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This story is driven entirely by user comments. So whatever you say, it will happen.
Continued in Part 2: Raise the Flag

You wake up to find that for whatever reason you are now in Equestria and Twilight is looking down on you with a look on her face that you can only describe as "lascivious." What do you do?

Edited by Kiro0613

Updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Authors note:
I will be checking up on this story every few days or so to see what you all are saying. Whatever comments you make, regardless of how silly, stupid, or insane it is. I will make it happen. :D

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A spin-off of Bros in Equestia. Flanking Maneuvers follows Celestia and Mous in their marital bliss as they do anything and everything to rile the other one up and get a laugh out of it. Will time tell if these two sociopaths actually love one other? Not without a lot of clean-up and a few musical numbers. Cover art by Jazzteeth.

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[2nd Person Perspective]

Working as a waiter at Canterlot's various social gatherings is a nice job. Especially since you began chatting with the cello player of the usual quartet, Octavia. You've gotten to know a lot about her, but one night there seems to be something on her mind. You offer her a drink to ease her nerves and you bring your glasses together in cheers.

Next thing you know, you wake up in a strange hotel room in a town you've never been to next to a certain gray mare.

Art by John Joseco

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Season 1: November 28, 2012 through January 1, 2013
Season 2: February 24, 2013- February 23, 2014
Season 3: To be announced sometime in 2014. (well before Half-Life 3)

credits go out to Marik_Azemus for the amazing cover he drew for the first season of the story and SuperBigMac for all the help he's given with writing this intricate idea. I'd also like to thank my friends and you the fans for all the amazing support!

Henry was like any average person, content, happy, and always looking for the brighter side of things... Until a traumatic event tears him apart from the very core, changing every facet of who he was and could have been. Years passed and his condition never truly improved, even when he moved out of his parents home, a place with nothing but dark memories and empty promises. Despite that, he's tried his hardest to stay strong as he works towards his major in Music Arts, regardless of the disadvantage his condition creates for him.

A fellow musician renowned for her many concert performances literally stumbles into his life and begins to show a different side of what it means to live. Can she help pull him from the shell he created around himself and teach him to be true to himself or will the weight of the world be too much for him to bear?

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