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Hey! MasterBrony Forever here with a short Bio. Favorite character's from the show are Spike & Discord! Improving my writing over the past few years.

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Garble's behavior towards Spike and his pony friends - despite being mimicked by his cronies - was unacceptable by the standards of the Elder dragons, and he was taken sorely to task for it. When the Elders decided an apology had to be delivered, Garble's twin sister, Garbledina, volunteered to deliver the apology. She claimed it was a sense of responsibility for her twin's behavior, but in truth she was curious about the 'runt' who so thoroughly got under his skin.

When she actually meets him, however, that curiosity quickly grows to something more. This comes as a shock to Spike and his friends...especially to a certain unicorn mare.

Cover image - cropped from the image that inspired this story - by Mr. 101.

Chapters (6)

Featured on 08/10/2013
A collab with the awesome BR.

Spike thought he was done with Garble. After the botched egg raid, he supposed he'd seen the last of him. Hopefully he'll never have to see him again.

Too bad for him, because when Garble strolls into town with some very interesting news, Spike's gonna end up seeing a whole lot more of him than he expected. Of course, that comes with its own set of problems.

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With each others help, Spike and Gilda fight to find their place in a world that will not accept them.

Credit: Larince, Newer, Varanus, DPV, and Mad Brochacho
A more classical approach to the noir genre, Mad Brochacho's "On the Docks": http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6590/On-the-Docks
Heralded as the greatest Twilestia around and more, Varanus' "Composure": http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5623/Composure

Thank you to all my readers.

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Seeing the poor dragon at his wits end trying to woo Rarity, Gilda decides to give Spike some tips and help him gain the mare of his affection. Although she finds him slightly annoying, he starts to grow on her. And she soon learns that Spike has taken a liking to her as well...

Maybe too much of a liking.

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This story is a sequel to: Soarin's Scales

Soarin and Spike have been living happily for the past year together. But when Spike wants something more than what they already have, will Soarin agree? Also when old relationships from the past come back into Spike and Soarin's lives, how will they handle it? All this and more, on this next installment of Soarin's Scales!

Chapters (10)
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