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After her "eventful" visit, Babs Seed writes to her cousin, Apple Bloom, about her life back home in Manehattan. Life in the "Big Apple" is very different from that of the quaint little town of Ponyville, and even the group known as "The Cutie Mark Crusaders" has some difficulties getting off the ground in the big city.

Author's Note: Due to the nature of this story being a series of letters, it will probably always remain in the "Incomplete" status. I will keep writing it until I either run out of ideas or if the site ever shuts down (which I hope never happens).

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In this story there will be a group of characters named "oricles".
Oricles are my own version of a supersoilder that are made to protect demiontions from tearing each other apart. They are both magicly and scientifcly enhance. They are both artificial beings and mythical beings. To be a oricles first you have had to done something really good or really bad in your life. When you die you are given a chance of redemption by fighting your way to get your soul back (basically you have to do dark souls in real life). When you reach your soul after god knows how long you are made into a oricle. your hair will turn white and your eyes will change to red and blue.then comes the enchantments and enhancements (they will hurt like hell) after its all said and done you will be a oricle. Then the gods will send you to a sertain dimension that you will protect. So pretty much oricles are peacekeepers. If you have any qeustons please ask me

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Due to a conversation ending in a bet that Octavia had to have a night of fun, she now has to go out to a 'gig' as Vinyl says and have fun or well, not.

A celebratory story for reaching seventy-five followers.

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Scootaloo can’t help but question Babs Seed’s decision to spend a night with her rather than Sweetie Belle.

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What exactly led to the events of Babs Seed being sent to Applejacks for a few weeks? We can now see it in full one thousand word glory!
If you are curious, read this post here http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/91645

Challenge: COMPLETE

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Sweetie Belle gets stuck in a time loop.

Proofread by many people such as: 0_0, refferee, Leonzilla, crooked, TheGreatEater, and other people I may have missed.

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Commissioned by: Jake The Army Guy

Detective Babs Seed has lived in Manehattan her entire life. Nothing really much surprises her anymore. She's seen good, she's seen bad. What she hasn't seen is a dragon from Ponyville in a very long time.

After a request by her cousin, Babs lets Spike stay with her over time. When it's clear he's having issues of his own, Babs decides to give him the Manehattan treatment in order to learn more about him. However, she may be learning more then just a new friend in this case. She might be learning what it means to fall in love.

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When their foalsitter suddenly falls ill, Luna finds herself watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders. One thousand years in the moon? Watching three fillies for a night should be a breeze. Aside from incompetent guards, a missing crossbow, and an endeavor in ice sculpting, what could go wrong, other than, well, everything?

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"I can't wait to tell you about my new school! Jeepers, where do I start? So, first day ---"

So what did happen on that first day?

Babs meets a fellow blank flank and gets her out of a tough spot. Too bad Applejack never gave her the chance to tell Apple Bloom about it.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Sam Wilson was a normal guy. He had a normal life, with a normal family, normal job, normal everything.

Yes, he was a brony, yes he enjoyed reading fanfictions, including ones where humans got sent to Equestria, sometimes turning into ponies in the process.

Yet, his normal-great life would not last forever. It all started when— *record screeching sound*

"Yo, Pinkie! Quit being a third-person view narrator! This is my life story and I'll thank you to let me narrate it, thank you very much. Narrating's the only time I can talk like my oldself again, so don't take it away from me!"

Okie dokie lokie!


Anyway, as I was meant to be saying, It all started when I woke up as Apple Bloom.

As me and my family struggle to understand what's going on and move on with our new lives, I find myself somehow in Equestria and what's worse, there's already an Apple Bloom here! How am I possibly gonna get outta this?! Why ME?


Note: I made the cover image with an Aj, Ab and background image i found on google and used microsoft powerpoint and paint to put them together and edit a little.

The applebooms came from HERE and HERE

I take no credit for them, the applejack or the background (if you know the link for the latter two, please let me know so i can give credit where credit is due).

this is a fic i was inspired to write after reading Becoming Sweetie Belle by Sparknanator.

Now, your first thoughts are probably going to be, this is basically the same story, but with Apple Bloom instead of Sweetie Belle.

well, while that is slightly true, i am going to be doing my best to make this as different from Becoming Sweetie Belle as I can, for I do not want to be seen as a plagiarist, for that is not my intention.

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