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Author puns are SO FUNNY aren't they? I'm a south carolina transgirl who's been largely inactive thanks to lovely things like bouts of depression and anxiety, and now am getting back to writing.

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Vinyl Scratch is a teenager growing up in the small town of Ponyville with her mother: pianist Claret Rondeau. Along with her best friend Derpy Hooves, Vinyl goes through the hardship of her teenage years.

Written by: Lady Froey
Edited by: Madeline L-Equine and gardrek
Cover art by: Stella Lux (LumenGlace)

A prequel to: Music to His Ears

Chapters (10)

There are twelve of us, four from each tribe. Twelve of the most elite and powerful guards in all of Equestrian history with one goal in mind: to protect Princess Celestia’s life no matter the cost. Error is not a word in our dictionary. We don’t comprehend the definition of failure.

Honestly, it’s not all that bad. Sure it’s tight out there - but we’re family. A close, knuckleheaded family of brothers and sisters bonded through putting up with Celestia’s nonsense. There’s not a thing we wouldn’t do for each other. The Princess knows it - it’s why she trusts us as much as she does. And why we trust the Princess as much as we do.
Please note, the format, perspective and even tense will change from chapter to chapter depending on which character's perspective its being written from. Some will be first-person, others third. Just a heads-up.

Remember: If you fave or comment, please leave a 'like' as well! (Or a dislike, and let me know why you didn't like it)

*EDIT* Holy smokes. Featured? This is probably the best day of my life since ever. Wow.

Many thanks to ward282, MagicKnight55 and metallusionsismagic for proof-reading and editing. I wouldn't have made it this far without them.

And also, many thanks to Cormac McCloppy for help with the earlier chapters. I wouldn't be here without him :twilightblush:

Chapters (8)

Vinyl Scratch is well known as DJ PON-3 across Equestria. Other than their music career, however, not much is known of the pony’s personal life as they struggle with their relationship, identity, past, music and coping with the effects of their actions on others.

Written by: Lady Froey
Edited by: Madeline L-Equine, Bad_Seed_72 and Proper Noun
Cover art by: Stella Lux (LumenGlace)

Takes place after: Major and Minor

Chapters (12)

Twilight Sparkle goes to a conference and talks with some ponies about some numbers.

Cover art is by dreamingnoctis.

Chapters (1)

In the savage land of Skyrim, the Dovahkiin known as Bardac must face one final challenge thrown upon him by the devious minds of an existing god and one who was truly unknown to him. New alliances will be forged, new friendships will be won and lost.

Every ounce of Bardac's skill and knowledge will be put to the test in a world he knows nothing of, where power comes from places which he had never even considered. Worlds apart from what he knows, in a land where peace reigns, will he be able to adapt or will this time of content push his mind to the limit and beyond.

Chapters (16)

This story is a prequel to Keeper of the Crystal Heart

Will you remember me as the one from the trees, when the forest used to sing?

Bound to the Earth, a guardian spirit maintains a constant watch over the Everfree forest. He has been so alone, for so very long. But this was not always so. He was once proud, with his partner—Rose, the weaver of dreams—at his side, until the grand deception that not only tainted him and his precious forest, but also shaped the very land of Equestria as we know it. Now for the first time, you may see and understand the mythos behind the creation of the Everfree forest, told through Ilias the Firstborn's memories: his Chronicles of Woe.

A story based upon and heavily inspired by the album Neverbloom, created by Australian melodic deathcore band, Make Them Suffer. All lyrical copyrights to S. Harmanis and Make Them Suffer. Permission to use song lyrics obtained from S. Harmanis of Make Them Suffer.

Edited by andygrey, Unimpressive Vagaries, and Cormac McCloppy.

Rated teen for mild themes and infrequent spoiler-tagged language.

Featured on:
Equestria Daily!
Canterlot's Finest.
Make Them Suffer's official FaceBook page! The highest honour I could have hoped for.

This story is 100% approved by Twilight's Library!

Chapters (12)

Looking back, it should have been obvious. It wasn't at the time of course and they knew that, but it was now. All those brief moments they spent together, the close encounters, it was like they were dancing around the subject.
And it all began with something so very small.

Set during season two.
Story eight in my Twidash Challenge: Song Fic
Cover art by johnnoz

Edit: Yes, I won the contest, to my absolute glee!

Chapters (1)

While out on a cutie mark crusade, the Crusaders happen upon a lone changeling on the edges of the Everfree Forest. After a scuffle the changeling finds itself injured and trapped in Ponyville. Seeing an opportunity to earn their cutie marks the girls take the changeling in, planning to teach it about Equestria.

However what they don't know is the changeling is actually the Commander to the Changeling Empire, and he has his own plans in mind.

But soon events play out for the four as they endure the aftermath of the Canterlot Invasion, and perhaps toughest of all: Each other. Lessons are learned and stories are shared between one another, leading the changeling to question its motives, and itself. Leading it to ask the biggest question of all:

"Can creatures that's special talent is to change its appearance, change in other ways...?"

Chapters (13)
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