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Five years ago, the Free States seceded. Five years ago, the Princesses were taken captive. Five years ago, Equestria embarked on a bloody war that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

For five years, Rainbow Dash has fought to save her friends. For five years, the sun and moon have hung overhead, motionless. For five years, Rainbow has lived in that wan glow, while every day kills her a little bit more. The peace and happiness of her youth are but faded memories, and now she hardly recognizes the town she once called home. A hardened mare, Rainbow knows only pain and suffering...

...until one day, a reminder of what life used to be like lands at her hooves, and gives her something to live for once more.

Cover art provided by Ruirik. Editing provided by Solidfire and Pega-Ace. Written for the 101st anniversary of the beginning of World War I

Chapters (2)

Wander is a city colt who works his way up through the ranks. Green Brier is gentry who holds to his ideals.

No two ponies in Equestria are probably more different, yet they both keep inside themselves a powerful secret. Both of them have memories of a time of horrific war fought by baffling creatures on a distant world. Of those creatures two have shown them what it means to be an officer, to be a soldier...and to be a friend.

In this story, the first of The Somewhere Cycle, Wander and Green Brier share with you, the reader, these memories. See if you can figure out who their beloved masters were and what horse they were in our reality before the story ends!

*Resubmitted following revisions.*

Chapters (6)

Rover the Diamond Dog has been pack leader for years now, protecting the Diamond Dogs near Ponyville from all manner of threats. He’s made mistakes, such as the time he thought it would be a good idea to kidnap a unicorn to help find gems. But those mistakes don’t change his responsibilities—their pack has a sacred charge, one he will see fulfilled no matter what.

Takes place immediately following “Dog and Pony Show”

This story was inspired by this thread! Probably read the story first, because it’s going to completely spoil what this is about.

Pre-reading by the patient Bitera and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

Chapters (2)

Kobolds have a knack for cowardice and sadism. But not Tak.

Tak disagreed with how his race acted and yearned for something more out of life. After finding a book about a certain daring pegasus who had a thirst for adventure, Tak dreams of having his own adventures. Armed with his favorite spear, a makeshift bag and a determined soul, he abandons his clan and ventures forth into the unknown.

However, when he runs into a mischievous orange filly, a motherly pegasus and their friends, he soon finds himself caught up in something far bigger than he could ever imagine.

Thanks to my pre-reader and editor Vexy go give some of his work a look!

Cover art by me, background found on Google.

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to Pipsqueak's Day Off

Lickety Split has a big day tomorrow, and all he wants is to relax and prepare.

His friends—Dinky Doo, Pipsqueak, Ruby Pinch and Tootsie Flute—have other plans. They feel he should be celebrating. With copious amounts of alcohol, clover, and loud music.

At least his boyfriend, Rumble, is here to help...

Prepare yourselves for the long-awaited sequel to Pipsqueak's Day Off, a terrifying tale of hubris, indulgence, and weird science!

Chapters (3)

UPDATE: COMPLETE! You may have heard of Pipsqueak. He's a pinto colt, originally from Trottingham, saved Nightmare Night from being abolished seven odd years ago. Know the one I'm talking about? Yes? Good. Since then he's grown into a charming, cultured hedonist who wants to bed near every mare in Ponyville and a good few of the stallions. He has a slender build and some ponies say he has mares' hips, though he feels that those ponies should shut their bloody mouths. His best mate is the gregarious and multi-talented Featherweight, and his other best mate is the stoic trencherpony and excellent cook Chowder.

This is the story of a Friday, and the wee hours of a Saturday. It's a teacher training day, and Pipsqueak and his friends have no school.

In twenty-four hours, a sinister plot to take down a local business is launched, Snips and Snails dabble in the dark magic of Peyuase, a great deal of debauchery occurs, a cocktail of unrivaled destructive power is created and a small fleet of ships are launched! All of this and more, in Pipsqueak's Day Off!

Massive thanks to LittleSallyDigby for help, editing and advice.

Chapters (7)

Meet Level Ledger, your average, well-read unicorn colt. He has a talent with numbers and systems, which is why Pegasus Air was so interested in acquiring his talents. They use him to make sure their books are balanced. Both the legal ones...and the ones that'll never see the light of day.

Meet Midnight Song, your not-average, well-trained Thestral mare. Everything she sets out to do, she accomplishes with aplomb. When she rises a little too quickly through the Day Guard's ranks, her superiors decide she needs to cool off and learn a bit about how to be a mature member of the Guard. Not a bad idea, seeing as she's a massive flirt.

When Level's rent goes up, he needs to take a roommate or risk being thrown out into the street. A twist of fate will see these two souls coming together and having the time of their lives.

Now, if only one of them could tell the truth to save their life...

A collab fic worked on by myself and Ausbrony. We liked the setting of Las Pegasus and the villains of Pegasus Air a lot, so we put our heads and characters together, and this came from our efforts.

In lieu of a list of dates, I will simply say that this story tends to get featured every time I update it for a short while at least. And I am very happy about that fact.~

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Lightning started his new day at his new school, at first he keeps to himself insight that he doesn't want to be that weird guy. But instead on the first day of school he meets a pony that crashed into his heart and he never even realized it, will the young Pegasus figure out his feelings, or will someone else and have a chance to change his life forever?

This is a shipping between an OC of mine and Sweetie Belle, enjoy the story. Also, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are older.

Chapters (8)

In Equestria, humans serve the ruling pony class. Their lack of magic makes it near impossible to survive on their own, and so they depend on their rulers to protect and help them, and put a roof over their heads. But on Earth, and in many other solar systems, their strength is the pinnacle of hope, as they assist those they can in their frantic search for the ones who came before.

Near the edge of the humans' empire, The USSF Monarch stumbles upon Pony kind on Tango 126, one of the many targets during their hunt for the Precursors. Their curiosity is peaked, and John Punch, a high ranking Elite, is sent in disguised as one of the many Human occupants on the planet, to learn of their culture, and the Precursors' presence on this planet.

Now the respected veteran must face the social challenges of being thrust into a gender reversed, pony dominated society.

Chapters (7)

Imagine my surprise when I see a winged unicorn in my kitchen that claims she's my mother.

Imagine her surprise when I threw my coffee mug at her.

Imagine my Dad's surprise when I was banished to the end of Time.

Okay, the last part didn't happen, Tempora is actually really nice, but you get what I mean.

Just roll with it, I guess?

Set in an Alternate Universe where nothing of canon makes much sense.

Based on an idea by Rainbow Dragon!

Edited mainly by FlameSwordedLink and now Grand Inquisitor.

Tag updated.

Future Chronicles now HERE
Kayla-verse linked here and in the story.

Chapters (46)