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"You" are Anon, and you can't understand a bloody thing these little horses are saying. It doesn't help that you're only ten. Oh well, at least they're nice. Especially the queen horse, Celestia. At least that's what you think her name is. Anyway, she's awfully cuddly, always hugging you or some such. Honestly it's nice and all, but you are starting to wonder just why she is so affectionate...

Was bumbling around /mlp/ and made a thing. You might enjoy it, you might not, it's here either way.

*EDIT* Now with sequel: Bridging Words.

Featured May 10 2016, thank you so much!

Chapters (1)

Now with an audio reading by Skijarama!

Now with a print version available for order!

A purple Alicorn shows up one night and then vanishes into thin air. Many wouldn't think anything of it besides how strange it was.

Not Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash has met that Alicorn before.

The implication it brings and the guilt that follows leaves Rainbow Dash with questions weighing on her mind.

Luckily, in the crushing pain of reality, she still has friends.


Cover art created by the extremely talented invertigo and paid for by the amazingly awesome Shipmun. Oh my gosh it's just so cool.

Chapters (15)

Celestia decides that Big Mac's barn is an excellent place to sneak off to, to take naps on her days off.
Big Mac decides that Celestia is a welcome guest.
Neither Princess nor farmer ever speak to one another, but the silence sings between them.
(Cover art by GrapeParfait!)

Chapters (8)

Only a few hours after she learned of the Griffon Empire's invasion, Princess Celestia surrendered herself to the griffon army and asked for an audience with the Griffon Emperor.

The Emperor thinks she's here to negotiate Equestria's surrender.

He's wrong.

Chapters (1)

Celestia is trapped on Earth.
Not as a human. Not as an alicorn. She's a common horse, an Arabian mare, without her magic, voice, knowledge of the language - not even freedom, forced to work at a riding school.

What can a single Arabian mare do to get back to Equestria from this backwater European country? With only the mind of a princess and a pencil in her teeth, Celestia must find a way home.

[Illustrated] [Alternate Earth] (without Bronies)
Rated Teen for language and some scarce suggestive themes.
Proofreading by AlicornPriest

Polish language version

Chapters (9)

"OH! That would be the Elements of Harmony! They're the neatest thing! We each get a jewel necklace--Twilight gets a sparkly tiara--and we used them to defeat Discord and Nightmare Moon with rainbows that go pewpewpew-!"

A clawed glove wrapped over Pinkie Pie's lips, silencing her.

"What does the pink one speak of, pony?" He demanded of Twilight, who sputtered at his question. "Do these 'Elements' hold the power to resurrect humanity?"

"I'm... not sure." She returned, halfheartedly. "They're pretty powerful..."

"Where are they?"

"In Canterlot, the city on the mountains, but-"

He dropped Pinkie and stomped off, leaving her to flop around her stretched-out lips. Twilight saw that he was going out the door and in the direction of the city she had mentioned.

"W-wait! Stop!" She galloped after him.

Chapters (2)

Princess Luna has returned. To many, this is seen as a joyous occasion, but for the Princess of the Night, her reappearance brings only heartbreak. The world Luna once knew is but a thing of the past, lost within the dusty corridors of her mind, while memories of her loved ones haunt her nightmares.

Unbeknownst to Celestia, Luna was with a foal when she was banished, forced to give birth in her lunar exile. Now, centuries later, she has come back, broken and somber, to re-take her rightful position as co-ruler of Equestria.

Her hopes to connect with her subjects fading, Luna finds a growing jealousy festering within herself as she fails to accept the past and make amends with her sister.

No matter the case, a goddess must never show her sorrow.

Chapters (3)

When a simple small town Pegasus finds herself out of work, she takes up the offer of an old fillyhood friend to move to the big city. After all, it has been over ten years since the portals to the human world were opened, ponies do this all the time now right? All anypony talks about these days are all the Humans In Equestria, so what about the ponies looking for a better life in a new world?


This fic is a series of short, slice of life stories about a pony who loves soft clothing adapting to life in the human world.

I adapted this old fic of mine from it's horribly done greentext version into prose so I can stop being so ashamed of it and finally write some more. Hello PiE threads!

Chapters (6)

Meet George. George was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, otherwise known as glass bones. He suddenly arrived in Equestria, and made quick friends with the princesses. But when Rainbow Dash happens to come over at the wrong time, Rainbow Dash does something she'll be forced to live with for the rest of her life.

My first (and most likely last) one chapter only story, so bare with me.

Disclaimer : Don't read this. It's not that good. If you do read it, and don't like it, don't blame me. You have been warned.

Chapters (1)
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