautical Navy hounds after are ragged, ruthless cutthroats who'd just as soon sell their grandmothers for a chestful of bits and a bottle of rum.

Most pirates that you hear about in stories would flee in terror at the sight of the RES Corona, the -world-famous warship helmed by the most dangerous and determined sky captain ever to fly under the Equestrian flag.

This story is not about most pirates.

P.S. Big ups to Chromosome and CouchCrusader for the editing help. Appreciate it as always, gents.
P.P.S. nitstits, go home.

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This story is a sequel to Diary of a Silent Tyrant

It's funny what an idle slip of the tongue can lead to. When Discord makes an off-hand comment to Fluttershy about the mental diary he kept when encased in stone, she begs him to continue it. She says it will be "therapeutic", but he's sure it'll be a real bore. But who can resist those puppy-dog eyes and a bribe of fresh cookies? Grudgingly, he takes up a pencil to document his thoughts and experiences in his new life. A life among his old enemies. A life he never wanted.

Cover Image by Grievousfan who makes awesome art!

Chapters (1)

The Muse will do anything to bring her lover back from death. She will learn that nothing is greater than love except regret.

[Cover art by Huussii, audiobook by Illya Leonov]

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Princess Celestia has watched Twilight grow, develop, and endure. Twilight has exceeded her expectations each and every time, and now she's enjoying a productive life full of joy and wonder. As far as Celestia is concerned, their studies together ended quite some time ago. But there's still one thing she'd like for her learn, something she can't exactly teach.

Chapters (1)