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One of my first true attempts at an HIE romance-type story. Mostly, it's just a slice of life, a typical mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights involving a family. A very important family.

It's going to be really sappy and really cheesy.

Posting the chapters where I think they'll fit. You don't know where in order they'll pop up!

Join on the epic journey of a man and his daughter going to breakfast in Canterlot! Will they prevail? Will they have toast? Will there be dancing? Love blossoms, marriage! Skipping everything in between and focusing on those moments in life when everything that has been fought for, cried for, believed in, raged against, forgiven, forgotten...


Why, the chapters seem to appear in reverse order... Why?

I was half asleep when I initially wrote this. It was a fun little exercise and I think I feel a little naughty for writing it, and not for any naughty ways. I hope you enjoy it!

This has now been reopened! Each chapter can stand alone, but they are all connected! Please, enjoy!

Rated "T" because of grown-up talk. Sort of.

Chapters (5)

When Applejack starts dating an old pegasus friend, she thought the worst part would be making time in her busy schedule for romance. She didn't expect a whole truckload of unusual complications.

Complications like splinters. A hostile home environment. Being confused for an egg. A book that contains the secrets of the universe, and a theory about a rubber band.

Some ponies just have to worry about their jobs and who did the laundry. Applejack has to worry about her species tearing her love life apart. Pegasi are weirder than she thought, and the universe isn't making it any easier.

Preread/proofread/nonsense-checked by Tchernobog and Timaeus.

Chapters (5)

Anon waits for Princess Celestia on his last day on Equestria.

Written in second person. And for kicks. And for fluff practice. And for Celestia practice.

Rated T for implied nudity and sex tag because why not.

Chapters (1)

When a human arrives in Ponyville, Applejack takes her in. She slowly begins to realize why she wants to protect this girl.
Wow! I want to thank everyone who has given the time to read the story and all the wonderful comments! Thank you all so much! You don't know how much all your comments, likes, and favorites means to me!

Okay I should probably clarify, that even though I wrote girl, that she is an adult. And not adopted.

Chapters (1)

To help further improve the diplomatic relations between Earth and Equestria, a human was sent to live in Canterlot Castle; to live together in harmony with it's many servants, guards, and two princesses. This move was sure to help stabilize and strengthen the alliance between the two worlds.

There was one teeny, tiny, condition though: the human, for the duration of his stay in Canterlot Castle, has to serve one of the two princesses.

Now, if you're wondering who that human is, well look no further! I'm the human you're looking for. And who am I serving? Her name is Luna. Princess Luna. I'm already getting the feeling that this is going to go swimmingly. Unless I drown first.

This is a HiE (Humano in Equestriano). It's also a first-person fic, non-clop, and human-falling-in-love-with-royalty type fic. So, if you're not into that stuff, there's my early warning for yah. Haters aside, I hope you all will have a great time reading this.

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to My New Life In Equestria

Matthew Williams, a man who lived a somewhat normal existance, was thrust into an unexpected adventure, that ended in him having not only a new home, but a new life, as well. Happily married with the farmpony Applejack, life was once again retaining a sense of normality (as normal as a human with a pony wife can get). However, things spiral out of control, when Applejack found out that, against all odds, she is pregnant, much to the shock and surprise of everypony. Now, the couple must prepare for the coming birth, which will test not only their relationship, but their sanity as well.

NOTE: Reading of the original story is required.

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to How many friends have you made today?!

Things are a lot better for Anon since the events of Ponyville. His store is doing great and he enjoys the company of all his friends. As the days go on, he finds that the problems of the past are quick to haunt him as he is forced to face the one thing that hurt him the most.

Chapters (29)

Anon's been in Equestria for a few months now, and while he's gotten himself settled, he still finds himself struggling with his feelings for a certain rainbow-maned pegasus. Now, journey with him as their relationship evolves into something so much more. Cover by varemiaart.

Based on those "Not Doing Harmful Things" memes all over Deviantart, written on a whim. Wasn't sure I was gonna post this, then I saw somebody else do something similar and figured, what the hell, why not? Also, no offense to Dan-The-Jerk, his story is cute and wonderfully written and all, but I'm fed-up with stories where Rainbow is this damaged mare who needs help healing her broken widdle heart. Are you kidding me!? She's freakin' Rainbow Dash!

Chapters (6)

*** Special shout-out and thanks to my editor, Schadenponi! ***

*Important!*Patch 1.89 Notes*
-Overwatch is awesome!
-Still planning the contents for the next chapter.
-The Slice of Life tag has been removed and replaced with the Adventure tag because I say so.
-Added the Alternate Universe tag because, without it, this story might confuse people.
-Once the upcoming chapter, 'One Small Step For Man' is published, this story will officially be considered a HiE (Human in Equestria).
-Description has been changed and updated.
-Bacon is awesome

The hero of this story, Creme Fraiche, had just finished moving his stuff into his new apartment --- after being told that he was to be transferred. Everything in his apartment seemed to be in working order at first, until he discovered the broken bathroom mirror.

During his search for a replacement, an old lady from a mystical-looking Chinese antique shop gave Creme exactly what he needed: a mirror. But the hero soon discovers that not only does the mirror doesn't show his reflection, it shows something else entirely: a cerulean-coloured pony with a rainbow-coloured mane --- with wings, too.

And it can talk.

*Author Notes*
-Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn in this alternate universe, however she has never been to the human world, nor has she met any humans before. To put it in more simpler terms: the events of all MLP: EqG movies never took place in this AU. Deal with it.

-As of the chapter 'Beyond Earth'. I quickly realized that the direction that my story is heading for will no longer be considered as a Slice of Life. Therefore, (since the two tags are counted as 'conflicting categories') I had it removed, and replaced (Adventure) to avoid any further complications, confusion and complaining.

-Bacon is awesome.

-This adorable cover art is done by the amazing DShou from deviantart! Do check out the dude's other works!

Chapters (20)

In a unknown location in Equestria, or even maybe Earth, a man lies awake. In his arms he squeezes close to him his mate; his partner, his love, his pony. Being insanely in love with his pony mare, this man takes time to go through the many thoughts of what it is like to be with a mare from another world. Using her as a muse, he will try to understand all the positives and negatives of their relationship.

Cover Art By: Void Heart

Chapters (1)
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