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Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ-P0n3, is one of the most famous DJs in Canterlot. But lately, she's been feeling like something's missing in her life. And then a gray Earth pony mare shows up at her club one night...

Author's Note: I wanted to do something different with the Octavia/Vinyl Scratch pairing. In all the stories I've read, Tavi was the reserved, more quiet one while Vinyl was the party girl. But what if it were the other way around? What if Vinyl was the more reserved one and Tavi the wild girl? This is my attempt to expand on that idea.

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[2nd-Person Fic starring you and Vinyl Scratch]

Being a human, you are quite the unique specimen. Though you stand out among pastel-colored ponies in your wake, your form does allow for something many ponies aren't properly equipped for. A certain DJ took notice of this specialty, and decided to take you under her wing...

A/N: Just a simple one-shot with Vinyl Scratch. Yes, another story inspired by music. Seems to be my best inspiration, music does.

Rated [Saucy] by SFG's rating system. Be prepared for some heat!


Artwork by ~zonybrony

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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Four

With her newfound responsibilities as Queen, Kuno has seen fit to lead the changelings towards a life of coexistance with ponies.

But there are those who would wish to see such an endeavour fail, and they're not above taking action to make it fail.

Cover art commissioned by Iakovl, drawn by Derpah.

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Equis has a new Death, a new reaper of souls... Only problem is that this one still has obligations in the world of the living.
How will Aergad deal with his new task and old promises? Will Pipsqueak really learn magic under his guidance and how will the paladin fare on her mission in the ruins of Blackshadow Reach? Most importantly, what will become of the planned marriage?

This is the sequel to Souls Apart. You may want to read it if you want to know what's going on.

Chapters (9)

Two enemies wind up in Equestria due to a major mishap. Will they come to terms with this world? Most importantly, will they be able to put their old feud aside to survive?

Chapters (47)

A particularly strong gust blows Applejack's hat away. What follows is a chaotic chase across all of Equestria to retrieve it.

The AppleDash group is celebrating the 200th Prompt Tag Entry by organizing another multi-author fic. Each chapter is 500 to 1500 words, written in up to 3 days by a different author without an outline or even a plan. Every author picks up where the previous one left off. What ensues is a wild, but fun ride.

List of authors included:
Skeeter The Lurker
Knight Of Cerebus
The Yaoi Mistress
Pearple Prose
Brony Eagle Scout

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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart Volume Three: Hybrid

Warden, the broken pegasus, his wife, Kuno the changeling, and their hybrid daughter, Swarm, continue their adventures in a wild, wacky world!

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Two

Swarm is the first ever changeling/pony hybrid, child of Warden the pegasus, and Kuno the changeling.

What does life have in store for this unlikely trio?

Twists, for a start!

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart

Kuno and Warden are happily together now, but events are transpiring to force them from their happy life.

The reappearance of the Crystal Empire causes Kuno and Warden to give up their new-found home. And Kuno, ignoring the fact that they're two different species and completely incompatible, decides that she wants a baby.

Chapters (14)

Kuno, a young changeling, is left weak, bloodied, and bruised after the events of the Canterlot wedding. She is soon discovered by Warden, a Royal Guard. But for some reason, Warden shows her mercy. Instead of taking her into the custody of the Royal Guard, he becomes both her captor and her savior. But over time, Kuno will come to ask herself the hardest question she has ever pondered: Can a changeling feel love?

Chapters (16)