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Nothing is right.

Jake has no idea why he woke up as a pony mare in Equestria. He has no idea why he can't remember what he was doing before it happened, and he has no proof that his human life is even real to begin with. Just his memories. Memories he can't even trust any more, because even the Equestria that he's found himself in doesn't match what he remembers and everypony he meets think he's a unicorn by the name of Skitch-Sketch, who's been right at the side of the Element Bearers.

And then there's that creeping sense of dread. Feelings that he's run from for a long time. And the sensation that some other, deeper doom is bearing down on the planet Equis.

But surely the Mane Six can fix everything....right?

Cover Art by the awesome GatesMcCloud!

And fan art by the loveable and huggable Angermuffin!

Starting story of the Skitchverse

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to A Skitch in Time (Revised)

The threat of The Collector has been vanquished, and peace has returned to the land of Equestria. Everything should be back to normal, right?

If only it were that simple.

The nations beyond Equestria's borders now stare at the sister monarchs with suspicion, viewing them as potentially compromised and dangerous; forcing Celestia and Luna to play international politics while they hurry to keep tabs on wards and prisons for dark forces long sealed away.

Meanwhile, the former human, now pony known as Skitch-Sketch struggles to find purpose in her life in Ponyville. Fear of other threats dominate her nightmares, and to make matters worse she will have to face her most deadly foe yet...

A mortgage!

Oh yeah, and her cutie-mark is fading away too.

Chapters (9)

Jacoby Flynn- Jake to his friends- is a griffon of many talents, chief among them the griffon magic of runecasting, invention, and a love of science and experimentation. He’s also “on-call” when certain matters in and around his hometown of Griffondorf need to be investigated and dealt with discretely, creatively, or both.

But with the recent upheavals in Equestria brought about by the arrival of Skitch-Sketch, an alien being from another world once known as “Jake” herself, accompanying events in the North Griffon Confederation will intertwine both their destinies at the dawning of a new era.

A companion story to GreyGuardPony’s Of Kingdoms and Cutie-Marks, set in the Skitchverse. Reading isn’t required, but boy howdy, will it ever give you context.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Rockets & Rainbooms

When his participation in a police action ordered by the Duchess uncovers more than just contraband, Jacoby Flynn finds himself thrust into an unfamiliar role he had not expected to find himself in. Now with a young diamond dog in his care, he is faced with the dual challenges of both looking after a pup he barely knows, and determining exactly why he was being held captive. Was it coincidence? Or was it part of something larger and more sinister?

A story set in the Skitchverse (now with enough entries to have a full HBO season!).

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Boast Bypassed

Manehatten is an impressive town, and the center of Equestria's theatre scene. Everyday, dozens of productions both on and off the famous Broadhoof Street. And when the human turned unicorn known as Skitch-Sketch is offered work in the city, she brings her friends Rarity and Pinkie Pie along for the ride. But not everything is as it seems. Now tricked into directing one of the worst plays ever, Skitch-Sketch will have to scramble to try and salvage it.

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie has met one of her foal hood comedy idols! But with his career in a ditch and depression setting in, it'll take every trick in the Element of Laughter's bag of tricks to help him turn it around. Finally, Rarity has some personal business to discuss with her father. Personal business that drills straight to the heart of her life.

Cover Art By NekoKevin

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Of Kingdoms and Cutie-Marks

The Great and Powerful Trixie. Showmare. Illusionist.


With an artifact smuggler trying to kill her over incriminating information she found, she's been forced onto the road and towards the small town of Ponyville, where her destiny will clash with the town's inhabitants.

Including one pony originally from another reality.

A Skitchverse story.

Cover art by GatesMcCloud

Chapters (12)

Sixteen hundred years before the redemption of Princess Luna, the newly formed nation of Equestria carved out its place in the world with blood and steel. Seeking to unite all ponies under her banner, Queen Platinum turned her attention to the north, where the griffons made their roosts, and dispatched the mightiest of Equestria’s legions, led by the greatest military mind that pony kind had ever known; General Hurricane.

But not all griffons are the dim-witted barbarians that they are believed to be, and far from an easy victory, Hurricane led her troops into the deadliest battle that she would ever know.

A Skitchverse story.

Chapters (1)

It's rare to see a pegasus with a bat pony for a mother, but Scootaloo wouldn't have it any other way and neither would Night Crescent. But the road to their relationship was hardly an easy one to travel, full of it's own pitfalls.

Follow the story of how Night Crescent came to adopt Scootaloo and what they had to fight to get there.

A Skitchverse story.

Cover art by GatesMcCloud.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Other Jake

Shortly after being forced to confront numerous personal demons, life complicates further for Skitch-Sketch when a UFO (unguided falling object) crashes at Sweet Apple Acres.

Weeks after that, it's time to return that object to its owner, the mysterious Jacoby Flynn, and decide if the world outside of Equestria is any more accommodating than Equestria is outside of Ponyville.

Another story in the Skitchverse.

Chapters (3)

Friendship is Magic.

But sometimes, friendships can be broken, as was the case with Rainbow Dash and her friend Gilda. Now at the behest of Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash travels to the North Griffin Confederation to try and make amends with her old friend.

But when an ancient ghost is accidentally unleashed, Dash and Gilda will have to work together to save the griffin town of Altenprow, before the town is devastated or they're both arrested by the State Security Ministry.

A Skitchverse story.

Chapters (4)
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