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Pinkie Pie touches King Grover's crown, and is periodically thrown back in time to the days of his rule.

Hopefully she doesn't cause any paradoxes. Or alter history in any fashion. Or fall in love.

Chapters (2)

Who is Adagio? The immortal scourge of two worlds? The living embodiment of dangerous beauty and musical perfection?

Or is she a lost soul in need of a friend? A sister struggling to reunite her fractious family before it's too late?

...A strange girl who can't possibly be all the things she looks like?

Graciously provided with editing, prereading, and occasional beverage consultation by forbloodysummer.

Coverart by Lucy-Tan.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Adaptation - A Changeling's Story

*Cover art is made from two separate pieces, neither of which did I create. I linked to one, the other is an old piece I had requested from Ficisism on Deviantart, but the account is deactivated.

(( NOTE 4/20/2019 -- Integration is on an indefinite hiatus. My apologies. ))

It's been almost three years since Echo officially came out of hiding, adopted her daughter, and began the arduous task of becoming part of what was, to her, an alien culture. She's managed to secure financial stability, but now she struggles with things that are altogether foreign to her.

What does it mean to have friends? She knows it's a good thing, she knows it keeps her alive, but it seems like there's a measure of responsibility to it. More importantly, how can she be a good mother to her daughter if she doesn't understand something so fundamental to ponies as friendship?

Moving back to Ponyville presents its own challenges though, as she finds an unexpected surprise waiting for her.

Seeking respite, she turns to help in Canterlot, only to find that there is an even greater menace there, waiting to ruin her peaceful existence.

She really can't seem to get a break.

(2/27/17: Due to alternate changeling continuity, AU tag has been added)
(4/12/17: I have received more than a few messages requesting the dark tag. It has now been added.)

Chapters (20)

Updates every other friday!

Twilight was always fated to be the savior of Equestria, along with her friends. But fate can be so easily altered. What happens in one alternate realm when instead of marrying a unicorn, Twilight's mother had instead married an earth pony, resulting in her daughter being hornless? Without her magic, Twilight's future and destiny are far less certain, as is the destiny of all of Equestria.

However, destiny is not so easily set off course. When the princess of the night returns, can one little earth pony hope to be the one to help her damaged heart?

Contest information.
Now with a TV tropes page! Thanks to redandready45.

Chapters (61)

Hoping to find a cure to a rare disease that has been tormenting her since she was a filly, Octavia Melody travels to the ancient city of Yharnaram, said to hold a magical remedy powerful enough to heal any illness. Instead, she discovers a metropolis spun into a web of eldritch terrors eager to devour anypony who enters its gates, and, perhaps now that they have found the one they are looking for, the world itself.

This story was born out of my frustration at being incapable of writing a anything worth reading, and is going to be mostly unedited and unplanned. If that doesn't scare you off, then prepare for a tale "told by an idiot, full of sound and fury".

(Knowledge of the game Bloodborne is not required to enjoy this fic.)

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Guiding Light

By her mere existence, Princess "Derpy" De Raptura ushers in a new era in Equestria's history. The first commoner to ascend the throne, the first new monarch of Equestria for more than two thousand years, Derpy faces the unenviable task of bending a fractious and ambitious political establishment to her will when her experience amounts to little more than planning the best delivery route each day.

Yet it seems that Derpy must face the true price her new-found power demands. To raise the sun she must love the whole world, but to give that love she must endure a burden far greater than she could possibly imagine.

Chapters (6)

For most of his life, Godzilla has been feared, hated, and alone. There was hardly ever a time where the kaiju knew of peace. And now, with his son dead, his body melting, and death stalking closer by the second, it would seem he never would.

But fate has a different plan for the King of Monsters.

Thanks to the help from an unexpected source, Godzilla awakens to find himself alive, his body changed, and that he is in a strange new land... full of talking ponies. It looks peaceful enough, but soon, the kaiju learns that finding contentment here may not be that easy.

On the upside, he won't be alone.

Proofread (Chapter 4 and up) by: HydraLightning

Featured!!!: 2/17/16

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Firebird Dahlia

Hearth's Warming is approaching, and Sunset is going to spend it with her family, just like old times. After all the excitement in the human world, a relaxing holiday is just what she needs.

But upon her return, Sunset discovers her mother has come down with a rare and life threatening disease, and the only cure is the Ice Iris flower tucked away in the Crystal Mountains.

With the elements against them, Sunset and Spitfire must work together and traverse the treacherous mountain range to save their mother and give their family the best Hearth's Warming in a decade.

Wonderful coverart done by RuushiiCZ

Cerulean Voice has returned to edit! Many thanks to him!

Chapters (2)

For a thousand years, the continent of Equus, divided between the kingdoms of unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies, has existed in relative harmony. Within the enchanted land of Lumen, Twilight Sparkle has become the newest member of Class Zero, the kingdom’s best and brightest students.

A series of disastrous events leads to the threat of an all-out war between the races with Class Zero at its heart. And with the conflict comes a bitter chill not even the sun can warm. Twilight and her new friends will have to give it their all to defend not just their land, but the entire world.

But it'll take more than just unicorns to stop the coming storm. Because if the three kingdoms can't work together to find harmony, there may not be a home left to fight for...

Amazing cover art by Multiversecruise!
Gloriously edited by Novel Idea, DrakeyC, Cyrano, and Corejo!
Featured on Equestria Daily

Chapters (4)

All know the story of the pirate ship, the Crimson Heart and her cursed captain, a monster forced to haunt the seven seas until the end of time. All know to steer clear of the blood red sails, lest they run into hell itself.

Few know of Neptune's Blessing, a magical item that can grant whoever holds it anything their heart desires.

Twilight Sparkle knows both tales are not fiction. Though the last place she thought she'd ever be is on the Crimson Heart looking for Neptune's Throne where the wish awaits.

Sunset Shimmer lives a nightmare every day. She's ready to shed her monstrous form, and Twilight is going to help her one way or another.

But they aren't the only ones after Neptune's Blessing. The high-speed race across the seas begins as every flag seeks to claim the wish for themselves, and be crowned King of the Seas.

Pre-read by first mate, DrakeyC!

Cover art created by the super talented iojknmiojknm!

Now featured on Equestria Daily

Chapters (12)
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