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Equestria is full of all kind of strange and magical things, from mystic evil amulets to flying cities, even cannons that shoot cake batter. But there's one thing that Sunset never expected to find in the human world: bubble wrap.

Edited by Nugget Thank you for all the help!

Cover Picture by:Luminaura Art used with permission.

Featured on 01/12/2017

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Button Mash leads an exciting secret life. He drops in on planets from orbit, infiltrates enemy headquarters, battles evil demons at the Water Temple, and skis down the tallest mountain known to ponies.

All before finishing breakfast.

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Starlight bargain's for Chrysalis' friendship!

In case you didn't already guess, this is a parody of the scene from Marvel's Doctor Strange: "Dormammu, I've come to bargain!"

Lol what. Thanks for the Feature! Featured 12/12/16 - 15/12/16

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Taking a short cut across the beach was a bad idea during hurricane season. One arrived without warning, and Gray spotted a sturdy looking shed, he sprinted towards it for cover. But then a powerful wind swept him up...

....Princess Celestia looked out the window from her throne at the heavy storm. She went back to her paperwork, which was blown from the table by an unseen wind. There was a flash and a silhouette flew through the air, rolling to a stop at the bottom of her dais...

Okay, so this one isn't my idea. I am being give them, and am fleshing them out. This one, for once, will be proof read/edited by KnightFlower. Mainly because he's the one given me the ideas and he asked me to write it for him. Didn't think I was that good at writing! If you want to add this to a group, can you please ask me first? Thank you.

No, that does not mean I'll be doing other requests, at the moment. Dark tag added for some small bits.

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In an effort to get to know her reserved little student better, Celestia invites the young Twilight Sparkle over for a cup of hot chocolate. Who knew lavender unicorns were so cute?

Warning: Contains Cuteness

Review by Titanium Dragon

Another Review by PresentPerfect

Amazing Reading by: CaptainBron3y

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At a tea party with all of her friends, Fluttershy returns from the kitchen to find her beloved Angel Bunny dead on the floor. Obviously, one of her friends must've been the culprit. That leaves Fluttershy wondering one very important question: "Okay! Who killed Angel Bunny?"

But maybe not for the reasons everyone might think.

Now with a youtube reading! HERE!

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Daniel Habbuck, UN ambassador to Equestria, hates his job.

Sure it pays well, but it's hardly worth having to put up with flank-kissing politicians and the stomach twisting anxiety of knowing that he represents all of humanity.
One night, after a particularly tense meeting leaves him wound up, Daniel is desperate for somepony to talk to. With his friends either busy or too far away, he hires a batpony prostitute, just so he can have some company.

As he soon learns, there's much more to this streetwalker than meets the eye...

Rated T for sexual references, but no clop.

Special thanks to WingmanRed, Georg, and Kraken Hatchling for proofreading and editing

EDIT: Special, special thanks to Comrade Pony for the suggestions
EDIT: Deleted cover art.

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When Celestia comes to Ponyville for a visit on some royal business, she bumps into an excited and adorable little unicorn looking for a Princess to be at her tea party. Celestia, always working all the time, decides to relax and play along, letting old memories from her past be reborn.


Special thanks to CogWing and Dont Look At My Name Bro for editing it.

Now with more chapters!

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Yeah, I was bored today after writing the Flutterbat story so I decided to write a fic about Diamond Tiara, it mostly involves Diamond Tiara yelling at the reader and the reader laughing at her... It's pretty Uber exciting... and I didn't really care about the ending... yeah...

Editor: The Lunar Toaster

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