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The land of Equestria has faced many enemies in the past. But these enemies fell easily, swiftly crushed by the heroes of Equestria.
The Thieves Guild of Equestria is making no such mistakes.
Chronicled here are the tales of the legendary thieves who faced guards, dragons, wizards, and even the princesses themselves, all for the thrill of adventure and the jingle of coins.

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Side story/midquel to My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic.

One can expect to find many new friends on the high seas when you're the Straw Hat Pirates. New adventures await them as they journey to new locations. Meeting new creatures and ponies. And discovering how big their world truly is. Adventure is out there, you only need to extend your hoof out to meet it!

First series - post-S1 - 2 Parts
Part 1: "A Fairy Tail Misadventure"
Islands usually don't pop out of the ocean, right? When one does such, the Straw Hat Pirates begin a magical journey in the country of Fiore. However, not all is well within this country. And there is much that even their new friends don't know about.

Part 2: "An Ultra First Encounter"
A storm out of the blue - and a melodic sound - send the Straw Hat Pirates to a new and unfamiliar island off their course. Here there be strange creatures unlike any they've ever seen. Will they be able to survive this encounter? Or could these be new friends on the journey of life?

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The caribou are pushing back and pushing hard against Equestria, wanting nothing more then to enslave the whole lot of them and turn all of the mares into willing whores for Diann's pleasure. However... they didn't expect a long dead race... to aid Equestria in their time of need.

Even in death... we fight.

Story hit the feature box 1/24/2017

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Kicked out of her Brother's wedding and betrayed by her friends, Twilight Sparkle is offered a chance by Arceus to go to the world of pokemon and start her life over. As she arrives, she is found by Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu and together they will travel through the Hoenn Region to become the very best like no one ever was.

This story will be based on both the anime and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. So there will be Mega Evolution and some Pokémon from all the regions will be shown.

Cover Art created by: Mr Tech

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Alternate "Bridle Gossip", where Twilight and Applebloom decide to talk to Zecora instead of hiding with their friends until she leaves.

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I was once seen as a hero by my fellow warriors. Now, I have been seen as an outcast. One who dishonored herself. Like I had a choice in that matter... however, coming across that storybook on a place called The Crystal Empire has lead me to a bunch of things happening to me. Call me whatever you want. A murderer, a monster, hell even an outcast for all I care. But now, I'm something new. My name is Hanako, the slayer of kings.

MLP x Final Fantasy tactics series


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This is an idea that wouldn't leave my head, inspired by Fairy Slayer's "Mommy Nearest," Aldea Donder's "Alicorn," SoundofRainfall's "Play" and RainbowDoubleDash's "Lunaverse"

Alternate Universe: Instead of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia made Rainbow Dash her personal student instead! Follow her through the events of the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration. A reimagining of "Friendship is Magic"

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Equestria is gone. Canterlot, Manehattan, Ponyville. All nothing more than piles of rubble.

Relic is not a pony.

He is an FF-7 unit, a synthetic pony built hundreds of years ago and modified to scavenge the Ruins of Canterlot for scraps and supplies. One day, he finds a mysterious, red, lightning bolt-shaped gem; triggering the adventure of a lifetime. While battling monsters and maniacs, Relic experiences changes in himself that he never before thought possible.

Every OC featured in the story will be credited in the afterword! Be sure to leave a description of your OC in the official idea page!
Editors and Pre-Readers will be credited in the participated chapter's author note. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Creating a soundtrack! Want to contribute or listen? Here's my SoundCloud!

This is NOT a Fallout: Equestria side story. However, if it suits your fancy, feel free to believe so. But this is not FoE related, and any similarities are merely accidental or simply references.
Rated Teen for violence and sexual references. Gore tag for blood and... well... gore.

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After saving Cadence from the Changelings, Twilight was thrown into another world where she is human. She marries a human and has a daughter named Aurora.

Twelve years passed and the portal to Equestria opens again.

However, Twilight is kidnapped by the fabled Glizani Court and Aurora is alone.

Now under the care of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, can Aurora adjust to her new life and new body while waiting for her mother's return? And will those who were present at the wedding rehearsal twelve years ago overcome their guilt for Twilight?

This story was inspired by the concept of Survivor's Guilt after playing American McGee's Alice.

Image's base belongs to Shadow-Bases on Deviantart.

Update: I've added the "Gore" tag due to nightmares and possible future battles.

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This story is a sequel to Nightmare Moon's Tiny Adversary

Twilight Sparkle is a one-kilogram pony, shrunken by Princess Celestia following her entrance exam to the Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns to ensure that her power surges would not pose a danger to the ponies around her.

She’s spent thirteen years full of hard training at her new size, facing the life-threatening experiences that came with living in a world of giants. To survive those thirteen years of hardship and joy, of learning and adventure, and of pride and humility, Twilight has challenged herself to become stronger, to overcome any obstacle.

After defeating Nightmare Moon with the help of her friends and the princesses, Twilight is ready to start a new chapter of her life in Ponyville. What kind of secrets and surprises await the little but powerful unicorn? Will this eventful town survive such an unpredictable citizen?

List of editors:
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Zecora lines editor:

Luna lines editor: (helped a lot with old Equestiran)

Pre-reader (pointing out issues and giving suggestions how to improve the story):

Seconary editors:
Pump+It+Up - some of Pinkie Pie's setences

If I forgot to add someone due to a long time that has passed, please PM me.

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