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Anypony would have laughed if you'd told them that Discord was flirting with Twilight Sparkle a few weeks ago. She'd never give him a chance, right?
Well, once his spectacularly obvious advances on her commence, Equestria is shocked; she isn't out right rejecting him. In fact, she may even be interested.

WARNING: The dark tag is for a reason. Ye be warned. :pinkiecrazy:
[Other] tag is to accommodate additional characters.

EDIT: Featured 10/22/14! Thank you so much! I didn't expect this to happen at all.

The wonderful people who edit and proofread my story ^^

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Split Second

Twelve years ago, she broke time. Two alternate timelines exist, each with a different version of Twilight Sparkle. Both versions of her are able to see the other. In this timeline, Sparkle is a Necromancer.

Or rather, she was. Sparkle is dead now, not that she cares. She's got a new body. With Thorn (her undead dragon son) and Cobalt (her apprentice and an assassin for hire) at her side, she's ready to take on the world. Again.

(Spoilers in the comments. Read at your own risk.)

Featured on EQD.
The Tv Tropes page
The Ask Blog

This story is a sequel to Split Second and won't make sense without it.
This story also loosely shares continuity with Lupine Tree. Reading that is not required.

Cover art by Swirling Line.

Chapters (25)

Nightblade Bloodmoon:

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling. One-hundred percent awesome and irresistible.

Nigel M Chalmers:

Does not want anything to do with her.

Follow Nigel on his quest as he attempts to shake off Nightblade, while also navigating around a foreign world.

Join Nightblade as she attempts to woo him, aided by her mysterious powers of infallibility.

Wonder just how Twilight Sparkle will deal with not one, but two unknown creatures as they cause unintentional havoc upon a peaceful Equestria.

Laugh on as I sink to a brand new low as an author.

What more could you want?

(Twilight appears in the second chapter, as I saw the word count and just had to keep it.)

Chapters (3)

Twilight lives a comfortable, expected life with the security of being surrounded by her mentors and friends. As she grows into a model unicorn, a dangerous being takes hold of the volatile Brood and drives them to war, breaking a long period of peace. After years of preparation for a higher order, Twilight is chosen to ascend beyond that of a typical sorcerer in a mysterious plan to counter the impending conflict.

During her dark, trying mission Twilight will discover a caged soul and unknowingly set them free, gradually acquiring an affinity for the darkness as a result. As she struggles within deepening conflict, she must push on and fight for what she believes in. With manipulation, deceit, and betrayal storming around, will she be able to contain herself and protect those she loves, or will she succumb to the creeping darkness and abandon everything she stands for?

*Warning: Comments may contain spoilers.*

Chapters (58)

Twilight Sparkle broke time when she got her cutie mark. Now Twilight and Sparkle are sisters from another time. Twilight is hailed as the potentially greatest light magician of all time, and already has a reputation as a hero by the time she goes to Ponyville. This isn't her story, not primarily.

Sparkle is an orphan - her dark magic killed her parents. She lives with her brother in Canterlot's industrial sector because they can't afford anything better. She can't leave either. She's a natural dark mage; while Sparkle won't go mad like Sombra, her reputation is hardly any better. Worse, the law doesn't see her as a good pony.

The fact that the dead don't stay dead around her, or that Thorn - Spike's double - is an undead, soul-eating abomination, are other matters altogether.

(Also has some Slice-of-Life, but fimfiction tags won't let me put it with Adventure.)

Has an ask blog to go with it: Ask Sparkle and Thorn.
Also has a TvTropes page: Split Second Tropes.

Featured on EQD.

Cover art by Swirling Line.

Chapters (51)

In the aftermath of her battle against Tirek, Twilight Sparkle is unwell. She wants more. She needs more. And she is afraid of what others might think of her.

But even in the midst of her growing despair that she has betrayed everything she stood for, she learns something about friendship and what it means to be an alicorn.

Chapters (12)

This is the story of the end. This is the story of the death of Equestria. It is the story of the reign of her royal majesty, Princess Twilight Sparkle of the Fading Sun.

The alicorn sisters are dead and Equestria has turned to Twilight Sparkle to guide it. However, just maintaining a dim sun a fraction as bright as her mentor's keeps the new princess near her limits.

Years have passed and Twilight Sparkle is sure of only one thing. Equestria is dying.

NOTE: Written before "It's about Time" in season 2. Everything after "Read it and Weep" was ignored throughout this story.

Chapters (26)

"It has been the pivotal teaching of the great Fountainhead, personal mentor and Celestia's most esteemed archivist, that the grand unified theory of magic, if discovered, is to be found within the mage's affectivity –that is; of the polarizing impetus of love, for unicorn magic, and hate, for Black Magic. It is claimed, further, that reality itself, too, is subject to this principle; and to deny so was self-contradictory. The dogma, however was not uncontested. Unicorns, Mages and Archmages from all over Equestria of all emotional preconditions would challenge and confute the thesis with ease. It was here that the great Fountainhead replied that the grand unified principle was too profound to be felt and too minute to be perceivable. He posits that, though invisible, this maxim holds together the fabric of the universe: matter with magic; existence with consciousness; dreams with reality; and–most significant of all–ourselves with one another."

-Starswirl the Bearded, "Hermeneutical Phenomenology of Pre-Classical Metaphysics", Royal Canterlot Archives (323 L.B.), p. iii-iv


EDIT 04/16/13: Remastered version coming soon! Grammatically sound, split into several chapters and improvised.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle has a secret. Not one that can change the world or overthrow the Princesses. But it is one that hangs over her head every day. One that colors her every thought and action. Or at least, that is how it seems to her. But when a rainbow colored pegasus asks her out on a date, will she learn to see past it, or will her secret tear apart a budding relationship?

Inspired by the excellent fic Asylum by Daemon of Decay.

Takes place before "A Canterlot Wedding."

Thanks to SilverSugar for the cover art. You can check out her other works here

Chapters (25)

This story is a sequel to The Sword Coast

The shadows of the past plague the present.

Twilight Sparkle stands on a precipice, one false step from a dark destiny. Months ago, she set out to find her foster father’s murderer. After she defeated the Black Knight, she was hailed as a hero, but what she remembers most is the lives she took. On the path of strife, she discovered more about herself than she ever expected.

With her friends by her side, Twilight sets out for Canterlot, seeking the villain responsible for the death of her father and the crises that plagued the Sword Coast. On the way, a sadistic spellcaster interested only in power intercepts her and promises to unlock her potential. In the aftermath, Pinkie Pie is taken captive by the secretive wizarding order that rules Canterlot.

Twilight’s journey takes her through the doors of a prison and into the depths of a forgotten place. She encounters horrors made from nightmares and soul-stealing beasts raised from the black of the Abyss, but what she fears most is the monster within. How far will she go to save her closest friend?

Featured on Equestria Daily
Cover by Bluest Ayemel
"I love this fic. Keep it up!" – Sethisto (on the EQD page)

Side stories: Tales of the Sword Coast

Warning: Comments contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Chapters (15)
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