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"Friendship is an island that you retreat to. And you fall on the floor and laugh at all the ninnies who don't have enough brains to have your good taste." --Ray Bradbury

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[Dramatic Character Study of the Young Six]
[Endcap for The Hearth's Warming Club]

A month after Gallus' attempt to delay the other students from leaving instead of just telling them his problem, Fluttershy decides to hold a special session on sharing your feelings with your friends. What follows is a series of confessions and discussions by the students about the things that bother them.

This is me experimenting with Slice of Life and Drama, which I've always felt was a place I needed practice. This idea went through my head after watching The Hearth's Warming Club, and I finally decided to sit down and write it so y'all would have something for the Hearth's Warming season, AND because there's not enough of the Young Six, who have become some of my favorite characters in the show.

Trigger Warning: May Contain Feels.

As this story hit 100 likes in 3 days, a sequel is now being planned.

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After another day of helping patients at Ponyville General, Nurse Redheart heads for home. But on along the way, she runs into an old friend, Tough Talker, now disheveled, disoriented, and battered, lying within an alleyway. Thus after taking him home, getting him nourished, well-fed, and cleaned up, Redheart learned something tragic from Tough Talker: that he had a severe estrangement from a close friend he has known for years. A month had passed since that time and Tough Talker's life has gone on a chaotic downward spiral. Can Redheart help mend her old friend's broken heart? Can she lift Tough Talker of out his depression?

This is my tribute to all nurses everywhere around the world for serving and helping those in great need, both on and off the field.

It is also a tribute to all those diagnosed with autism, Asperger's syndrome, and ADHD, especially those who struggle in real life.

Also, please make sure that your comments are kind, constructive and sensitive. I will block/delete ANY AND ALL flames and negative comments (which includes shaming, long disciplinary paragraphs, and tirades), for this is a story I poured my heart and soul into writing; negative reception is very discouraging and demoralizing for me as a writer, so I ask once again ensure that your statements are both sensitive and encouraging. Thank you very much.

Also, this story was edited and reviewed by Thunderblast and Georg.

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Twilight didn’t know what to say. How easy it sounded, to just not think about things that hurt, but thoughts were all she had.

Thoughts were the only thing that were hers, for better or worse.

Special thanks to lilfunkman for the cover art and for generally being the best support I could ask for.

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Fluttershy loses somepony close to her heart, as Dash gets a view from her soft spoken friend she did not expect.

We all must face a dark day, how we act truly defines who we are.

This Story Is A Gift For Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever. She Lost An Animal Friend Lately And I Pray She Will Find Her Beauty Again.

Lovely Art By Timekept.

Made Popular On 1/19/18
Featured On 1/19/18

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The problem about reaching the pinnacle of one's career is that there's nowhere to go from there but down.

An expression of certain feelings, with sweet side of Rarity/Luna shipping, because yes.

Technically a sequel to Luna in the Sky with Diamonds and Marshmallow Fluff, but only in that this uses the same versions of Luna and Rarity, so reading those are not required.

Further continuing my habit of naming stories after songs.

Cover art by Renokim.

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Discord hasn't been feeling himself lately. Rarity thinks that it might be a good idea to get his mind off of things by having him assist her with upcoming work for the Summer Sun Celebration. Being the good sport that he is, Big Mac helps Discord out.

As it turns out, the project is surprisingly fun.
It's also more than a little painful.

Rated "Highly Recommended" by Present Perfect.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Now part of the Royal Canterlot Library (11/24/17)

Thanks to Door Belle, Garnot, Solocitizen and GeneralLiberator for their help.

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The newly ascended Alicorn of Love is learning to use her newfound powers, including the ability to see emotions. When Cadance looks at Princess Celestia, though, she's sure that she must be doing something wrong, because what she sees makes no sense at all...

A brief story about feeling depressed.

And a continuation of my habit of naming stories after songs which may or may not actually be relevant.

Editing by TheMaskedFerret, inspiration by real life.

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Twilight Sparkle didn't think much of the spell at the time. Using her student's music box to keep an eye on her seemed like an excellent idea! There was just one problem: she couldn't change back.

A darker take on the events of S.7 E.10, so probably watch that first. Fantastic cover by Zutcha, who has a perfect record.

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Lists are a simple way to keep yourself productive. If the list is detailed enough, you don't have to even think. The movements become mechanical. Automatic. Which might just be exactly what she needs right now.

Featured by Equestria Daily on 05/27/2016

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Being in a position of power is never easy, especially if you are the only ruler. Queen Chrysalis discovers this as the broken remnants her subjects begin to wither away without any love to properly sustain them, grieving over their fellow changelings who did not survive the trip home. Their population continues to plummet, and she is left with only one option.

Noblesse Oblige: The duties of those in power to uphold their responsibilities and forsake personal feelings and needs.

Edited by Darastrix.
Pre-read by Azu.
All image credit goes to yula568. Cover was used with permission.

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