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When Twilight Sparkle goes through the magic mirror for a second time she gets caught up in the human Covenant conflict. After fighting through six years of horrendous war, her psyche is beyond damaged leaving her as but a mere shadow of who she once was. But when accident happens on the UNSC INFINITY with Twilight aboard it puts the ship in orbit around Equestria, she must confront her past. Will she be able to go back to who she once was, or will the damaged soldier that she has become be the very thing that will bring Equestria to it's knees?


A.N. WOO HOO! I.H.R. got on the popular stories list!

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Chapters (33)

What if the villains were allowed to win without a fight? Would all of their plans bear them the fruits they so desired?
Probably not, especially when their royal adviser is Twilight Sparkle.

A collection of (continuous) One-shots in which our heroes don't have any epic fights with villains, and simply allow the power of logic to crush all of the hopes and wishes of the would-be rulers of Equestria.

Currently up: Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra (bonus chapter - the fight is so not-epic it happens off screen).

Chapters (6)

What would you do if, by some miracle, you knew exactly how your life was going to play out? All of the choices you made, the mistakes, the missed opportunities, the things you should have done, the things you should have said, and so much more. What if you had the chance to re-live the most important years of your life?

For Twilight, a young unicorn preparing to journey to the tiny village of Ponyville, that's exactly the opportunity she's about to be given.

Chapters (126)

A brave stallion goes on a quest to save the world by finding a lost princess in an enchanted forest. Things don't work out as he planned.

WARNING: Some spoilers in the comments. Also, a few mild spoilers for the Alicorn Mystery series, though it's not necessary to read those stories to understand this one.

Equestria Daily Page
Goodreads Page
Zabaware/AT&T Natural Voices "reading" by Modoc

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Dead/Light

Twilight's life definitely took a strange turn when she died. Of course, this won't stop her from living it to the fullest, whatever that entails.
Equestria will never be the same.

After the first, chapters will alternate between serious ( - ) and silly ( ~ ), because I didn't want the story to be limited to just one. Most will be standalone, and in no kind of chronological order; expect little correlation between chapters and occasional verb tense changes from one to the next.

This story should be considered in perpetual hiatus, as it will rarely be the focus of my attention. Do not expect regular updates.

Rated teen just to be sure. Cover art made by this butt.

Chapters (3)

Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns is famous across Equestria as a center of academic excellence. Only the best and brightest unicorns are offered places, selected by their academic merit, magical ability and passion for study. To make the admissions process as fair and reliable as possible, all candidates are given three exams by different teams of examiners, who then meet in private to decide which students are most deserving of a place.

Winner of the December 2014 Writeoff competition: Behind Closed Doors.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Season 1)

That was easy!

Join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they easily defeat every challenge thrown at them with their awesome friendship powers.

Expect new chapters daily.

Chapters (26)

Dear Princess Celestia, this is easy!

Join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they easily defeat every challenge thrown at them with their awesome friendship powers.

Based on this story:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Equestria Girls)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Season 5)

Chapters (26)

Twilight just got to the human world(again) and hears the whole situation about the Dazzlings. Adagio sees that she can be a threat and decides to take care of her. But not by getting rid of her, instead she wants Twilight to join them. How will they do that? Who knows? Will Sonata get her tacos? Just read and find out. Only slightly dark.

Warning this is my first story, constructive criticism is welcomed, and sorry if you don't like it. Enjoy.

Chapters (10)

It has been weeks since the defeat of the Dazzlings, and Sunset Shimmer's friendships have only gotten stronger. Whilst finally relaxing in the times of peace, Sunset discovers an old enemy: Sonata Dusk. Strangely alone and apparently homeless, Sonata's luck seems to be at its all time low.
Seeing a little of herself in the former siren, Sunset embarks on a mission to help Sonata find friendship.

(For anyone who liked the old cover art, here's a side-by-side comparison of the old and new: http://daniel-gleebits.deviantart.com/art/Go-Compare-Twiddles-moustache-581352606 )

TV Tropes page: Feel free to add whatever tropes you find :raritywink:

Chapters (31)
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