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"How could somepony as amazing as you not have a Special Somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day?"

With that single sentence, a thousand memories came flooding back to Cheerilee. A thousand memories of a thousand terrible dates...

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After Queen Chrysalis' defeat, the few changelings who survived the battle fled into the night. Carbon Copy, a love-starved changeling, encounters a stallion who has attempted suicide. Finding that his life brought nothing but suffering to those he loved, Carbon decides to make some alterations.

To finally give the stallion's daughter the father she deserved.

First story in the Change of Heart collection.

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Armies clash in Equestria over an ancient feud between two powerful races. Ajax, the last human, holds Celestia accountable for the extinction of his race. He will go to any lengths to see her brought to justice, but something darker lurks beneath the war torn surface. He is seen as one of the worst creatures to ever walk Equestria, but are humans truly damned to being monsters or are they capable of something greater.

I did not write this it was written by a great and awesome friend of mine

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I've had my fair share of critics in my line of work. It's understandable—someone with the power to invoke fear in those he touches? Yeah, that's someone I want to watch over me and my children.

But that's what I am now; a Metahuman Agent, using this and the other 'perks' of my unique condition to help my team in taking down the baddie of the day. Of course, it was while taking down the baddie of the day that I fell victim to his malfunctioning machine; a Rift that tossed me, randomly, to a head-scratchingly insane world of magical, talking ponies...

All I can do now is wait, pray I can get home, and try to show them I'm not the monster I appear to be.

(Dread's homeworld is based somewhat on the Little Victory comics by jollyjack; an Earth where metahumans are enlisted and trained by the government to defend the populace from threats, big and small.)

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Albert Arlington has suffered a lot recently. He had been sentenced to life in Alcatraz Prison, betrayed and murdered by his allies, and sent to Hell to relive the failure of his escape while simultaneously fighting off a zombie outbreak that just seemed to get stronger and stronger by the minute. He may have escaped the dreaded cycle of purgatory that he had gotten far too used to, and enacted revenge on the men who had put him there in the first place, but he is still forced to suffer. He wakes from his incarceration in the demonic Alcatraz in none other than Tartarus, guarded by none other than Cerberus himself. Al has developed a skill for coming up with ways to escape seemingly endless torment. The only question he asks this time is what will be waiting to torment him next. Because whenever Al thinks that he is out of the woods at last, there is always a thorn in his side.

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Discord finds himself in need of a friend. He also knows the perfect dimension to find one. A dimension like no other, one with more Chaos and Disharmony. A dimension filled with chaotic "things" called humans. Lucky for Discord the only other thing that knows of this dimension wore a hat with jingle bells, and Discord hasn't seen that that guy in eight-teen years! Alas, when Discord goes to this dimension in search of a friend, he returns with something better... He returns with a son.

Featured on 2/3/2015 at 6:36! Thank you! :D

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Cover art by Iron Hooves. Availible for takedown upon request.

Blessed with a RAGE REVIEW by Pen Brush! Thank you!
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If you're reading this, send help.

I don't know what vile force decided to dump me on this planet without the courtesy of letting me change out of my PJs, but he/she/it had less than benevolent intentions. I came to that conclusion the moment I woke up next next to an irritable, jumbo-sized bird of prey by the name of Gilda.

The good news is that human doesn't seem to be on the local diet, Gilda's family are far more docile than her, and there may just be a shot at seeing Earth again if this world's magic is to be trusted.

The bad? Said chance at getting home is far too interested in picking my brains apart or otherwise using me up for comfort. Then there’s the small matter of the many crushing, stabbing, and get-blown-to-bits, hazards associated with a world full of mythical creatures. Oh, did I mention that I was allergic to the natives?

Seriously, if this is the cosmos' idea of entertainment, something's gone terribly wrong.

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Giving your life to a cause greater then yourself, to the people of your nation whom you wish to protect, is a thought that has driven every honest soldier who has ever lived to succeed. Every civilian has their own reason for joining, but every soldier shares their reason for being.

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After the cataclysmic events of The World's End, Shaun Riley, Nicolas Angel and Gary King meet at a pub in post-apocalyptic London, the trio manage to make a group out of themselves and decide they should all travel with each other for survival. But as the trio go on their journey, they happen to find a portal left by The Blanks, they all accidentally enter the portal and find themselves in Equestria where the trio embark on another crazy adventure

Rated Teen for: Very Strong Language, Bloody Violence and Sexual References

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