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Fluttershy is just one colonist out of many, specializing in animal care...she hadn't expected to befriend an alien Imposter. Or that befriending him would come with uncomfortable truths and changes.

A crossover with Among Us.

Day Seven of #FluttercordWeek

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Discord embracing friendship was critically important for Equestria, bringing it a powerful ally and taking away one of its greatest threats.

Twilight just wishes that he would stop trying to give Fluttershy presents.

This was written as a Breezie story for Ninjadeadbeard as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

Special thanks to Flutterpriest for pre-reading.

Featured 12/29 - 12/30/2020!

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Nobody is ever born good or evil; villains are made, this is common knowledge. It's no different in Equestria, where we've seen the origin stories of nearly every great terror that has risen to threaten the peace and happiness of the land.

But no one seems to know much of the Lord of Chaos himself, Discord, before he ruled Equestria for his own personal enjoyment. However, like all villains, he did have his own life before seizing power, and this is where we discover his beginning and all that has happened since.

Cover art is by me

Chapters (4)

Discord comes over to his dear friend, Fluttershy's house late in the evening. Yes, he knows he should probably wait until morning but he has been worried for his friend. Fluttershy has seemed distant and distracted for the past few days and Discord is concerned that maybe he did something wrong.

He finds that it wasn't him that did anything wrong, just his dear friend had changed!

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What exactly did Pinkie Pie do during the time she held Discord's power? An Equestrian intelligence officer leaves a message to her successor on what little they know so far. Warning: Superintelligences and existentialism

Author's Note

Inspired by The 21-Second God, though I ended up taking it in a different direction than good ol' Squiddy.

Charlie Stross Was Right.

Vaguely planning more stuff about the Equestrian intelligence services, recontextualizing all the episodes of the series one by one to various degrees. If I end up doing that, this story will end up being one of the capstones. It'll also be a long while before I start it, if I ever do.

Also left two (2) lines from literature in there. It's possible I left even more than that inadvertently, considering I tend to repeat cool things I hear. But if you catch them let me know!

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When Starlight Glimmer tricked Twilight Sparkle into freezing a filly Rainbow Dash in crystal, the sonic rainboom was prevented. This sent a wave of chaos through the timesteam as destiny unraveled, and empowered Discord. He is quite curious as to who exactly was evil enough to cast a potentially lethal spell at a filly.

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This story is a sequel to Seven of Six: A Screaming Butterfly

Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn prodigy, her special talent of magic allowing her to wield all manner of the arcane arts with ease. She is an SGU graduate, has connections with the Royal Guard, knows Princess Celestia, and is a mother to a juvenile dragon.

She's also apprenticed to Discord, Lord of Chaos and Disharmony.

And he has a mission for her. A fallen alicorn named Nightmare Moon will soon return to bring eternal night and assured death to all the world. It's up to her to retrieve the Elements of Harmony and stop her.

Join her as she explores a familiar town, befriends familiar ponies, and completes a quest that's as old as the fandom itself, but with a twist.

A retelling of the pilot episode Friendship is Magic, but set in one of Starlight's alternate timelines.

Chapters (3)

Twilight and Discord are a long way from home, and have to journey through a realm of madness and chaos to get back to Equestria. Fortunately, this is Discord's speciality, so Twilight is in safe hands. Less fortunately, all the local gods want him dead.

Part of the Borderworld.

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On the surface, it's an ordinary meeting between friends. Fluttershy and the former Princess Celestia are friends, aren't they? How could they not be?

And because they're friends, Fluttershy has something very important to discuss with the former leader of Equestria. Very important and very personal. It involves fears, doubts, and the romantic life of the creature who was once Equestria's greatest threat...


A little idea that popped into my head and simply would not go away until I put it down on paper.

Special thanks to Rubycast and Swirling Line for pre-reading.

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When everyone looked back on it after the fact, Pinkie seizing control of the chaos dimension once she was trapped in it wasn't actually that surprising. Nor was her going mad with power. Even the horn and wings made sense in hindsight.

No, it was how she won the duel with Discord that really dropped some jaws, to say nothing of what happened afterwards.

An alternate ending to IDW MLP:FiM issue #57, "Apinkalypse Now." No familiarity with the comic necessary.

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